Background information on the historic struggle between Christian culture and Islamic culture can be found on the following link to Larry Abraham’s site:

The article describes the battle we face with our enemies and is a “must read” for every American. It provides a realistic perspective about the clash of the respective cultures, nations, and religions of Christianity and Militant Islam.

Political correctness is the Trojan horse permitting the Militant Islamic threat to grow unchecked within the fabric of our society. From its inception, America’s highest cultural goal has been to embrace the teachings and Lordship of Christ as the moral foundation of our nation. From this base of personal integrity we can share the love and freedom found in Jesus with our fellow Muslim citizens. The Militant Islamic 5th Column seeks to appropriate the tools of democracy to vote themselves into power, remake every government in their image, and place all legal systems under submission to Sharia law. Our ultimate defense against this slowly advancing threat is our will to use government, media, education, community, and family to promote a culture-wide commitment to the principles and Lordship of Yeshua.
Democracy provides a safe haven for all religions only when the fundamental principles of the society rest upon the property and person-honoring principles of Christ.
All other religious-social systems will fail eventually. Only a society built upon the properly executed principles of Christ will last forever. The foundation of social and interpersonal Christianity is mutually satisfying righteous relationship. Democracy and representative democracy can only support liberty, freedom, and self-government when people have generally embraced these principles of Godliness. Society needs a police force to regulate those without self-governance. And, when self-governance is broadly deficient a police state must govern the people.
“Religion is the basis and foundation of government… We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” June 20, 1785; James Madison, President of the United States and major contributor to US Constitution.
Democracy in an evil society will vote itself bread and circuses, gladiators and welfare. But the working class loses motivation when taxes become oppressive and work provides an insufficient reward for its effort. Social order breaks down when the general society loses respect for fair transactions. A society of self-centered pleasure seekers produces insufficient value to support even their own needs. The leaders and governors in a corrupt society must then use force to maintain order. Avoidance of death and pain become the primary motivating factors in a deeply decayed social system.
As Christians, we should seek to remove unrighteous tyrant leaders. We should bring righteous Godly Christians into positions of leadership in our nation. And, we should use every tool of persuasion to bring Godliness and Christian leadership to the terrorist nations. We must ask ourselves, is it right for us as a Christian nation to remove the leaders of unfriendly Islamic nations and work to install our own leaders who will disciple these fledgling republics in Christian righteousness and a relationship with Jesus?
The answer is yes. When an enemy nation’s intent to dominate or disrupt our nation rises to the level of credible threat, we should execute the Bush Doctrine of preemptive attack After the military campaign, we should follow with the more important missionary work of introducing the people to Christ as we engage in a nation-building effort to establish the foundation for a prosperous and free Christian nation. We need not apologize for the force we must exert to defend against a merciless and unrepentant aggressor. The Militant Islamist who vows to overtake our land makes no apology for his religion whose tenants include world domination. As Christians, we need not apologize that our Lord has given us the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

The goal of many “isms” (communism, socialism, fascism, humanism…) is the removal of all traces of God from public and private life. The communist, humanist, etc. may advocate for overcoming social injustice, but the de facto agenda is the extinction of God from the memory and thought of man. The idolatrous religion of political correctness has declared that all religions have equal value and truth. But, we can see their hypocrisy and agenda as they seek to remove every vestige of Christianity from public life and replace it with secular humanism, earth worship, and other world religions. These Godless rebels declare Christians and Christianity “bigoted and narrow” because we believe Jesus’ statement that, “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” The Christian Truth directly contradicts the central theme of the secular humanist religion which declares that there is no creator. By extension, we are all gods since there is no God. All other religions, besides Christianity, depend upon an impersonal god (or gods) or a messenger from God, but each of these deities and messengers have no real power over heaven and earth other than hypothesized by their mythology. On the other hand, Jesus literally died and rose from the dead. Such a feat has never been duplicated in all of history. Jesus’ claims of divinity are substantiated by this fulfillment of prophecy, in the evidence of His miraculous signs and wonders, by the miracle of changed hearts and lives, and as seen in the Holy Spirit that works unseen in the hearts of men to fulfill His ultimate purpose while still allowing free will.
A world without God, created by random chance, has no meaning; even pleasure does not satisfy the hunger inside. Elimination of the knowledge of God from a society seduces the rebel because it offers anesthesia from his ever-present pain that arises from the guilt of error and emptiness of pleasure. If all religions are of equal value, then all religion is simply the product of man’s imagination. Men who create their own religions have created themselves as gods. The heart of the rebel seeks to throw off the shackles of Christian moral restraint. He desires to satisfy his lusts without guilt, but no such relief from the pangs of conscience can be found; God, the True Creator of man, has placed the knowledge of good and evil deep within every heart. Only by searing that spark of divinity can man hope to free himself of the torment associated with violating the divinely ordained laws. The intelligencia, the leadership of the religion of man, the secular humanist priests, have attempted to create a Talmud of commentary justifying their rebellion. Their “clever” logic bonds them together in mutual admiration as co-conspirators against God’s authority. But God is unmoved; their “witty” refutations of God’s right to judge their lives and sin falls short of a legal victory in God’s court. The premises of our modern day intellectual elite are flawed, and their arguments collapse on their faulty foundations. The only true perspective is God’s. He is the Creator, we are His children. His rules are just and good. His purpose in establishing and enforcing those rules is to teach love and relationship. In this hard school of life, we learn to perceive and create joy in the midst of trial; in this process we prepare our character for eternity. The wise man seeks to discover God’s hidden Truth and share it. The fool seeks to hide from the truth, and attempts to extract full sustenance from life’s forbidden fruit. But, no one can hide from God’s embedded cycles of cause and effect; the Lord has designed a universe which delivers justice automatically. Each man chooses his own prison and punishment; the hell we live in and the afterlife we create follows from out choices like night follows day. The message of hope and renewal offered by Christ is a refreshing drink of cool water to the dry and suffering soul. The heart is softened by pain to receive assistance from the ever-willing helping hand of the Lord.
Those who proclaim to protect liberty in the service of the (false premise of) “the Separation of Church and State” (i.e. prohibition of Christianity in American public life), place both church and state at risk of absolute domination by a religion of evil. Nature abhors a vacuum, and evil will fill the void left when the grace and glory of Christianity depart. In the United States, for a generation of 40 years, we have indoctrinated our children with the new national religion of secular humanism. Concurrently, we have actively prevented any exposure to Christianity in the public schools. We have ignored the fact that all philosophy reflects a type of religious ideology. In the hypocritical application of the “Separation of Church and State” we have declared that any teaching of the wisdom of the faith of our Founding Fathers in the public sector was prohibited by the Constitution. (Everson v. Board of Education, 1947). In the name of stamping out religion from the public schools, they embrace Harry Potter, channeling, yoga, meditation, situational ethics, and Islamic studies. Under this system, which requires the repression of public propagation of Christian values, our culture is gradually assuming the natural human state of Godless self-worship. Rejecting the standards and guidance of Almighty God, and placing our faith in the natural man’s love of freedom, will leave us open to decay from within. Our enemy, Militant Islam, is a violent version of 7th century Islam. This pernicious incarnation of Islam is a threat because of its doctrine of domination and propagation into all world cultures. Thus, we face a people committed to usurping our culture growing within our midst. But, our naive politically correct philosophy of espousing the equivalence of all religious philosophies leaves us defenseless against this enemy within. Our future depends on embracing a Biblical understanding of good and evil and actively intervening in the lives of those who are unrepentant and sworn to destroy us. When they renounce their way of evil, we can relax our vigilant monitoring of their activities, and simply embrace them and bring them back into the fellowship of a free society. But until they repent, we must honor the body-temple that God gave us by protecting our home and homeland. If our enemies engage us with force, we must respond in kind, if they engage us by infiltration, we must respond with witnessing and enroll them with the love of Christ and the Freedom of His Way.
Militant Islam endorses the forceful imposition of its religion on all non-believers and holds that its followers should bring the entire world under control of Allah. Christianity offers the hope of forgiveness and the redemption of man from his sins through the sacrifice of Jesus, obedience to His Word, and the leading of His Holy Spirit. The followers of Jesus are commanded to share the Good News of His Way with the entire world. Jesus will eventually return to rule and reign over the entire world.
To the uninitiated, talk of opposing Militant Islam by resisting their force and witnessing the love of Christ to them may sound like common competition and posturing between two world religions. Both appear equally convinced about their own sense of righteousness and divine destiny to unite the world under their own banner. But, regardless of the appearance of similarity, the spirits of Islam and Christianity are fundamentally different. The Islamic Jihadist proselytizes at the point of the sword and uses the thinnest excuse to kill the infidels who stand in the way of his world domination. While the Christian soldier will only kill the Jihadist in defense to prevent him from overtaking the Christian’s territory, life, and coercing “faith” in their god. The Christian invites the unbeliever to learn and experience the goodness of the Lord’s redemption and grace. The Christian allows the Muslim to live in our nation as long as he/she respects our property and lives, but we must oppose the Islamic movement which acts to overtake our society by terror or legal processes.
The Jihadist is a mortal enemy to all who oppose his religion and his domination. As a nation, we cannot afford to ignore the obvious fact that Militant Islam is at the heart of the terrorist threat. There is a spiritual war raging in the heavens, and duty requires that we fight it here on earth. There may be many moderate Muslims who are committed to the Christian principles of witnessing and winning hearts to their religion by persuasion and example. But, a significant minority of Muslims have embraced a violent version of Islam promoted by Mohammed Wahhabi. This sect will use the sword to dominate every culture and religion in the name of Islam. Given the willingness of Militant Islam to sacrifice any life, use slow infiltration to overwhelm a nation from within, and use any weapon of destruction for their purpose, we must engage in a deeply supported national opposition to the internal and external Islamic Jihadist threat. I support President Bush’s efforts to remove terror from this world by removing regimes which support terror. We must expand that offensive against Militant Islam to include a state, media, and populace supported missionary effort to win the Muslims of America to Christ. We must pursue a strong prosecution of those who embrace Wahhabi Islam using appropriate force where needed. But the real battlefield is for the heart of every Muslim who has been infected with the spirit of Wahhabism. We may not be able to win every soul to Christ before the Lord returns, but we can at least share the way of life and hope in Yeshua and His Gospel of redemptive grace. (See: President Bush’s War on Terror)
God’s universe is fully conservative; as a result, good and evil will automatically create its own rewards. There is no injustice in the universe, only delayed consequences. The hell we experience in this world, and the world beyond, follows directly from the error of our own thoughts and actions. Just as each error deserves its own punishment, each accomplishment reaps its own reward. But, it is only through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood that the errors of this world are atoned on the level of spiritual cause and effect. It is only through God’s intermediary, His Son Jesus, that we can enter into the deepest level of fellowship with God. Without loving the Son and making Him our Lord, we cannot know and see God the Father.
John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 7 “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.”
But, even though Christianity is God’s True religion, His True Way, His followers live their lives imperfectly. Those errors must be confessed, we must repent of them, and our spirit must be renewed. The fact that Christians are imperfect in their choices does not impeach the truth of Christianity. God created a free will universe, and the natural soul of man is forever drawn to error by nature and design. Repentance from error brings forgiveness and restoration of relationship. Obedience to the Spirit of God’s Living Law gives evidence to our growth in a love relationship with Him.
Our best national defense policy is the nurturance of a daily walk with and worship of God in the name of Jesus.To love living in His world creates a sense of duty to serve Him with every word, thought, and action. When we dedicate our good works to Him, our witness rings true, and all men are drawn to the True God. Until our actions, words and thoughts are consistent with His righteous ways, our witness will be weak. We must constantly renew our national commitment to the Ways of Christ, and enroll every nation for Him. Preaching the Gospel to the world combined with the efforts and success in Nation Building will change the economic, social, and spiritual environment of the Moslem world. A Christian helping hand offered to the poor and oppressed provides a less hospitable soil for the nurturance of the angry jihadist. When the world sees the good works being done unabashedly in the name of Christ, a proper attribution is given to Christianity as a religion of compassion. When America embraces Christianity and the world sees a consistency between America’s foreign policy and its spiritual outreach, American will regain the respect of the world. When the Muslim sees the freedom, good works, and love of humanity in the lives of Christians, their lives of religion, restrictions, and ritual will seem less appealing. Many will be won to Christ by the love they see Christians giving to their non-Christian brothers and sisters.
We should monitor the movement of people who practice a religion which advocates the forceful overthrow of our nation. The guise of religious affiliation should not confer a special status on those who advocate sedition. We were founded as a Christian nation, and we have functioned well as a Nation under God. Our decline has tightly paralleled the rejection of Christian principles by the judiciary. Our nation should overtly embrace Christian principles again, teach them in the schools, and exalt them in our media, government, and industry.
The Militant Islamist has sworn to destroy us, and we must take up the sword to defend against such an enemy. If we turn the other cheek, we will die. As Christians we must exercise discernment in our application of scripture, since each circumstance has its own appropriate response. There is a time for war and a time for peace, and now is the time to oppose the evil of Militant Islam. All who participate in the acts of Militant Islam should be imprisoned until they renounce their allegiance to evil. During their time of imprisonment, we should share the gospel and give them the opportunity to understand Christianity.
Christianity allows everyone to choose his own spiritual path, as long as that path does not violate the sovereignty of another person. But, Militant Islam supports only devotion to Allah or death. If allowed to progress unchecked, Militant Islam could gain sufficient strength to turn their threats into action. Such a scenario is credible, and deserves preemptive action. Force may be the only option to reverse a Militant Islamic stranglehold in a nation. We must contain the advance and violent actions of those nations who have already taken the vow of Jihad. Iraq and Afghanistan can give us insight into how we should craft our future policies for dealing with enemy states.
Since we have already invested our lives and effort in overthrowing the religious rulers and tyrants of these countries, we should use our position of influence to spread the gospel in those nations. Until a nation is free of the monolithic stranglehold of Islam and Sharia law its citizens will remain subject to the mandates of its spiritual force We wrestle against not only earthly kings and rulers, but also against enemies in the spirit realm. We must engage these captives of Islam on the spiritual battlefield for their hearts and minds. We must use every tool of media and government in our effort to win them to Christ. If we do not openly share the gospel with our Islamic brothers and sisters, all our other efforts to resolve the problem of Islamo-fascist terror will be futile.
The forces of evil care only that a nation turns from Godliness. Evil uses the seduction of women, gold, power, and fame to lure the weak and rebellious into an alliance. Bribery as a payment for injustice weakens the nation. The fabric of the society will fail when it cannot mobilize against an internal or external threat.We have shackled ourselves philosophically and imposed spiritual impotence upon ourselves by rejecting Christianity as our nation’s religion and trading it for a belief in the equality of all religions. Our tolerance of false theology has blinded us to the fact that evil can hide under the mask of religion. The American Judicial System has singled out Christianity as the one religion which cannot be propagated in the society. The hypocritical cabal of the freedom-from-religionists has enabled the promotion, honoring, and tolerance of all other religions. Our nation is ripe for decay from within by those who are dedicated to freedom from the restraint of the Christian ethic. Evil anywhere is a threat to life and liberty everywhere, and as Christian citizens our duty is to defeat the spirit of evil wherever we encounter it in our daily and corporate lives. The appropriate response to evil is complex and situation dependent, sometimes we must respond with anger, understanding, compassion, defense, reason, and/or truth.
We must stop aggression with an equal and opposite force. We will not be victorious over this spiritual enemy until we realize our error and repent from having laid down the Sword of Truth on the altar of political correctness and universal theological moral equivalency. As a nation, we will suffer for having embraced the false religions of tolerance, choice, prosperity, and freedom. All these virtues have their place, but all are inferior principles to the mandate to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Loving God is the equivalent to obeying His Law, His ways, and following the moment by moment leading of His Holy Spirit. Victory over false religion requires overtly declaring allegiance to the one True God of the Bible. Any worship of a lesser god will produce predictably less desirable results. The eventual rulership over the earth of the one True God is inevitable. We simply prolong the pain of life when we avoid submitting to His Way in favor of continuing to pursue worldly pleasures for another season.
The True religion directs us to love God, love self, and love our fellow man. We must each search diligently to identify truth in this world: Religion reflects man’s innate internal drive to establish relationship with God. But, religion has a positive value in a person’s life only to the extent that its precepts coincide with the Absolute Truth. A false religion is of no value other than as an example of error. The pain we experience in pursuing error can give us wisdom, but without learning, without change and growth, the time spent in error is simply lost and wasted time. All things work together for good for those love God and are called according to His purposes. But this implies that goodness only comes from bad things when we are pushing upward toward the perfection of God.
We are each responsible to God for our choices in life even though we cannot judge Truth with absolute certainty. God has given us the Bible, a collection of divinely inspired verses — Words which reflect the mind and purpose of God. The Bible, the verses upon which we daily meditate, should rise up inside us to direct our actions, educate our minds, and attune our hearts to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. As mere mortals we cannot perceive the whole Truth directly. The vast interlocking interplay of God’s forces, laws, and purposes work together to weave a tapestry which validate and give witness to His reality and the Truth of His Way. But as humans we experience only a thin only a narrow view of reality as we travel our life track. But, if we stay open to receiving a confirmation of the Truth of His Way, even our small glimpse of life is sufficient to validate that Truth.
The daily walk with God matures and becomes real as we look around us for the movement of God’s direction. The Holy Spirit speaks to every man’s heart, synchronizing the actions of man with God’s broad and grand purposes. And, the Holy Spirit’s leading and counsel will never contradict the revealed Word of God. A dedication to truth, sincere and persistent prayer for guidance, and a heart open to learning will move the seeker in the direction of truth and sanctification. Every religion claims to represent and present the Truth. But, there is only one Truth, and all religions which disagree are false. Thus, a man of good conscience should continually examine his chosen religion and attempt to validate its Truth.
Christianity has a framework of rules and metaphors that direct us toward a relationship with God. And, those words, stories, rules, proverbs, letters, and songs from the Bible are enlivened by the Holy Spirit who lives behind those words, quickening our minds to apply those words to our daily relationship with our self, others, and God. Thus, the structure of Christianity nurtures the habits of harmony and fairness in our relationships. In this regard, Jesus gave us the best standard for judging the truth and value of a religion in his admonition to the rich young ruler. The young man had asked, “What is the greatest commandment?”
Matthew 22:37 Jesus said to him, ” ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 “This is the first and great commandment. 39 “And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 “On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”
Jesus established the True religion, the way of behaving in life, the relationship between God and man, man and man, and how to restore a broken relationship:I believe this standard of Absolute Truth satisfies our innate sense of fairness. On some level, everyone knows that God exists, that this world was made by Him, and that we must establish a proper relationship with Him. Thus, to love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind is a reasonable service to the God who created us. He created us with the expectation of relationship, appreciation, and reciprocal service. The nature of God is love. And since God desires a perfect relationship with man, we can assume God has created us to learn to love our selves, our fellow man, and Himself. Man being created in the image of God implies that there is a spark of the divine in each of us, and that we should each perfect ourselves in love. The question is, “what is love” and “what is the perfect expression of love?”

1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. 9 In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. 10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us. 13 By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. 14 And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world. 15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. 16 And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. 17 Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world. 18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 19 We love Him because He first loved us. 20 If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? 21 And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.

Modern Militant Islam was an invention of the 18th Century, a reinterpretation of the traditions and writings of Islam: The religion of modern Militant Islam arose from the mind of Muhammad Wahhabi, who reinterpreted the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sunnah, and the traditions of Islam. He remade Islam into a religion with a goal of world domination for Allah (a name similar to the Moon God, Al-liah, and reflective of the symbol of Islam). If this fervor for world conquest by Islam were shared by only a few madmen we could simply monitor their activities and intervene when they decided to act out their Allah-inspired crusade against Christians, Jews, and the West. But, since they have enrolled the passions of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of fanatics, all dedicated to sacrificing their lives in the service of Islam, we cannot ignore this huge social/religious movement of Militant Islamic zealots.
Christianity is the True religion and it should deeply influence the laws governing the actions in and of the secular State. The State should not legislate orthodoxy:I believe Christianity embodies a superior revelation of God’s Truth to all other religions, and that Biblical Christianity should be the basis of the moral and legal structures of secular society. But, I believe secular government should not be the judge of theological orthodoxy. Government has the power to mete out corporal and capital punishment to enforce its judgments, which can result in a theocratic tyranny. As a society, we should use the tools of media and public persuasion, funded by the public treasury, to educate and train the hearts of Americans in the precepts of non-denominational Biblical Christianity. The State is not the judge of absolute truth. Rather, the citizens must shoulder the responsibility of watching for moral decay and violation of absolute principles in the legal system. Such vigilance requires that the general populace maintain its mediation on the Word of God as a lifestyle. Only the people constitute and create the soul of a nation, therefore the national moral excellence will seldom exceed the Godliness of the majority of its people, leaders, laws, and founding principles.
America is being seduced by other gods, such as: tolerance, choice, and equality. These gods may represent lofty principles, but they are lesser deities when placed in divine perspective of Righteous Judgment.Many now believe that the sacred and secular should occupy fully distinct and mutually exclusive domains. The 1947 ruling of the court initiating the process of total separation of Church and State has come close to maturity. We are almost to the point where legislation and judicial activism will prohibit any expression of Christianity in our national institutions of public tax support. But, this cleansing of religion from the society appears to be more of an effort to eradicate Christianity from the public domain than a commitment to protect, defend, and enforce the True Founder’s spirit of the First Amendment. The mantra of honoring all religions, but including none in the secular education, receives token lip-service. In the face of this fanatic religious purging, Halloween enjoys a full-dress celebration, reading curriculum include Harry Potter but not C.S. Lewis, children practice channeling as a self-help experience, and classroom time may be devoted to acting out Islamic rituals.
There is only one Truth. Religions with contradictory precepts cannot all be true. Any religion which agrees with THE Truth, is absolutely true to the extent of its agreement:All religions claim to teach the Truth, but a cursory examination of the world religions reveals much contradiction. Only one is True since Truth is unique and non-contradictory. As a Christian, I believe that Christianity embodies THE Truth. The most important issue is a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ. He is the Savior of mankind and the only intermediary between God and man. The perspective of any religion or denomination which embraces the Bible and attempts to sincerely interpret the intent and meaning of the Bible should be considered as part of the debate when forming public policy. In this debate, not every denomination will have the full answer or correct perspective on issues of community relationships. Nevertheless, every Biblical Christian perspective should be included in the public policy debate. By considering the secular and non-Christian perspectives, and then making a decision based on the full spectrum of Biblical perspectives, a righteous and fully informed decision can be made.
The traditions of Islam honor and elevate the Prophet Mohammed to the status of a god-man, while Jesus is reduced to the status of a mere teacher. But if Christianity is True, then Islam is false. The fundamental criteria determining a religious system’s Truth is its consideration of the deity of Jesus. Islam is a false religion even though it promotes many reasonable and correct interpersonal relationship principles. Likewise, every religion is false which does not exalt Jesus as the Son of God. Without acknowledging the divinity of Jesus, it is impossible to accept His substitutionary sacrifice for our sin. To accept the sacrifice of a mortal man for spiritual error of the entire world is a patently foolish spiritual theory. Even though Islam includes some good teachings about relationship, without connecting its followers with the deity and Lordship of Jesus, those teachings are thereby reduced to a mere set of rules. And, those rules become a bondage to law rather than an expression of the spiritual freedom that flows naturally from the true relationship with Jesus. Without the divine savior-sheep relationship with Jesus, religion lacks the power to bring the hurting human heart all the way back home. Until the door to Father God is open, our hearts still cry out for completion in satisfying spiritual relationship.
After we invite Jesus to rule our hearts as the Lord of our lives, we enter into a new phase of spiritual growth — we begin a sincere work in the development of our character. Character is a reflection of habit, and habit is a reflection of committed action. In daily life, we direct our actions from our concepts about the nature of life. As Christians the heart is quickened to hear and obey the Holy Spirit’s voice. While Christians are not perfect at listening to or obeying the Holy Spirit, at least the bias of the heart moves toward accepting a God-directed life. By reading the Bible daily, the pattern of truth becomes clearer, the familiarity with the Holy Spirit’s written words enables the heart to resonate with and recognize the voice, message, and character of the Holy Spirit as He leads our lives.
Every world religion emphasizes an aspect of the spiritual universe. Examining the history of world religions reveals people choosing to worship many different objects, concepts, and teachers. People have worshipped crystals, drugs, the earth, stars, spirits, mythical gods, animal spirits, ancestors, emperors, UFO space aliens, charismatic leaders, ruler-gods, avatars, teachers, and gurus. In the Old Testament, the distinction between good and evil is clear. Those who worshiped the One True God were good and blessed, and those who worshipped other gods were evil. But, to categorize every action and belief of every non-Christian religion as evil is simplistic. The perspective of other religions sometimes illuminates truth in a way that cannot be easily seen from the lens of conventional Biblical Christianity.
Every religion has within it seeds of truth and error, but only Christianity delivers the truth about salvation and relationship with God the Father through Jesus. Christianity has the potential of revealing all necessary true knowledge about God. But all Truth is not easily decoded from the Bible since much of the Bible reveals its sacred secrets in the form of parables, allusions, and metaphors. It appears that God did not want to have the Truth about His universe to be transparent, but He wanted it available to those who were dedicated in faith.
Each religion claims its scripture is divine and true. Many religions claim to be a path to God, but only one of many paths. Other religions declare that theirs is superior or the only way to the true God. Christianity declares that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Islam is likewise an exclusionist religion; it considers all other religions as pagans. Apologetic theses have been written which validate the truth of Christianity, so I will not attempt to duplicate those arguments here. But for the sake of summarizing the precepts of Christianity, I offer the following statement which I believe to be true about the fundamental precepts of Christianity:
The Bible can be totally True because the scriptures were written by men who spoke by revelation or inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Godhead-Trinity. He speaks from God to the spirit of man. The God of the Bible created the universe, man, all spirits, natural law and spiritual law, hence His testimony is authoritative. God the Father and His Son are identical in nature, but separate in sequence and identity. The Father begat the Son in the spiritual sense first, and later the Son was incarnated as a man through the virgin Mary. The Son, as the Logos, the Word, created the entire manifest universe. Yeshua lived a perfect life, violating none of God’s laws, and was murdered unjustly by sinners. He returned to life from the grave and ascended into heaven and intercedes with God the Father, pleading for clemency for our violations against His Law. Jesus’ sinless life allowed Him to serve as the perfect living sacrifice, and thereby be able to pay the penalty righteously due for our sins. That sacrifice is available to all who accept it and bow to His Lordship.
We may then ask, “Why did God allow so many different religions? And more particularly, why did He allow false religions?” This question reflects our sense that God is fair and good. In other words, how can we condemn souls to hell for eternity just because they were born into false religions and died without having an opportunity to accept Jesus? Or for that matter, how can a person be condemned to hell for not accepting Christianity when it appears that the Bible is purposefully written as a riddle?
I believe God is totally fair, and that people will be properly rewarded and punished for their deeds and the character they have developed. Jesus said no man could come to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). The implication of Jesus’ statement that He is the only way to the Father indicates that the highest levels of spiritual completion and relationship are not available without going through the proper spiritual gate. And if this is true, then Christianity is the highest and most True expression of religion. As such, it should be embraced by every person. But, given the free-will nature of the universe, God expects every person to make that decision individually. As Christians, we are obligated to share the Gospel by the Great Commission, but forcing other people to convert or conquering them and forcing them to be Christians is inappropriate.
But, there is a difference between forcing belief, and sharing the gospel with a defeated enemy. Given the nature of the current world, it may be necessary to conquer and capture the Islamo-fascist and teach him the Gospel. Such a gesture is a reflection of our commitment to the God of the Bible, and such a forthright defense of life, and embracing of the Gospel in our public life will probably be necessary to protect America and our life, liberty, and property.
We live in a free will universe where the options and degrees of freedom available on the earth plane are limited only by the laws of nature. We all have some perception of the spiritual realm, and some people through the ages have had a significant level of insight into the spirit world. Some people who penetrated the veil of the spirit world began to teach what they saw. But, the religions, cults, and philosophies that arose from their insight are necessarily inferior to the revelations of the Holy Spirit as compiled in the Bible. But, even though these other non-Christian spiritual revelations may be in error and/or incomplete, they nevertheless provide us with another perspective and insight into the realm of spirit. We can be sure that any alternate religion will contain elements truth and error. Therefore these other religions will open up questions and doubt about Christianity, as well as shine a light on all the various possibilities of life. Such spiritual exploring can be very informative about the ways of the world and the various forms of deception. Before engaging in the study of world religion, become well grounded in Christianity. Be aware that studying other religious paths can be seductive and can cause one to lose faith if questions are not addressed adequately. Thus, such spiritual explorations should be reserved for those who are well grounded in Christian theory and practice, or done under the supervision of a mature Christian.
Worshiping a false god is seductive because man is inherently rebellious and proud, and has an innate need to establish a relationship with his divine origin. By giving divine status to a lesser god, (i.e. a god other than the one true and living God) man retains a degree of his own pride by worshiping a god of his own making. This pride vanishes when man comes into true relationship with the Living God. Man is no longer proud when he meets and knows his true maker. Man must bow to the Almighty in the face of the True origin of his soul. There is no place for pride in the presence of one’s Maker, we are clay in the hands of the Potter. We are humbled in the presence and knowledge of our Lord and our God.
Each of the world religions emphasizes or examines an aspect of the godhead, the spiritual universe, and various perspectives on relationship and morality. Sometimes that perspective illuminates a deeper understanding of truth, and other times it simply reflects a fantasy world of an alternate religion. Islam emphasizes ritual and devotion to the One God; honoring the prophet/source/messenger of the religion; and strict punishment for moral crimes. Paganism worships the spirit of animals, plants, and the earth, and as such this worship emphasizes the need to respect the earth and our environment. Buddhism with its pursuit of Nirvana, the nothingness of eternity, brings into sharp contrast the miracle of God’s manifested universe with the primal nothingness. The Hindu, with his many gods focuses attention on the many different aspects of God, the human spirit, and animal character. The Sikh gives complete worship to the Book, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, gives full devotion to the Name of God, and lives a life of courage in the defense of truth. The Cabalist charts the mystery of the progression of man’s soul through the tree of life. The Taoist (the people who follow the way) walks through life in peace and harmony with himself, his neighbor, and nature, and worships “the way” as though it were the highest god.
Islam in its Qur’anic form is a benign religion. Islam in its rewritten Wahhabi form actively embraces evil, thrusting itself upon all others by force in the name of God and Truth.Benign false religions teach only minor distortions of Biblical principle. An evil religion imposes its false teaching on others and forces them to follow its precepts, prevents its followers from leaving the religion or learning about other religious options, and forcibly restricts their right to free thought, action, and accountability before God. Islam practiced under a literal interpretation of the Qur’an is a benign false religion. But, the rewritten Islam of the Wahhabi sect is an evil false religion.
The Islamic society progresses from benign to pernicious over time. The tenants of Militant Islam allow the use of force to coerce belief and religious/social compliance.
Wahhabi Islam is a potent evil religion because:
Any society which allows the practice of Islam to grow within their national boundaries risks being usurped and transformed into an Islamic State when the Muslim community reaches a majority. Therefore, a society which allows Islam within their borders must actively witness the message of Christ to the Muslim. Islam is the equivalent of a virus in the body of the society in that it will overtake the body for its own purposes. If the immune system is strong, the body will eliminate the virus or keep it sequestered. But, the ideal treatment of a virus is to reduce its numbers and then reduce its virulence to the level of a synergistic parasite by injecting it with healthy genes. In effect the virulence of the invader is neutralized by reprogramming the virus or bacteria. Thus, the microbiological metaphor gives us an insight into the best way to deal with the Islamic invader. Rather than simply let this invader grow unhindered, we must witness to the Muslim and alter his programming. The Word of God is potent for the purposes of bringing health to the body of humanity. False religions do not have the power to fully enroll the human heart compared to the ability of the Truth of God’s plan.
America and other democratic states which honor diversity, but deny the existence of the underlying moral absolutes of Christianity, are easy prey for being overtaken at the ballot box by the Islamic subculture. The Islamo-Fascists will wait patiently to play out their long-dreamed destiny of world domination. They will use every tool of subversion, persuasion, and usurpation of every institution of legitimate Christian public rule to conquer their enemy, the Western infidel.
The Islamic community grows through immigration, conversion, and multiplication. They use our open embrace of all peoples as a tool against us. Their acceptance of citizenship is simply a ruse that allows them to position themselves for the ultimate goal of subversion from within. We have believed that giving all people the opportunity for American “freedom” was a sufficiently large seduction to pull them away from their old-world worship of lesser gods such as totalitarianism, fascism, communism, and barbarism. But we are finding that this Islamic “Enemy Within” has no desire for assimilation into the Judeo Christian culture — their god is Allah, not Yahweh. As a result, America is being challenged to declare her overt allegiance to the God of the Bible. We were founded as a Christian nation, and we have been blessed because we have followed His ways. As a nation we have never been challenged before to resolutely embrace Jesus as our Lord as a people. But, because of the threat of Islam, our survival as a nation is in jeopardy. The ultimate solution that will insure our survival until the end of the age is our full embrace and worship of the Kingship of Yeshua/Yahveh. To use a naturopathic metaphor, the symptom of the Islamic invasion is a symptom of the deeper causative illness — our lack of full dedication to the God of the Bible. Until we deal with the symptom on the level of cure, the disease will simply go deeper into the fabric of the society. Every attempt to suppress this symptom of social-spiritual pathology will ultimately fail. We cannot solve this battle raging in heaven by accommodating the needs and wants of the Militant Islamist. Nor can we end the war by using force. We cannot eliminate the influence of evil in the world by the ordinary tools of social persuasion; this battle will only be won by prayer and bringing the Militant Islamist to Jesus. Truth and love are the healing balms we must apply in our fight against our enemy. We must remember, the Militant Muslim is not our enemy; it is the god he worships against whom we fight. The prize in this battle is the heart of the Muslim, and the weapons of our warfare are the sword of the spirit — the Truth of the Gospel spoken with love. When the Muslim has overcome his infection by the spiritual virus of Allah, he will begin to recover and become part of the family of man. But, if we delay administering the antibiotic of the Word of God to the Muslim community, the infection may penetrate too deep and the nation may be lost.
As the Islamic population grows within our borders, we gradually lose our ability to resist the internal invasion. We risk becoming dependent upon the Muslim labor force, consuming public, and voting block. As the demographics change, our willingness and ability erodes to forthrightly stand for Jesus in the media and government. We now accommodate the American Muslim community as full citizens, each contributing value to our society. The majority act like Christians since they obey the law, pay taxes, and integrate well into the society just as we would expect of all citizens assimilated into a Judeo-Christian culture. But, because of the First Amendment protection of our right to follow any religion, our society is not awake to the potential threat of a 5th column religion. It appears that we think the First Amendment will protect us from anyone imposing a religion upon us. But, every non-Christian religion is a threat to our personal freedom. It is only because the majority of Americans still embrace Christian values that our freedoms stand. Islam has intertwined its spiritual philosophy with a social agenda indistinguishable from its religious principles, and once given the reigns of power through the election process, it intends to enforce those principles through the influence of government. Christianity and government are likewise unavoidably intertwined, but the principles of Christianity allow religious and good-mannered social freedom. The government which embraces Christian principles uses its influence to persuade and enact laws consistent with righteous biblical principles. A typical Islamic government uses force and information deprivation to prevent the Muslim masses from exercising other religious options.
The first allegiance of the Muslim is to Allah. And, the message of Allah through Muhammad Wahhabi is a command to world domination. Allegiance to the survival, laws, traditions, and culture of America is of minor significance when compared to the allegiance to their god. The Wahhabi Muslims are overt enemies to American culture and Christianity. When their numbers increase sufficiently to produce a significant social pressure, many of the non-Wahhabi, Qur’an-based Muslims, will be enrolled into participating in the Wahhabi led insurgency against America. This group may feel the pressure of direct threats, the social-spiritual group pressure, or simply comply with the propaganda and leadership of the militant faction of their religion. The spiritual forces in the heavenlies continue to assemble potential allies, pawns, and “Useful Idiots” in preparation for the final assault against American allegiance to El Elyon, Yahweh/Yeshua. Every American Muslim is a potential ally against Christ, but their Wahhabi Jihadist tendencies are currently inactive — suspended temporarily inside their allegiance to Allah. Those Jihadist mandates will activate when they are summoned to serve the cause of Allah. The American Muslim sleeps comfortably inside the good life of America — they feel little pressure to participate in the Jihad because they have little social power. And probably most American Muslims would deny any desire to overturn American society and remake it into a Sharia Law nation of Islam. But, as the population of Islam grows, the leaders will arise to activate and mobilize the sleeping giant of Islam to serve Allah. The majority will eventually follow their spiritual leader, and join the call of their god. Islam will in increments increase its political power and eventually it will acquire the plurality it needs to rule through the tools of the democratic engine. This scenario is already playing out in Europe where the Islamic population has multiplied by immigration, conversion, and reproduction. The Islamic population in France has become vocal and begun to demonstrate for their “rights.” In Canada, there are now courts which are dedicated to judging according to Islamic law. Over time it is possible America could likewise face pressure to change our social-legal systems from the increasing Islamic population. Every sign points us toward the necessity of America taking a stand for Christ. We must meet the spiritual pressure to convert to Islam with an equal and opposite force as a nation committed to witnessing and enrolling the Muslim for Christ.
If the population of Muslims grew to a majority, then the democratically elected Islamic representatives would eventually vote to bring the Sharia Law of Islam into our country’s legal system. Since Canada has already done it, the precedent is strong and close. First they will advocate Sharia law to govern only the Muslim citizens. But, over time, and as their numbers grow, they will attempt to impose Sharia law upon non-Muslims. The implications of Sharia law governing the nation are frightening. At that point we would essentially be a Muslim nation since Sharia Law governs the secular society. And, once established, disallows conversion from Islam, and criminalizes witnessing about Christ. When the free flow of information is stopped, the Gospel can only spread through the underground church.
The enforcement of the state religion will create a tyranny of Islamic rule. This rule could be sufficiently strong and long that if it extended across the world, only the return of the Lord could free the world from its clutches. Islam, like communism, does not reward individualism and personal incentive. As a result, the Islamic countries are powered by engines of low economic productivity. Poverty produces discontent, but the Islamic culture of strict regimentation on every level of society provides little opportunity for organized resistance. This world governed by Islamo-fascism will not usher in a worldwide regime of harmony since the human spirit rebels against excessive control.
The progression of Islamic political influence will start with a benign initiative under the guise of non-discrimination and respect for the rights of the special needs of the Muslim. Moderate Muslims will be elected and the public will accommodate to the Muslim voting block and voice. The progression toward full rule of the society will be slow, incremental, couched in terms of honoring diversity and special rights. Few will have the courage to oppose the gathering threat, and those who do will be marginalized. The movement toward a fully Islamic society is inexorable because the Muslim has does not respect the concept of “Separation of Church and State.” In fact, the integral uniting of Church and State into a single continuum with formal and unequivocal connection is the goal and worldview of Islam. Thus, a moderate Islamic administration coexisting with Christianity and other religions does not match the vision of the Militant Islamic dream of a world dominated by pure Islam. Thus, in time the Militant Islamic faction will pursue positions of power in all levels of government. Eventually, the most zealous and militant of the Islamic community will rise to the top and take the reigns of power.
The government and society may become every more repressive as the fanatic Islamic leaders seek to manifest this Islamic dream of happiness and perfection under the reign of Allah. They do not realize that their dream is a nightmare. The Muslim lives in an information-deprived universe where nothing besides the Islamic paradigm/world-view exists. The fantasy could not survive if exposed to a rigorous examination by sane men devoted to Jesus. But Militant Islam has all the elements of the perfect cult, which includes: a controlled life, a deified guru/prophet, scripture delivered by an angel, a willingness to use force to make convert or take territory and life from those who oppose them, information deprivation, a divine command to multiply and subdue the earth, a holy book which tangentially supports their dream, the life of their prophet upon which to model their behavior, a 1300 year history, a billion fellow victim-devotees to justify the truth and righteousness of their dream, a skewed worldview which casts them as victims of a Christian-capitalistic West cabal of infidels, a perceived struggle for God against the oppression of an evil spiritual opponent, a distributed leadership and priesthood all willing to take up the cause of their religion, and a school system teaching loyalty and reward for martyrdom for their cause. The problem is that the Islamic dream of perfection is true only inside their closed world of imagination. They see defeat as only a temporary condition which demands harder work and more devotion. But, regardless of their level of effort, the dream of universal happiness and peace desired by the Muslim will never be reached because its god is false.
But, in spite of the extremely strong slide toward oppression and the eternal spring of evil, truth cannot be extinguished. The cycles of darkness and oppression of false gods alternates with the light and freedom that exists in the presence of the True and Living God. The cycles are as predictable as night following day. But when the hand of religious despotism governs at the level of the family and home, only a remnant may retain a knowledge of the Truth. To return to the light when the darkness is sufficiently deep may require a return of the Lord to break the bondage of the final great deception.
The Wahhabi spirit of domination reflects the fundamental desire of Spirit to dominate territory. The sanctified spirit of dominion is an expression of the desire to possess another’s heart out of Free Will and Love. Evil spirits desire to dominate and control simply out of a natural lust for power and control. But, the desire to control and possess is a natural and Godly drive, and the holy and sanctified manifestation of control is acted out and seen in the relationship between God the Father and His children. He desires to have all His children love and obey Him and He gives them the freedom to choose to love or reject Him. Still He works in unseen ways, moving the rivers of history to draw all men to Himself.
But in the false religions such as Islam, this principle of a love relationship between Allah-God and man is missing. Allah-God is an impersonal force, being, or principle and man’s only real relationship with him is through his works. Thus, the teachers, teachings, and hope of Islam seduces the soul and spirit into a ritualistic service of the dream of a pan-Islamic world. In the Islamic dream of world domination the enemy preventing this Valhalla of Islam is the oppressive rule of pagans, Christians, and Jews. Thus, the Muslim is driven to bring every person in the entire world under the control of Islam. And, his payment for executing this “sacred” duty is the promise of various rewards presented by Allah for being his missionaries of world domination.As a nation, we cannot ignore the vast movement of Wahhabi Islam because Spiritual principles move men into action. If Christian principles are “True” and Islamic principles are false, then as a society we must direct the ideals and passions of our society, and their society toward manifesting God’s truth. We can no longer allow other countries to embrace evil principles and aspirations. The world community is rapidly becoming tightly interconnected, and a social “moral-virus” in one culture can pass and infect the societal structure of another. And, since cultures and economies organize around and reflect a society’s spiritual foundation, a false religion embraced by a nation’s people will produce bad societal fruit.
Every person in a society practices a religion regardless of his overt and conscious dedication to a named religious path. In the past, religion was viewed as a defined set of activities associated with a scripture, priests, sacred objects and places. But a more expansive and metaphorical view of religion recognizes that every passion, activity, object, person, or principle elevated to a place of a governing principle has the potential of being an object of religious worship. Using this definition of religion, distinction between the world of matter and spirit blurs, and we must confront the fact that spiritual principles will reflect and guide human passions. The spiritual paradigm is a prime driver of man’s actions. As a result, social laws will ultimately reflect society’s spiritual foundations.
Christianity and Militant Islam stand in sharp contrast. Christianity follows the principles of love and relationship as it seeks to gain converts through spreading the Good News of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and the joy that comes from living life according to His principles. His followers show their dedication to their God by practicing the precepts of loving God, self, and others. The excellence of their life-witness testifies to the goodness of God and the Truth of His Word.
The gradual slide toward domination by Islam, and an imposition of Islamic Law on all peoples of the nation: Traditional Qur’an-based Islam would initially appear to present little threat of violent world subjugation. But, a closer examination of the historical sequence of expansion of Islam reveals a web of interconnected forces that will together inexorably create Islamic world domination. The Qur’an encourages, or at least authorizes, emigration to non-Islamic countries. Islamic culture reinforces the patriotic-religious duty to prodigiously multiply and populate the land with future Islamic citizens. As the Islamic population becomes increasingly large inside a target nation, the Islamic population clamors ever more loudly for the imposition of Sharia Law on the population. This law is a compilation of the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the works of the Muslim scholars of the first two centuries after Islam. Sharia Law places women in restrictive roles, harshly punishes crimes, and criminalizes conversion from Islam. When the secular state government adopts Sharia Law, the priests who administer it work inexorably to impose Islam and Islamic rule upon all the nation’s citizens.
Islamic apologists will minimize the universal applicability of Sharia Law to non-Islamic residents. They likewise minimize the totality of the secular & spiritual subjugation of a society under the forceful rule of Islamic culture. Their argument is true only to the extent that creating an absolutely pure mono-culture of nationwide or worldwide Islamic fundamentalism would be difficult to produce. A remnant will always rise to the inherent call of the human spirit to rebel against a fascist rule. But once universal top-down dominance becomes established by a world government, rebellion by a few to overthrow the tyranny is futile. A realistic evaluation of Islamic law, culture, and scripture reveals no tradition, mandate, or history of honoring other religions (especially people of the Book — the Christians & Jews) and allowing them to compete freely in the marketplace of religious ideas. Currently, the world still has a number of nations which allow religious freedom. But, those countries dominated by the Muslim secular-spiritual Sharia governments have only a small and persecuted remnant of Christian and Jewish citizens. Some Islamic nations have solved the problem by overt Christian genocide. In Sudan, the Muslims have killed over 2 million Christians, and sold others into slavery.
Islam seduces and hypnotizes its nation-state victims by a patient gradient of infiltration, immigration, and multiplication. As a nation, we have been lulled into a confident faith in the security of Fortress America by the two and a quarter centuries of our nationhood which have not produced a significant internal or external threat to our survival. Common wisdom now categorizes the conservative, patriot, right-wing warnings about a communist/Marxist/one-world threat by foreign governments to infiltrate and corrupt the American system as a modern-day fable. We have been immunized and calloused to concerns raised about the potential threats of external powers. The “all-religions-honoring” people of America do not seriously consider the threat of a non-Christian religion imposing a theocracy on America. The common Constitutional scholar will declare that the First Amendment protects us from the imposition of an American Islamic State Religion.
There is no Constitutional protection of America from those who wish to invade our Nation and usurp its culture and substitute its religion from within:America has lost its understanding of the fragility of our Constitution, whose strength lies not in its ability to resist lawbreakers, but in the commitment of its countrymen to enforce the principles of Christian charity, justice, and property. But as citizens, we must be wise and recognize the distinction between a State-imposed religion such as will be demanded by Islam when they acquire a voting majority, and a government which chooses to nourish and bias the society toward Christianity.
In contrast, Islamic Sharia law requires conversion to Islam, and it allows no conversion to another religion once a member of Islam. The spiritual choices available to the non-Muslim under the most extreme Islamic rule are conversion or death. Sharia law restricts the flow of information about other religions within the society, as a result, making an informed decision to leave Islam requires enormous risk and effort. A few will escape from the clutches of Islam despite the oppression, but the hardship of pursuing Christ within a society governed by a totalitarian Islamic regime will be greater than many will confront. But on the other hand, the oppression, ritual, and dehumanization of a Militant Islamic state will sensitize the population to their hunger for freedom and relationship with a living personal God. Thus, when they are exposed to the Gospel, their thirsty hearts drink deeply of the Living Water.
In America, we should follow the lead of our Founders and advocate a non-denominational embrace of Christian education and government-promoted Christianity in the public sector. In a Christian society, the open-handed support of Christianity as the “True Religion” would never restrict information, nor would it interfere with those who wish to proselytize, nor restrict conversion to another religion. The world hates Christianity because it is the True religion. Christianity illuminates and contrasts error; it provides a standard of judgment, and it is only by a judgment that error is eliminated in the personal and social sphere.
The spirit of man dictates that the world’s group-mind will embrace any religion except Christianity. The rebels against God blindly embrace a path of individual and societal mediocrity (and possibly even destruction). The Democrats (e.g. those who advocate abortion), liberals (e.g. those believe that the world was better with Sadam in power), and radicals (e.g. those who believe that the WTC attack on 911 was staged, and Iraq was invaded to benefit Haliburton) are the modern-day incarnations of those recurrent historical fools who profess to love their country and advocate for that which is “right and fair,” but they lack the wisdom and perspective of God, and therefore embrace policies which will bring curses on the nation. These self-loving, other-god-worshiping idolaters elevate immoral people like Bill Clinton to the level of hero and idol. They legislate against true godliness and elevate ungodliness as though it were a badge of honor. They raise up the practices of homosexuality, sexual license, abortion, euthanasia, and welfare to the level of a “human right.” They project evil, money motivated, power driven, cronyism as the underlying motives for every social initiative. When America is under fire, they join in with their own salvos of implication of tainted motive and deserved retribution.
The proud and forceful non-Christian political rhetoric of our day reflects America’s departure from Godly standards. His blessing will return when we return to a corporate pursuit of manifesting True Christianity in our culture. We must refocus our national direction, reject the secular humanist platform, and turn from our increasing embrace of perversion and self-worship. But because of our departure from God’s ways, our survival as a nation of free people hangs in the balance. The threat of Militant Islam is the fire which will purify the heart of America or destroy her. When we embrace the truth of Christianity as an overtly Christian nation (as we were judged by the 1892 Supreme Court in “Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States”), God will be free to bless us as a natural consequence of our overt public and private faith in Him. When we allow Jesus to be the Lord of the Nation, we will see prosperity, justice, and peace flow naturally as a consequence of our submission to the Living Spirit of Truth. We should seek to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth. Our social standard should be perfect Christianity, but perfection is unknowable in its entirety, and manifesting perfection is unattainable. Nevertheless, that standard of Godly perfection exists inside God’s Spirit. Perfection includes the set of attitudes, behaviors, boundaries, and worship that exactly replicate His mind and heart. It is the job of man to endlessly pursue manifesting that perfection against the eternal pressure of entropic decay and spiritual temptation to rebellion. The excellent social order that will arise follows naturally from the fact that perfect Christianity is Truth, and Truth reflects God’s character which is perfectly good. As citizens, legislators, and people of God, we are all required to judge the righteousness of social policy and the character of our leaders. When we individually and corporately use the Bible as our standard of perfection, when we attempt to know and live the mind of Christ, and when we hold our leaders accountable to that standard of action, judgment, and legislation, our nation’s survival will be secure.
Each person must follow his/her highest sense of truth in choosing a religion. We must each stand before God and account for our actions and choices. No one can shirk or transfer the burden of personal responsibility to choose a relationship with God. Our choice of religion reflects our most intimate commitments about life, and our spiritual path, in turn, guides our social behavior, shapes our self-concept, and directs our passion. Thus, practitioners who follow a religion which commands killing people of other religions in the pursuit of an earthly manifestation of a spiritual ideal are dangerous. The spiritual mandates drive them to elevate lesser precepts above the command to love the Lord your God, and neighbor as self.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Militant Islam is the agent of an evil spiritual force. The Radical Jihadists threaten life, liberty and property of all who oppose their intentions. A civilized Christian society cannot allow such people the freedom to carry out their ultimate goal under the cloak of “civil rights”. Sharia Law and Militant Islam are the warriors hidden inside the Trojan Horse of the “peaceful religion of Islam.” We must be wary of this gift sent by the enemy states of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the distributed Islamic empire. In our zeal to cleanse the world of a truly virulent threat, we must remember that the individual people from these countries may be lovely and truly peaceful men and woman who simply wish to have a good life and practice their religion without disturbance among us. But, the sequence of establishing an Islamic majority, Sharia Law, and the iron hand of Militant Islamic oppression is predictable in every country that allows this growing threat to prosper and proliferate unopposed.
We must engage a multi-pronged defense against the insidious Islamic threat. Governments such as Afghanistan and Iraq, which sponsor terror must be removed. We must then install a government NOT governed by Sharia Law. Allowing Afghanistan to reimpose Sharia Law on its people after liberating them from the Taliban was manifestly foolish. Its people were taken from the jaws of religious tyranny at the cost of American blood, and then its helpless victim-population was thrown back under the savage rule of Sharia Law.
The Kingdom of Christ is truly advanced when a nation opens for the sowing of Gospel-seeds in the hearts of its people. In Iraq, we must not make the same mistake, although sadly, the results are almost predictable given our recent history. Our foolishness springs from our commitment to the pseudo-gods of “Freedom” and “Democracy”. The establishment of a democracy in a nation without changing the hearts of its people is a futile gesture. True liberty and personal freedom can truly prosper only in a society whose citizens personally embrace a Christ-centered Godliness. Iraq, as a new democracy, may stumble along for many years without become a dictatorship, but without putting Christ at the center of their new Republic, the nation will not realize the promise of the Godly society. And sadly, the same end eventually befalls all nation-states who do not enshrine Jesus at the helm of their society and government, they fall from internal corruption, weaken and become susceptible to external advances by stronger nations, or suffer under the iron hand of a dictatorial regime it makes a fatal error.
As liberators, we have the rights of conquerors. As Americans and Christians, we wish to impose a good government, a Godly rule on the people of the conquered nation. And while we cannot, and should not, impose a religion on a people, we should establish a temporary government where the Gospel of Christ is preached openly and freely. The media and the world’s missionary organizations should blanket the nation with the Gospel, and all should be exposed to the principles and options of Christianity.
Those who engage in terrorist violence against this occupation of love and liberation should be dealt with, with force. There can be NO toleration for lethal violence against such a mission of goodwill and Godliness. Those who are willing to use murder as a tool of resistance against the peaceful presentation of the Gospel of Christ deserve death. The strength of resolve of America to repay murder with just execution of the murderers will show the Muslim population that we are truly a people of principle, justice, and Law. We will be respected for our stand, and they will know by our actions that our principles are true.
Democracy is an excellent goal for a new country, but Biblical principles provide a much more solid foundation upon which to build and free and democratic society. As the people progress and open their hearts to the new way of Christian values, they grow ever more ready to govern themselves under the principles of righteous Godly self-governance. As a nation’s people grow ever stronger in their responsibility to God for righteous personal conduct, the populace will come ever closer to the taste for proper social relationship and government. At some point, the new nation, released of its slavish allegiance to Islam, will be ready to vote for leaders who can write and administer a Godly Constitution. What we desire is not a “democracy in the Mid East”, we desire the region to be populated with “Christian Nations”.
The ultimate threat of Militant Islam is not terrorism, but total domination of our nation and culture. In time, conventional benign Qur’anic Islam could become the majority religion of America. But, as a nation, we are defenseless against their advance because of our refusal to embrace the fact that we are a Christian Nation. We tolerate all religions as though all are equal. We pretend that our freedoms are safe because the Constitution has declared them protected. We believe our nation and way of life are safe unless another nation raises an army that can penetrate our borders with tanks and troops. We have handicapped our own defense against the slow advance of the internal spread of Islam by prohibiting the edification and education in Biblical Godliness through our public educational system. We must recognize that the tools of this warfare are not bullets, but the Bible. The only weapon which can stop the inexorable tide of Islamic domination of our culture and government is the sword of Biblical Truth. It is a sword we must wield with love, respect, and care. We must witness to our Islamic brothers and sisters about the good news of Jesus. We must live a life that truly reflects our Christian values in our foreign relations, judicial system, healthcare and taxation, interpersonal relationships, marriages, child rearing, business ethics, and care of the environment. As a nation and individuals, to be a powerful witness and warrior for Jesus, we must show that our faith truly does bring Heaven onto Earth. And, while we cannot wait to witness to our Muslim friends until the millennial perfection of society arrives, we can begin to overtly declare the truth about how we expect our institutions to appear.
As Christians we must rise up with a voice of unity against the abuses of government, education, business, and the Church. We must not fall prey to the error of attributing the violations of corrupt American institutions to Christianity. Our fundamental error is that America has not embraced Christianity overtly. As individuals, we must declare our allegiance to Jesus to be saved. As a Nation we must do the same. There have been many bad violations of Christian principle perpetrated by people who acted in the name of Christ. The imperfections of Christians makes the Faith appear to be simply another agent of Satan. As a result, the enemy of our soul turns our hearts away from the true solution. The solution to our societal ills can only arise when every person sincerely embraces the true practice of Christianity. The manifestation of this millennial vision will advance more rapidly when the State allows, embraces, and encourages public institutions (public schools, governmental agencies and institutions, and media) to proclaim the ethics, message, and world view of the Christian God.
It is ironic that America’s greatest threat comes from the proliferation of a religion within our borders which fully embraces a Church/State integration of its law and religion. The Militant Islamist has a vision and charge to take the entire world for Allah. Because of our limited understanding of God’s hierarchy of values, we have placed the “Freedom of Religion” in the First Amendment at the Absolute and Highest Truth. Because of our belief in “freedom of Religion,” even at the cost of our freedom and government, we refuse to inhibit in any way the propagation of this potent religious movement. Militant Islam, according to its own doctrine, is committed to overtake our religious liberties and replace our freedom under their vision of godliness. If this scenario plays out as predicated, it will happen because we worship our own concepts of truth above God’s Truth. The “Freedom of Religion” is a high and important moral principle. But it can be an idol when it supersedes the good sense to defend one’s homeland and way of life against an invader dedicated to our subjugation. Tolerance and Freedom are modern day “Golden calves” that we worship above the full-spectrum understanding of God’s standards of Truth and ethics. Because of our unwillingness to stand for True Godliness, we are embracing Islam to our national bosom. This religion, with its foreign god, is the greatest threat America faces. To win this battle, we must embrace Biblical Christianity in our own nation, and then purposefully and strongly spread the whole Word to the Whole World. We must recognize that we are in a spiritual war and that the very survival of our nation hangs in the balance. The war will only be won when we embrace the fact that we are a Christian nation, and nothing short of the full sanctification of every man, woman, and child will mark the end of this war.
Democracy is an open doorway for Islamic subjugation of the West.
A people driven by a religious mandate of violent domination should not be allowed to exercise political, social, or religious hegemony over any nation. People driven by a mandate of domination will vote themselves into a position of power, and then use it to subjugate the entire people of a nation under their social/religious mandates. Democracy in the hands of militant Islamic sects simply gives the appearance of legitimacy to a fascist state. Every ethnic and religious minority will experience forceful conformity to the Islamic life
The conservation of good and evil requires punishment or substitutionary sacrifice. As Christians, the law of conservation is maintained by Jesus’ torture and death. No other religion can meet the standard of perfection of the balance required by God to have a full relationship with God the Father.
God allowed men to live under the era of the covenant-based Law from the dawn of history until Jesus died & rose from the grave. Jesus taught the principle of grace, and forgiveness during his time on earth. But, the power of reconciliation was not fully established until Jesus’ death and resurrection. Human forgiveness has always been possible, and balancing the scales of justice with God was possible by substitutionary sacrifice. But, when Jesus died, a new and active force became available to those who chose to appropriate it. The death and torture of Jesus established a method by which sinful man could re-enter into relationship with an absolutely pure Father God. The perfect equality of cause and effect, good and evil, reaping its rewards, cannot be broken in this world. In the physical universe, the conservation of energy represents the level of absolute balance between action and reaction. This same level of correspondence between good action reaping good fruit, and evil action producing bad fruit, exists in the realm of social/moral causation. As a result, no relationship between the perfect Father-God and sinful man can exist while any remnant of the force of evil still operates in our lives. The atoning sacrifice of Jesus allowed for a surrogate payment for the punishment and death required by our sins. Jesus’ sacrifice gave God the option of balancing our violation of His Law with a payment that equalized the force of evil unleashed by our error. Balance was maintained, and absolute justice retained in the universe of cause and effect. God has made a way to balance our evil with grace as a provision for reconciliation after our violation of His Law.
The heart of Christianity and heart of Islam are different. Jesus/Yeshua has come to earth as a real historical person, and now this human God-man now functions as an intermediary between imperfect man and perfect God. While Islamic principles mirror Christianity in many ways, Islam does not have a redeemer. The Koran describes their god as Allah the Merciful since he allows for grace and accepts repentance. But, the new heart and spirit of love and relationship with God, self, and other cannot be implanted by the god of Islam because their god has no personal relationship with humanity. The god of Islam has left his followers with only a set of rules which govern the life of every believer in its infinite detail. But, once a devotee of Allah violates one of the principles of Islam, that man must redeem himself by good works, repentance, and/or punishment.
The history and culture of Islam, and the acts of the Prophet during his life, combine together to create a religion and culture which supports and advocates brutal world domination.
Aspects of Islamic history and Sharia law if taken as general principle would justify the Muslim in his belief in the divine destiny to dominate the whole world at sword point. But, all implementations of Islam do not embrace this violent mandate of a violent holy war against the pagan, Christian, and Jew. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the strong historical/cultural precedent of Islamic expansionist aggression against the Middle East and Europe. They would have ruled the entirety of the continent if the French had not stopped the Islamic hoards at Tours. It took until 1492 for the Spanish to repel the Islamic invaders. Only then did the Spanish have the freedom to spend treasury funds to send Columbus to the New World. The Islamic secular/spiritual law, the Sharia, certainly has a seed, if not overt command, to overcome all other religions and all nations for Allah.
Islam will not spontaneously purge itself of the evil seed that has grown up inside its soul. A strong force, a champion of righteousness must rise to fight and vanquish Militant Islam.
One could argue that Islam will mature and eliminate these anti-relational principles from its mainstream implementation. Spontaneous elimination of the spirit of violent world domination from the Islamic group-mind is unlikely since no force of sufficient spiritual stature has risen to directly confront the immorality of the Militant Islamic cause. America has stood up to the terrorist threat and battled it with measured intensity — plus one night of shock and awe. But, our leaders have not named the Islamic Militant and his evil religion as the central antagonist in this battle of the Spiritual Titans. Therefore the true villain, Militant Islam, has not been identified, named, and sworn as our enemy. And as a result, he roams the spiritual-social world without a hero to oppose his advance. The politically correct acceptance of all religions has prevented us from uniting our heart in unequivocal outrage and purposeful commitment to the utter annihilation of every vestige of Militant Islam.
God’s hand can be seen as the divine drama plays its course. Examine your heart and choose wisely, choose life, choose goodness and Godliness. There is still hope.
If we examine the progression of God’s play of purification of His people, we can see the purpose and plan in this drama. Militant Islam and its conventional Islamic counterpart together present such a virulent threat to freedom that all men must confront whether they will bow their knees to the True God and call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The battlefield has been arranged with spiritual chess pieces. The conflict will overtly name the evil and the good, and all men will be called upon to choose their spiritual allegiance. God has orchestrated a conflict which will bring His name, His cause, and His principles into center stage for examination by the nations. The clarity of the conflict will prevent anyone from claiming ignorance as to the identity of his allies. The habit of the soul, the culture of each man’s heart, will direct him to form pacts with Heaven or Hell. Resonance with each of the competing spirits will dictate each man’s choice. This is the time of a great divide.
Islam, while not overtly evil, has become a focal point for the gathering of evil.
The majority of practicing/believing Muslims may not deeply embrace the principles of militant Jihad. Nevertheless, every Muslim remains a potential subject to those who exercise Islamic leadership. The Muslim extremist factions, such as the Wahhabi and Taliban leverage their power by motivating or forcing the masses into becoming willing or unwilling accomplices in their rule and mission. Thus, while not the central theme of the Qur’an, its verses create a central gathering point around which its followers crystallize their allegiance to a general principle of Quranic allegiance. In that group mind is a vast sea of easily enrolled followers who are ready and willing to obey the dictates of their Islamic leadership. Thus, Islam is a sleeping snake. In its infancy it appears benign, but when it fills its ecological niche, it can become an extremely dangerous world citizen.
As Christians, we must protect the “Temple” of the body from the violent Militant Islamist, and return deadly force with deadly force:
Coexisting with a people who embrace a violent and aggressive spiritual mandate necessitates returning their attempts at domination with a defensive response of at least equal and opposite force. But, until we mount a superior force and vanquish the evil aggressors, the battle will smolder and fester without foreseeable end. Islamic Law, the Sharia, enforces the law/principles of the Qur’an, Hadith, and religious traditions. But the Islamic religion does not have within it the principle of forgiveness. Allah is called “The merciful and forgiving” but there is no method of accessing this forgiveness because Allah is self-willed, and all things proceed according to his direction. Thus, the principle of mercy is as arbitrary and unexpected as is punishment. The missing principle in Islam is the transcendent and unmerited grace of Jesus appropriated by repentance from past wrong acts, and accepting the atoning blood of His sacrifice. Because Islam has no true corollary to the Christian principle of forgiveness, the Militant Muslim who violates the space, sovereignty and God-given rights of another person in the name of Islam must receive swift and just retaliatory force. The return of force with force from agents of a Christian, righteous, Godly paradigm reflects the judgment of the True God. Every heart has a spark of the knowledge of the True Law of God. And while our flesh may rebel at being subject to God’s law, deep in our souls we resonate with its truth.
Sharing Christ with the Islamic world will release them from spiritual captivity:
The Islamic nations and its people are captives of the spirit of Islam. The redemption and release from this Islamic spirit will come as its people are taught the good news of the Gospel of Christ. The seed of the Gospel is potent. As disciples, we must spread the Good News and confront the limitations of Islam with a proper mix of understanding and confrontation as we debate the Islamic error. We must speak the truth in love, expect repentance from their old ways, and pray for the renewal of their minds in Christ. God works transformative miracles of the heart in the silence of the night and in the busyness of the day. When we speak the truth to the Muslim in love and give him the time and space to evaluate the freedom and the Godly restraints of Christianity, the Islamic captive can throw off his spiritual bonds. The human heart knows and loves liberty. With witnessing, good example, opportunity, prayer and God’s miraculous power, the Muslim’s heart can be changed to embrace an even higher Truth, the freedom and fullness of life offered in living life with Christ.
We must embrace Christ boldly as a nation, and equally, boldly share the Gospel with other nations: As a nation, we have a limited military and do not have the force available to wage war against every Islamic stronghold in the world and hold their nations captive. But, the more important deficiency of our foreign policy is our reluctance to overthrow repressive Islamic terrorist regimes by the force of ideas and bring about an overthrow of Muslim tyranny from within. Such a notion has the obvious appearance of empire building and our detractors might accuse us of imposing our religion upon another people. The world would probably misjudge a Christian military/missionary effort to liberate the people of Islam as aggression. From the worldly perspective, this campaign appears imperialistic. But from the perspective of the one True God, the Christian perspective, we are setting the Islamic captives free. As Christians, we offer the true path of liberation the world must walk to escape from its self imposed slavery to a religion of works. We have a duty to protect ourselves against any nation which sponsors or gives comfort to terrorists. We have an obligation as Christians to spread the Good News. We have no obligation to bow to the religion of political correctness. Our loyalty lies only to the Truth, and we can know that Truth as it is reflected in the Holy Bible.