The View of God in a Christian Nation 

The Search to Find God

  • The Hope of America is in being a Nation with Jesus as Lord and God as our Father
  • Governed as a Christian Constitutional Republic
  • Represented by Godly Men who Rise to Maturity in a Society where all Serve others and Love God and Neighbor as Self.
  • Living Together and Honoring the Boundaries of a Biblical Society

A Diagnosis of the Retreat & Return to a Godly America

  • Betrayal of the Founders’ Vision for America
  • The Secularization of Government & Society
  • The Seduction of Socialism
  • The Subtle Errors of Libertarianism
  • The Christian Renewal of America
  • A Roadmap to a Christian Nation
  • Legislation for a Righteous Society
  • A Contract with Christian America

Life in Relationship

  • Life is for learning, and the lesson is Godliness
  • The schoolyard and classroom is life and relationships
  • We are here on in this creation to develop character and maturity by hiding the Word in our hearts
  • By knowing His Word, we can know His Way

The Challenge of Life

  • The challenge of life is resisting temptation, but the reward is the development of character.
  • Avoid the ways of wickedness, discipline rebellion, and overcome evil with good.

His Word Lights the Way

  • God gave the Words of the Bible to man through inspiration as they were moved by His Holy Spirit.
  • His Words are True and they guide men in the ways of righteousness.
  • God desires that man walk in His Way, and will cleanse and forgive those who accept the sacrifice of His Son.

Liberty Follows from the Love of His Law

  • Those who have a heart for His law and His Way will see God and be in His presence.
  • The test, challenge,  trial and the process of life is living in right relationship with self, neighbor, and God.
  • We express our love to God when we follow His law and Way in relationship to self and others.
  • We have complete liberty to act within the boundaries of His Law.
  • We deserve Freedom because we Follow His Way and Rightly Discern, Confront, and Punish Evil

God is Love

  • God’s nature is love and He has created us in His image, in the hope of satisfying  His desire for relationship.
  • God only allows perfection in His presence, and He has given us a way to purification through Christ.
  • He is the standard of perfection, and His Way is perfect.
  • God and Man have different natures,  but we can develop in His Way by choice, thought, speech, and action.
  • Pushing against the hungers of the flesh and developing Godliness is the real process  of life.

Incorporation of The Way of Christ
Into Government, Society, and Personal Life

The Spectrum of Governmental Control

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