By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Voltaire said, “There is nothing I hate so much as war.”  Such is the only sentiment a sane man could hold.  To hate the blood, guts, and pain is more than rational, it is visceral.  But, we do not talk of extolling the virtues of war because of the glory of the fight, but rather we extol the virtue of war because of the commitment to stand for what is right and sacrifice even the final spark, breath, and joy of life in defending that stand.

A nation is but an arbitrary plot of ground, where men were born and live by accident or fate.  They neither choose their language, their wealth, their parents, their beauty, nor intelligence.  Men are victims of fate, or else they are unaware of the choice they made that directed their place of birth, maturation, adulthood, senescence, and death. Still, each man finds himself in life holding a spark of life.

Stay in your position of power to help the less fortunate.

Do not distribute wealth, instead generate it by commitment.

Wealth is not a fixed quantity.  It should continue to grow until all have reached a level of satisfaction.

Sacrifice by building the tools of production needed for nation building.  Contract with a nation to build their economy and productive engine only if they are committed to righteousness.

A nation is worth protecting and defending if it stands for righteousness.

The path of war should never be embarked upon except when survival is threatened, either imminent or inevitably.  An evil or Godless nation need not be exterminated to cleanse the earth of their dark blot.  Instead, boldly share with them th