Theory of Absolutes

The Righteous Society

The Hope of America is to be
a Nation With Jesus as Lord and God as Our Father
Governed as a Christian Constitutional Republic
Represented by Godly Men who Rise to Maturity in
a Society where all strive to Serve and
Love God and Neighbor as Self
Living Together and Honoring the Boundaries of a
Biblical Libertarian Society
Deserving Freedom because we Follow His Way
and Rightly Discern, Confront, and Punish Evil

A Return to a Godly America

Betrayal of the Founders’ Trust
A Study in the Secularization of Government & Society
The Seduction of Socialism
The Subtle Errors of Libertarianism
The Christian Renewal of America
A Roadmap to a Christian Nation
Legislation for a Righteous Society
A Contract with Christian America

Life in Relationship

Life is for learning, and the lesson is Godliness.
The schoolyard and classroom is life and relationships.
We are here on in this creation to develop character and maturity by hiding the Word in our hearts.
By knowing His Word, we can know His Way.

The Central Thesis of the Righteous Society

Life is for learning, and the lesson is Godliness.
The schoolyard and classroom is life and relationships.
We are to develop character and maturity by hiding the Word in our hears.

The Word Lights the Way

God gave the Word, the Bible, to man through inspiration by His prophets as they were moved by His Holy Spirit.
God desires that man walk in His Way, and will cleanse and forgive those who accept the sacrifice of His Son.
Those who have a heart for His law and His Way will see God and be in His presence.
The test/challenge/trial and process of life is men living in relationship.

Incorporation of The Way of Christ
Into Government, Society, and Personal Life

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Making America Godly Again One Soul at a Time

Personal History and Purpose of the Site

Hello, my name is Thomas Lee Abshier, and I practiced as a Naturopathic Physician for 30 years.  I was raised as a Christian and accepted Jesus as my Lord at an early age.  But, when adolescence struck, I began to question my faith.  I explored a number of religions as a youth, Occult Phenomenon, and UFOs.  As an engineering student at UCLA, I became involved in Eckankar and struggled with the questions about God and religion raised by Philosophy.  After college, I went to Naval Nuclear Power School.  During my tour in the Navy, I had an anxiety attack, which caused me to search for an understanding of why I had experienced that episode.

Through a series of “chance” occurrences, I went to a yoga class, and became a Sikh, as a member of 3HO, a cult led by Yogi Bhajan.   I followed that path for 6 years, got married and divorced and remarried. I went to Naturopathic college, explored a number of the world religions, and experimented with mind-altering chemicals.

Near the end of my training as a Naturopathic Physician, in March of 1987, I had an insight about the fundamental structure of the universe that gave me confidence that Jesus was, in fact, Lord and creator of the universe.

In a series of insights that came to me over the next several months, I saw the stories of the Bible in a new light.  I saw how and why God had worked through history, culminating in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

As a result, I was then able to confidently proclaim my allegiance to Christ and accept the validity of the Bible as reflective of God’s Word and Way.

The insight gave me an idea about how God created the universe at the deepest level.  With my science background, I began to look for clues as to how God might have created the universe.  This theoretical journey has continued to the present, and the Theory of Absolutes, the body of work presented in the Physics portion of this site is my contribution to the consideration of how the universe was constructed, and functions.

At this point in my life, I am confident that the world would operate in the most ergonomic, peaceful, pleasant, and satisfying way if every person chose to actively pursue incorporating Biblical Christianity into his/her life.

The scope of the influence of the Way of Christ encompasses all aspects of life, including both the animate and inanimate world.  It is for this reason that this site attempts to examine how the Way of Christ affects all fields/aspects/domains of the human experience.

The Political Blog, which was once a site I called, is an examination of events, laws, judgments in the group realm.

The Psychological Blog was once a site I called and  I gained many insights into the nature of human interactions by my 30 plus years as a Christian Counselor – a role that was a natural extension of my work with patients who came to me with physical ailments.  The psychological realm is where we live, it is the place where we experience life.  We just want to be happy in our relationships and our personal experience of life.  The way of Christ is the method we must follow to experience that desired joy and peace of life.  Thus, in that body of psychological work, I seek to give practical advice into how to live life in His Way in various life situations. 

In all the areas of life considered on this site, I seek to show how God’s rules bring order, satisfaction, and fairness in our experience of life. 

The physics exploration connects physics with metaphysics, and shows how God is at the foundation of the creation. 

The Theology section shows how His Way is superior to all other theories and teachings, but compatible with all which speak and live the same principles.  

In the Political section, I seek to show that His principles must be incorporated and guide the group action, law, and judgment. 

In the Medicine section, I seek to show that His hand guided the creation of the bodies of both man and woman.  And, that nature, His creation, speaks to His Laws and provides the tools of healing.

The purpose of this site is to give tools to those who want to consider a rational, full spectrum witness to the reality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ for themselves; or, to prepare your own mind to give an argument and add persuasive force to your words in your effort to win the soul of a loved one; or, to point your loved one to a resource that may help them examine their own life, by comparing their world view with a testimony that validates the efficacy of surrendering their life to the Way and Truth of Christ. 

Subscribe and you will receive my latest essays on various topics to help strengthen your faith by better understanding our world. 

Join in the discussion with a community of sincere seekers.  I will moderate, and any sincere comment or question will be considered. The purpose is to purify the Church and prepare it for His return, rule, and reign.  Until then, it is our duty to occupy and work while it is still day.

The goal of the conversation is the sanctification of humanity for Christ by strengthening our faith through reason and understanding.  Join in a no-holds barred conversation, education, and confrontation.  Ask your toughest questions on any topic. 

We must prepare ourselves to defend the hope within us.  Gideon defeated a large army with only a few hundred soldiers dedicated to serving the Lord.