A Physics Theory Connecting Nature with God and Man
An Apologetic for the Congregation of Believing Physicists
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND


  • 1987 The vision/inspiration/insight for the Theory of Absolute concept
  • 2009 initial manuscript publication and copyright
  • 2019 publication of major revision and refinements of the physics and spiritual concepts

This preprint draft is provided to the scientific and religious community to provide documentation of the theory’s evolution for the purpose of eliciting discussion and critique.

This Essay is:

  • An Unconventional apologetic and justification for belief in the existence of God
  • A Rationalization for the role of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior
  • An Argument for the consistency of Biblical text & science
  • A Justification of the logic of His moral Law
  • A Hypothesis about the creation of Space, Mass, Time, Energy, and Life
  • A Theory connecting God and Creation through His consciousness

Methods of Proof of Theory:

  • Consistency of the proposed Theory with the body of physical experiments
  • Broad applicability of explanatory mechanisms to physical phenomena
  • Logical connection of the Theory with conventionally accepted theory and mathematical models

The Theory of Absolutes is a physics theory based on God’s Word, a perspective of science with God at its center.

Inspiration and Foundation for the Theory of Absolutes:

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Introduction to the Physics and Metaphysics of the Theory of Absolutes:

  • The physics of the Theory of Absolutes cannot be separated from the metaphysics which underlies it.  I have based the Theory of Absolutes on Biblical revelation, experimental results, and established scientific theories.  Using this parallax, I have attempted to develop and present a possible rational/methodological explanation as to how God created the universe.  
  • Central Thesis: God the Father begat the Son, and the Son created the universe.  The question is, “How did He create it?” In this Theory, I propose that the Son created innumerable Conscious Particles (embedded with rules as to how they interrelate) to populate the background substrate of space.  The Conscious Particles (CPs), in turn, mediate all physical phenomena. The CPs are the substrate which fills the background of space.  The CPs assemble to form all particles of mass and their movement carries the function as the carriers of Electromagnetic force, the Weak force, the Strong force, and Gravity.  The Theory of Absolutes is to a large degree an exercise in deducing the rules of interaction of the Conscious Particles from the observed field, wave, and particle phenomena.
  • By a Conscious Particle, I mean a point of awareness in the spirit realm, a point of consciousness capable of perception, processing, and action.  The Conscious Particle is the elemental unit from which I shall attempt to construct a model of the entire universe of matter, waves, fields, and life. 
  • The Conscious Particles serve as the mediators of all waves and field phenomena and are the elemental constituents of mass.  
  • As per John 1, the universe was created by Christ/the Word/The Son by a spiritual method.  The scientific community has not come to an agreement as to the actual sequence of events by which the universe was created.  Thus, I do not wish to wed my theory too deeply with the current speculation. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to superimpose my theory upon all the the well-accepted theoretical/conventional physics concepts such as the Big Bang, black holes, quantum mechanics, the Subatomic Zoo (photons, leptons, quarks), force (gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong force), charge, energy (kinetic & potential, work, thermal, mass, electromagnetic, nuclear), space, and time.  Regardless of the method, the universe was created and it had a beginning, which current theory and observation calculates at 13.8 billion years ago in a Big Bang. (For those who take the 6 days of creation literally, possibly the universe was created very recently but with a history.)  The universe may have had epochs where God intervened strongly in the shaping process (e.g., the creation of life in its successive forms).  And it may have expanded for eons after the point of creation, during which time the mechanics of cause and effect proceeded without divine intervention, or been guided every Moment to produce the divinely ordained/desired outcome of each Moment.
  • Strict Darwinian evolution holds that life arose from a sequence of chance collisions over a long period of time.  Intimately connected with the theory of evolution is the hypotheses that the universe arose from nothing, possibly from a quantum fluctuation in the nothing/space/void. Neither theory of evolution nor the cosmological hypothesis about the origin of the universe, posit a creative intelligent-force purposefully creating the substance of the universe from nothing, or guiding its chaotic randomness to its current state of order, supportive environment, or life.  Associated with the evolution and atheistic cosmological theory, the experience of life is its own end.  There is no transcendent purpose other than the experience of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of each Moment.
  • In Theism, the theory held by those who believe God created the universe, the meaning of life is also experienced by living in the Moment.  But, unlike the Deist/Atheist, the Moment also includes consideration of God as the ever-present partner in the life-relationship.  Living with a belief in a God-created universe, the Theist strives for a mutually satisfying experience of love between the Creator and creature.  In God’s world, the goal is not heaven, but a satisfying journey of mutual satisfaction of our desire for relationship with self, others, and God. The contents of the drama of life include the tasks of maintaining life, avoiding the temptations of excess, and proactively choosing service/caring/love of others.  A life lived according to the revelation of God can be satisfying, long, prosperous, and healthy.   
  • Deism posits that God created the universe like a clock, which was 1) wound-up and released to run without His further intervention.  Having created the creation, earth, and man, the universe was released to follow a lawful sequence of field interactions, collisions, and conservation of momentum and energy according to the rules governing Conscious Particle interactions, all without further direction, intervention, or interference by God.  A Darwinist version of Deism considers God’s involvement was only present in the initiation of the universe, by giving the universe sufficient energetic content to generate all the mass, field energies, and kinetic energy in the Big Bang.  A slightly more interventionist version of Deism granted God the initial organization/configuration of all the Conscious Particles at the Moment of the universe’s initiation.  The most interventionist Deist allows a God which organized the galactic, solar, planetary bodies, and all human, plant, animal life and man.  But after that, all of history evolved without God’s miraculous intervention in the lives of men or nature.  The flow of life continued mechanically as it was mediated by the lawful interactions of the Conscious Particles which constitute the universe.
  • The deist sees the universe as created by God, but he believes no divine intervention or action was taken after the creation of the earth, its hospitable environment, and life.  This scenario is almost identical to the Godless creation (e.g., by universe arising from quantum fluctuation and then arriving at today’s universe only by random chance and forces).  The radical Darwinistic deist universe differs from the Godless creation only in one consideration, believing there was intent and purposeful placement of the particles by God at some point (e.g., a) in creating the particles that participated in the Big-Bang).  Thus, God is irrelevant in the life of the Deist, other than being accountable to Him after death, there is no relationship with God other than attempting to follow His rules, or believing in Him.
  • The Deist theory is not congruent with the Biblical revelation of God’s character, which relates God’s plan for the salvation of Man by the sacrifice of Christ. This plan is indicative of a God which desires a relationship with mankind which is the object of God’s love. In 1 Thessalonians 5, Paul exhorts us to pray without ceasing, rejoice, and give thanks.  Such acts are consistent with a universe of an ongoing relationship of mutual service between the creature and the Creator.  Thus, in the Theory of Absolutes, I will assume that God is constantly involved with creating and guiding the universe into its desired physical and spiritual configuration.  God may have guided the galactic, solar system, and planetary configurations to create the temperate conditions and hospitable environment needed to sustain life on earth.  And almost certainly, divine intervention guided the assembly of the cell and the various species of plants, animals, and man.   
  • One common objection to the hypothesis of a God which intervenes miraculously/supernaturally in the affairs and lives of men is the lack of controlled experimental evidence of any violation of the conservation of energy or momentum.  But, if miracles are a real/actual phenomenon, that intervention requires a violation of this law.  That is, miracles require a movement of mass and/or alteration of fields.
  • For example; when God created Adam from the dust of the earth, this required moving mass and then changing its atomic structure.  Lifting 60kg of dirt to fashion a man requires a small amount of energy, and requires a large amount of energy to convert the silicon in dirt to carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen.  In the natural world, conservation of energy requires the loss of energy from somewhere else to produce these changes.  A miracle is by definition not a natural flow of energy and could be detected by careful experimental analysis.
  • But, science has not measured or observed a miraculous creation.  Thus, it has rejected the notion of a God which creates something from nothing, or a God which intervenes in the progression of the momentum and existence of particles. Miracles require violating the lawful progression of mass and fields.
  • Regarding conservation of energy, God could do miracles by transferring energy from other sources to balance the energy introduced by a miracle.  For example, 1) He could destroy mass elsewhere to balance the mass-energy created.  This would balance out or reduce any gravity variation effects at a distance.  2) He could add equal and opposite momentum to other nearby particles to conserve momentum in the local space.  Momentum would appear conserved inside the boundary.  And, 3) He could break the bonds of bonded particles in the near-local space to increase their potential energy to compensate for the new bonds formed.  But all the above balancing interventions would still be measurable on a sufficiently small level.
  • Thus, miracles could be detected, even with compensation applied, with a sufficiently small measured system boundary.  But miracles are never measured, so here are some possibilities, 1) God does not want to be seen doing miracles so He adjusts the system boundary to avoid detection, 2) God does not do miracles when being watched, or 3) miracles do not happen.
  • Recapitulating: any acceleration, anywhere in the universe, and any movement of bonded particles, will affect the motion of the universe inside the speed-of-light-sphere surrounding that acceleration (i.e., forceful interaction).  Thus, miracles unavoidably disrupt the natural flow, and cannot be fully disguised, as they will inevitably/unavoidably introduce new potential and kinetic energies into the universe, which will change the natural lawful flow of mass and strength of fields.  That is, a scientist observing this transaction could measure the energy content of each volume of space and identify the non-conservative asymmetry of the interaction in the before and after state.  Changing the trajectory of a mass or the field strength between two particles in a space requires that energy is added to, or subtracted from, the universe.  A net change of energy or fields within a closed space violates the conservation of energy.  Such a violation has never been observed in a controlled experimental setting, which implies, but does not prove, there are no miracles.
  • If miracles exist, and they are never observed, it appears that God intends to hide them, which means that God is doing a lot of work to prevent being seen.  This may be the case, as it makes faith necessary since conclusive/irrefutable scientific evidence/proof of God can never be found in such a world.  And, our faith in His existence and the promises of the Bible must be based upon an inner knowing that He is and by the remarkable handiwork of nature.
  • We cannot prove or disprove the deist or the theist hypothesis.  Upon creation of the galaxies, planet, and environment hospitable to man, the creation of the species and man himself, God may continue to operate in the affairs of men on the smallest of levels.  God may continue to act every Moment in the mental/emotional states of men.  Such structures are sufficiently subtle and submicroscopic that His ongoing intervention can be easily disguised to avoid detection by current technology.  The thoughts and feelings of men are mediated through the physical structure of the brain and thus, a supernatural intervention will unavoidably leave some fingerprint.  Still, in the complex environment of the brain, the movement of the hand of God to intervene in man’s thoughts and still maintain His plausible non-existence.  By disguising His presence, He maintains the requirement of faith as the key to a relationship with Him.
  • Continuing our analysis of the fingerprint of miracles, any change in the position of a particle that requires a change of velocity leaves a characteristic trace.  A change in the field generated by each CP propagates out from the point of intervention.  This small signature of miraculous intervention is seen by every particle in its environment.  Again, this unavoidable change in relative velocity produces a change of field which is communicated to every other particle in the universe at the speed of light.  The effect is small for isolated particles, such as an electron or proton miraculously moved to a new location.  But, the same electron or proton which was coupled strongly to another particle by a field (e.g., gravity, strong, or electromagnetic) would require a greater force to alter its trajectory or break and remake bonds.  But if, as noted above, energy and momentum were transferred from corresponding local environment, miraculous interventions would go unnoticed at a sufficient distance.  There will still be a trace of the intervention, but it can be made arbitrarily small so as to avoid detection.  The local violation of the conservation of energy or momentum can be disguised so as to avoid all but the most purposeful direct and indirect conscious observation.
  • (Note: we measure a parameter indirectly by measuring another parameter which was clearly altered without cause.)  But, a miraculous intervention isolated from direct and indirect observation would not disturb the flow of the universe enough to betray its existence.  While this is a tautology (if you don’t notice it, then you don’t notice it), the point is that the conservation of energy is only meaningful in when observing phenomena.  The flow of the universe will not be significantly disturbed by local small scale, far away, or long ago miracles.  Thus, God is free to command the movement and relocation of particles outside the view of man.  He can create from nothing, command Conscious Particles that fill space and reorganize CPs already organized as dirt to form the subatomic particles, atoms, and molecules that compose cells, tissues, organs, systems, and organisms. Thus, creating life required a sequence of divine commands to organize the intricate assemblages of the molecular machinery that enables and constitutes life.
  • Throughout the Theory of Absolutes we shall examine the implications of the assumption that life was created by a divine command which overrode the embedded Conscious Particle rule-set.  In other words, God created the universe with particles that followed their embedded laws, but He overrode that law when He created the universe.  His command moved and placed the Conscious Particles into a configuration corresponding to the molecular structure of life.  The soul, the extra-physical aspect of physicality, arose as a natural consequence of the structure of matter (i.e., mind is composed of spirit-mind points of consciousness). The spirit of man is a point of consciousness, specially created by divine intent, given the same attributes as God, and associated with the body and mind of each man. The spirit of man is the observer – the point of awareness that is of the nature and essence of God.
  • Matter, energy, space, and time are the natural macro-effects associated with the creation of the Conscious Particles and their ongoing movement in relation to each other.  The effect of the forces applied by one particle upon another is the aggregation of mass to form stars, planets, and moon.  A much finer manipulation and organization of the mass-substrate is required to assemble the plants, animals, and man from the particles of creation.  
  • Upon completion of the creation to at the level of earth, life, and its manifold species, less ongoing novel macroscopic supernatural intervention was required.  The rules embedded within the Conscious Particles are sufficient to generate the phenomenon of nature (the physical laws and maintenance of bodily life and its mental-emotional processes).  De Novo creation of new species to fill the various ecological niches by supernatural intervention requires little disturbance of the flow of the natural physical world.  The spiritual implication of the creation of species, their variety, type, behavior,  is reflective of the mind of God and His nature.  After the creation of life and the species, probably the majority of supernatural intervention by God is in the minds of man.  In general, the Conscious Particles interact with each other mechanically and predictably according to a divinely established set of rules.  This is the flow of physics, and it is this consistency that gives the appearance of the mechanical, clockwork, hands-off relation between God and His universe.  But, according to Biblical revelation, God still/continues to intervene in the course of human history.  It is my hypothesis that He intervenes by impressing the mind of man with desire and concept, which in turn directs human action.  ***
  • The rules of interaction between Conscious Particles underlie all of the physical phenomenon seen in modern and classical physics.  Thus, all physical phenomena in the fields of Newtonian Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Particle Physics follow directly from the rules embedded within the Conscious Particles.
  • God can intervene in our daily lives and influence events, minds, bodies, health, and emotions, but almost all divine intervention is unseen and unnoticed.  The spiritual world acts constantly upon the mind of man, presenting temptations and fears as well as the perfect pattern of life that reflects the Righteousness of the Father.
  • Men have free will, as they can accept or reject demonic temptations and guidance from the Holy Spirit/Christ.  Life works best when we recognize our flawed nature and humbly submit to Christ working out His perfect plan in us.

The Physics:

The foundation of the physics of the Theory of Absolutes is the hypothesized existence of the Conscious Particle, a particle which was created by God (the Son).  Speculation as to how spirit creates another spirit and is visible to other spirits is fundamentally unknowable in its ultimate essence. But, describing it in terms of its apparent function, the Conscious Particle exists by virtue of His creative declaration of its existence. Its function is consistent with His Law, and its presence, type, and movement are perceivable by other Conscious Particles. Thus, all “physical” phenomena are ultimately and actually spiritual phenomena.

The physics of the Theory of Absolutes is a study of how the Conscious Particles move in relationship to each other according to the fixed set of rules which are divinely implanted into each particle’s consciousness.  For the Theory to be true, this set of rules must produce all of the macroscopic and microscopic structures and effects seen in the physical universe.

Physical phenomena (interactions among matter and waves) are composed at their elemental level of concentrations and assemblies (stable and transient) of Conscious Particles.  Thus, the macroscopic behavior of waves and mass is only a reflection of the rules governing the individual Conscious Particles.

The phenomenon of Force is reflective of the willing/obedient movement of Conscious Particles in response to messages (Force Particles) sent by and received from other Conscious Particles. Thus, the acceleration of mass and constructive/destructive superposition of waves are reflective of the fundamental processes/laws/rules of the Conscious Particles which compose it.  The Conscious Particles (CPs) move voluntarily in response to the messages received each Moment within their own Zone of Detection, which will be called the Planck Sphere. The messages (Force Particles) will be a mixture from both local and far-distant CPs, and the receiving CPs will respond to those messages only according to the rules governing their responsive action. The rules of interaction (attraction and repulsion, as modified by local concentration and movement ) result in generating the experience of space (distance, direction, separation/other) and time (change, transformation, process, rate, past/present/future).

The Conscious Particles respond willfully/obediently to messages received according to their embedded rule-set, with an appropriate displacement and direction each Moment.  The processing proceeds in an intermittent fashion, one cycle of processing following another, which generates the appearance and experience of time. The Conscious Particles are not pushed or pulled by an Electroweak, Strong, or Gravitational force.  Rather, Force is a macroscopic concept that describes the appearance of particles of mass, composed of Conscious particles, each responding obediently/mechanically to the receipt of Force Particles/messages from other Conscious Particles. The macroscopic phenomena of electromagnetic attraction or repulsion between particles is simply an appearance of a force field attracting or repelling a like-charge or opposite-charge.  In actuality, the underlying process is simply the obedient movement of CPs in response to information carried by the Force Particles. Thus, Conscious Particles do not have a force acting upon them, rather, each Moment they voluntarily and lawfully move a distance in a particular direction based upon the summation of all the commands/messages from the surrounding universe of Conscious Particles.

The messages (Force Particles – FPs) emitted by the Conscious Particles are generated de novo each Moment.  These messages carriers (FPs) are another type of Conscious Particle, but a distinction is made between the Conscious Particles which are the source and generate messages (the CPs), and the Conscious Particles which carry messages (FPs).  

  • Definition: The Planck Number: The Conscious Particles (CPs) emit a large and fixed number of Force Particles each Moment.  We shall call the number of FPs emitted each Moment the Planck Number.
  • Definition: The Moment is the fundamental unit of time, the name for one information processing cycle.  The cycle includes, 1) Perception, 2) Processing, 3) Projection.
  • Every CP emits the same number of FPs each Moment, and each FP is connected to the FP emitted the previous Moment from that CP.  
  • Each FP is connected back to its source CP, thus forming a ray or line extending back to its source CP.  We can follow the movement of a CP in response to the FPs from the Beginning of Time, which implies that any/every Moment in time can be reconstructed.  Using this key may be one of the processes involved in memory retrieval. Possibly the brain makes imprints in physical organization each Moment that allows the reconnection with the points of the desired past reality. 
  • Each FP at its moment of creation has a radial direction from its source, and it will maintain that trajectory from that point of origin regardless of the subsequent movement of its source-CP.
  • Each FP travels at the speed of light, which is determined by traveling increments of the radius of one Planck Sphere each Moment.  Every FP advances one Planck Radius every Moment.
  • An example of the generation of the movement an electron that creates a kink in the chain of FPs emitted from a CP is the emission of a photon from an orbital drop.  The orbital system converts a quantum of potential energy into a quantum of photonic energy when it changes orbital states.
  • The CPs emit FPs each Moment, but until there is a change in the velocity (acceleration) there is no change in energy associated with the CPs motion. 
  • The relative motion of two CPs will result in the generation of a magnetic force between the two CPs, and a transfer of energy (i.e., a change in the organization of the space around the CP). 
  • The  FPs mediate the transmission of any relative velocity and any change in relative velocity. That disturbance will automatically and unavoidably pass the message of that disturbance at the Speed of Light,
  • Definition: The Planck Sphere is a sphere surrounding each CP.  The Planck Sphere Radius or Planck Radius is determined by the distance corresponding to a Planck Number of FPs in its vicinity.
  • Definition: Direction is defined in terms of the relationship of the FPs to each other at the time of origination from the CP’s Planck Sphere. Using spherical coordinates, each FP’s next position at the end of the Moment will be a radius, a polar angle, and an azimuthal elevation.  
  • The originating FPs carry a spin vector, a command to move in a tangential direction.  In effect, the CP appears to be spinning because of its command to displace an angle each Moment.  
  • Definition: Spin is the polar angular displacement each FP commands each Moment. This manifests on the macroscopic/experimental level as a detectable angular momentum and magnetic moment in the electron, and the other elementary and complex particles.  The effect of the spin of the CP, in aggregate, is to produce the effect of electron spin, which has the effect of producing a magnetic force on other charged particles with relative motion.
  • The particulate nature of the FP arises because each FP is a node/point/particle, carrying information about the state of the originating CP at the Moment of the FP’s creation.  But, the FP is not really a particle, in a strict, independent entity sense. It is more of an information storage point on a long string of beads of other information storage points that together reflect the movement of the electron and thereby inform the universe of its motion.
  • Information about the rate of change of any source-CP’s position can be extracted by a recipient-CP by reading the history of any/every FP present within its zone of detection.
  • Distance is defined in terms of Planck Sphere Radius units.  The Planck Sphere Radius is equal to the radius of the Zone of Detection and is defined as the radius from a CP that encloses a Planck Number of FPs.
  • Thus, distance is a dependent principle, a macrophysical appearance reflecting the underlying process of each CP allowing the advance of the next volley of FPs to the radius of its Planck Sphere.
  • The phenomenon of length contraction arises at relativistic speeds due to the accumulation of Force Line bends during acceleration.  The standard against which velocity is measured is the passage of free CPs through the Dipole Sea.
  • There is no gridpoint system in space against which distance is measured.  Rather, distance is an artifact of the number of FPs and CPs present in the Planck Sphere.
  • Kinetic Energy is carried as Force Line Bends.  Kinetic Energy is a relative quantity since the CP only has velocity in relationship to another point.
  • The emission rate of the FPs is constant each Moment.  But, the density of CPs and FPs in a volume is dependent upon the attraction of charges as well as the relative velocity between CPs.  The speed of light will always be the same in any reference frame.  Therefore, there is no evidence of absolute motion in the speed of light. 
  • Relative motion will away.   and hence proximity, their relative velocity, the space through which information travels.  To the CP, no distinction is made between the densities of space, the “distance” gt. Comparing the speed of light in a less-dense FP zone with one in a denser FP zone, the distance to the denser FP zone will appear contracted in comparison.  This principle is at the base of the time dilation and length contraction phenomena we see in Special Relativity. There is no absolute distance metric, only an absolute number metric. Distance is relative, and the total density of space between two points determines its apparent distance.

Again, the Conscious Particles do not exert a force on one another to compel the movement of another CP.  Rather, every CP simply moves lawfully according to the summation of the information/instructions it receives from all the other Conscious Particles within its zone of perception each moment.  The CPs follow the instructions flawlessly, according to the law or response embedded within their minds. But, God can intervene supernaturally, taking authority over the position, direction, and velocity of any and every CP in the universe.  Anything can be manifested by His will.

Thus, by divine command, God can direct miraculous/supernatural changes in the creation.  It is by such divine will that habitable planets were formed, lepers healed, the blind see, life is restored from death, prayers are answered, species are transformed, and the heart is comforted.  By His hand, and according to His sovereign will and plan, the command of God is implemented by supernatural intervention and acts of creation. But, in the mature creation, the intervention is usually subtle, and plausibly coincidence.  God stays hidden behind the complexity of chaotic interaction, thus His presence and existence must be accepted by faith. The mystery of His existence and plausibility of His non-existence is an important element in the creation of meaning.

Having pulled back the veil and noted that God’s law directing Conscious Particles and Force Particles to manifest the physics of nature is the motive force behind the interaction between every particle and field, we can return to the macro reality, and simply know that God is present behind it all.  We can read the Bible, see the story of how God has manifested the creation, worked in this world and drawn us to Him by faith, and choose to live our lives according to the standard which He has revealed in the Holy Bible.

All additional study of the manuscript beyond this point is simply for the purpose of interest or for deeper analysis to validate that in fact, this basic thesis (of God’s connection to the creation through Conscious Particles and His embedded Law) reflects reality, and its implications for faith and behavior/morality/meaning, stand up under scientific scrutiny.  

Thus, we shall consider a wide swath of physical phenomena in terms of their consistency with the Basic Thesis, by examining how the Basic Thesis is implemented in those phenomena.  It is by the application of the Basic Thesis, using the same implied Laws/rules of interaction to all real phenomena, and finding an explanatory mechanism in each, that our confidence in the reality of this Theory is given validity.  The Basic Thesis is proven false by the inapplicability of it to any natural phenomenon.

Therefore, as we proceed with our study of normal reality, the study of macro physics (anything larger than the Conscious Particle), we shall use the shorthand concept of “Force” to pretend that particles are exerting a force, creating fields or exchange particles and thus causing movement, but know implicitly, that all phenomena take place in the realm of the Mind of God, and are reflection of relationship and interaction within the creation.  

At this point in the manuscript, the expression of the intention and Basic Thesis of the Theory of Absolutes is complete in its introductory form.  The Basic Thesis is a universe whose source is God the Father. The Father separated Himself from directly relating with evil by spiritually begetting the Son.  The Son acted according to the Father’s direction, creating all things that were made. The Conscious Particles are the points of consciousness declared into existence by His Word, and it is they which mediate the appearance of the creation.  

Thus, the study of the physical world, and elaborating the ultimate understanding of the cause-effect basis of empirically observed phenomenon is based upon the lawful acts of the Conscious Particles.  Deduction of the behavior of the CPs and the rules governing their transmission and reception of messages is the ultimate study of the physical world. Any questions beyond that barrier involve metaphysic considerations such as why these rules were made, how consciousness can perceive consciousness, the origin of God, etc.  All such questions are beyond the physical realm, and as such are more subjective, given the lack of empirical data upon which to triangulate.

In summary to this point, the Conscious Particles are the vehicles of consciousness, and each CP emits a volley of messages each Moment (as Force Particles – which are connected in communication about their previous state) and receives an equal number of messages each Moment.  The Conscious Particles respond by moving in relationship to the other CPs each Moment based upon the summation of the instructions they received from local and distant Conscious Particles across the universe within the zone of reception and transmission defined by the local density of messages.  The fact that the summation of random distant influences can affect the next Moment’s position of a CP gives plausible understructure to the statistical nature of Quantum Mechanical jumps in position.

By limiting the reach of influence of each CP to exactly, and always, the Planck Radius each Moment, the speed of light is thus defined as the de facto maximum distance of influence each Moment.  And likewise, the Planck Radius displacement of FPs each Moment defines the speed of the propagation of the message informing the universe of a CP’s movement, which we observe as the Speed of Light.  

Each CP processes the same set number of messages each Moment.  In so doing, the existence and relationship of all Conscious Particles are defined and acknowledged by their action and participation.  From the creation and implementation of this system of CP-CP communication and response, space, time, and distance arise as emergent properties of the universe.  That is, none of these seemingly fundamental properties of the macro-physical universe were created as primary entities. Rather, all arose as de facto consequences of the existence of CPs and the limiting of their relationships to a fixed number.  Thus, existence and number are the primary principles composing the creation. The medium carries the messages of movement to the Conscious Particles, and in response, the CPs move, and messages of their movement are then communicated. and manifestation of all physical phenomena has been introduced.  The intention of the Theory is to supply a plausible theory of the understructure of creation which is consistent with all known phenomena, thereby unifying the origin of life and its processes to a single source, a creator of the structure, and lawgiver. , implies the existence of God as the prime mover, the author of all creation, and the legislator of all life and happiness-giving moral principles.  Many many chapters could follow elaborating and applying the Basic Thesis to physical principles, given the near-infinite number of combinations of elemental principles into complex configurations and effects. Thus, this work will never be exhaustive, and there will always be an element of uncertainty, which is the gap we must fill with faith until God manifests and reveals His reality openly. Therefore, each person must decide at some point whether the amount of logical causation and plausible applicability of the Basic Theory to all of life is adequate to accept the thesis as reflective of the reality of God’s existence and His sovereignty as Lord and Judge of all.  At that point, we may stop the analysis for the purpose of making a decision, and use our faith to enroll others in the family of faith and its associated obligations to right thought, speech and action. Thus, the purpose of this essay/manuscript/book/epistle, to give confidence to the believer that his faith has merit in the realm of reality, and to boldly follow the Great Commission and proclaim the Good News.

The remainder of this essay is for those who wish to take the argument for God’s existence deeper, to explore the plausible mechanisms by which God has implemented physical phenomenon at the most elemental level.  The motivation may be curiosity/interest, or to answer the apologetic questions that justify our faith in Jesus as Lord as revealed in the Holy Bible.

One of our first indicators that modern physics is built upon high-level axiomatic assumptions (i.e., theories and explanations of elemental principles without a base other than assumption or an empirical observation) is the fact that the concept of force refers to no more fundamental principle than its observed existence.  The question, “What is a force?” cannot be answered more deeply than with the tautology that force is the gradient of a potential field. This is true, but a potential field only has a gradient because one must move against a force to establish the potential at each point in the field. Alternatively, in QED and QCD, force is given a supposedly deeper explanation by attributing the four forces (Note: now three forces with the unification of Weak with Electromagnetism) to exchange particles with gauge bosons (photons, gluons, and gravitons) which transmit force.  But, even so, the mystery is not given a firm foundation with this explanation, since exchange particles are simply massive or massless particles, which then raises the question of “What is mass, and why does it cause movement?” Answers to such questions still do not refer to an ultimate cause.

Given that we don’t know, and can’t know, the ultimate nature of anything, the best hope of modern physics is to create/discover a unifying force, a single particle or theory, from which all matter/time/space/energy falls naturally.  At this point, the physics community can say, “We have unified all of nature.” But in actuality, if this is ever done, the significance would be only that a single particle or force was identified, but the origin of that particle would still be unknown.

In other words, there is not, nor can there be, an ultimate theory that explains the ultimate fundamental nature of any force or particle.  The atheistic scientist who wishes to consider that there is nothing beyond force and particles can continue to believe in a universe built on chance and self creation from quantum fluctuations of the background zero point energy.  But, his trust in that fact is based upon nothing more faith in a non-God – he is a believer, a man of faith.

Likewise, the Theory of Absolutes posits several Conscious-Particle types and several Force-Particle types.  The existence of those particles and forces arising from the mind of God gives rationality to the structure of the universe and points to the ultimate nature of their origin as creations from/of the mind God.  But, this cosmology does not give us insight into the origin of God. As believers, we are men of faith that God exists. Having a taxonomy mapped of all the forces and particles that lead back to the mind of God is the physical-theoretical-spiritual equivalent of a Grand Unified Theory based upon experiments and math that link together the particles and forces composing the physical universe and show that they all have a common origin.  

The physicist can continue to have faith that there is no God and that the universe spontaneously created itself by random fluctuations, and that life evolved by random mutations driven by survival of the fittest and adaptation to its environment.  The Christian can step up, shoulder to shoulder with the physicist, and justify his faith by noting the logical-causal-empirical connection between the world of physical experience and experiment, and a God which has purposefully created the universe to manifest His nature.

As we return to the realm of ordinary reality, from the rarified air of philosophy and speculation, when discussing physical phenomena, we will refer to the shorthand concept of “force” in its common usage in Newtonian mechanics.  But, we shall always either implicitly or explicitly note that a reference to force actually implies particles moving willingly and obediently. Where each particle moves the Moment after receiving information within its zone of perception.  Thus, while invisible to observation, and implied only by a theory based upon our universe of experiments, mass and the underlying Conscious Particles move in a manner consistent with their embedded law.

Mass (from the simplest electron to the much more complex subatomic particle such as the proton and neutron or any of the other heavy leptons and baryons in the Subatomic Zoo) is composed of numerous Conscious Particles in various configurations (some in static configurations, and others in a dynamic equilibrium).  A collection of positive and negative Conscious Particles in various configuration forms the macroscopic structure we call mass.

Each Conscious Particle (CP) has an electrical nature – meaning that each CP has either a positive or negative charge nature, and it emits a quantum of Force Particles each Moment which informs their neighbor CPs of their type and relative velocity.  The FPs travel out from their source at the local speed of light.

Note, the speed of light is based upon a fixed number of particles transited per Moment.  Thus, a denser space, a space with more countable particles, corresponds to a space with the same number of particles in a smaller radius Planck Sphere.  This results in light traveling a smaller distance at each Moment. Thus, the more dense the space, the slower the speed of light in that space, (of course, relative to the speed of light in a less dense space).  And, of course, within a space, the speed of light is always measured as being the same value.

Note, that the Force Particles (FPs) are actually lines, in that they are connected to each other back to their source CP through all of time.  Thus, each FP carries within it a piece of directional information which informs the receptor CP of its relative motion. This relative motion of the positive and negative CPs produces the effect of a magnetic field, being the component of the velocity vector that is perpendicular to the velocity of the receptor CP.  Each CP responds to both the positive and negative charge-message carried by the FP, and to the relative motion of the CP (which it receives in its zone of perception each Moment).

The phenomenon of inertia and kinetic energy are based upon the very localized building and collapse of the magnetic field around and within the collection of CPs, which we recognize as neutral and charged mass.  

(Aside: all mass at its elemental constituent level is a collection of positive and negative CPs. Thus, even neutral particles of mass, such as neutrons, are composed of charges, and when those charges move, their constituent FP lines are bent in relationship to their current position.  This relative change in position with time is the fundamental process which produces the effect of magnetism. Thus, the inextricable connection and interconversion between the electrical and magnetic force depending upon the relative motion and rate of change of motion between charges.)

Inertia and kinetic energy are both phenomena which depend upon the interaction of mass with the magnetic field associated with relative motion.  This relative motion refers to collapses behind each particle, driving it forward, while at the same time, the building of the field in front of the advancing mass produces a resistive force.  Thus, a mass in motion maintains a constant velocity when no external force acts upon it. The movement of mass creates both the accelerating force that moves it forward and the resistive force that prevents its accumulation of velocity.  And, the action of a net force upon any mass will imbalance the front-back force equilibrium, resulting in acceleration, and the accumulation or loss of kinetic energy in relation to its initial velocity in a chosen frame of reference.

Energy is a relative term, but is based upon the organization of CPs.  The energy associated with the magnetic organization of the Sea of Conscious Particles that, 1) gives mass the ability to carry momentum, exert force, and transfer energy to another mass upon collision, and 2) gives mass the property of  resisting acceleration when a force acts upon it. All the kinetic phenomena of mass are mediated thru the collapse and building of magnetic fields. All the kinetic phenomena are mediated by the positive and negative Conscious Particles, which constitute the protons, neutrons, and electrons, which constitute atoms and thus macroscopic mass.  The electron shell phenomena of atomic orbitals results from the resonance patterns formed by the interaction of particles and waves in a highly charged micro-environment.

Waves  are organizations of Conscious Particles, formed by the concentration and rarification of the dense Sea of Conscious Particles constituting all of space.  

All wave are constituted by electromagnetic energy of various types and organization.  1) photonic waves (infrared to gamma), have a discrete particle-like nature, and an associated wave-like resonance with electron orbitals.  2) Movement-based undulations (e.g. radio waves) are produced by the movement of charged particles.

Collisions, acceleration, decay, energy storage, and particle-wave inter-conversions are all mediated by Conscious Particle communication of charge (positive or negative), polarity (magnetic pole orientation), and velocity (direction and speed).  

The number, density, and organization of Conscious Particles determine the mass of each of the Subatomic Zoo particles (electrons, pions, quarks…).  The organizational density gradient of a dynamic Conscious Particle disturbance corresponds to the wavelength and energy of a photon or wave. Both mass and wave phenomena move, and are moved, according to the rules of attraction and repulsion between the Conscious Particles.

Force: The appearance of connected pushing or pulling between mass and mass, and mass and wave.  (Note: All force phenomena arise only because of movement made in response to commands/messages received from and by every Conscious Particle.)  The force is called electrical, magnetic, or gravitic depending upon the predominant type of message. Messages “to move” are transmitted and received every moment from and by every particle in the universe.  But, movement results only when a net directional message (net sum of all messages) is received. Thus, to use the shorthand language of physics, every Conscious Particle produces Force on every other Conscious Particle.  

Like charges repel, and opposite charges attract.  Opposite magnetic poles exert the Force of alignment and like poles produce the force of dis-alignment. Moving charges produce magnetic effects, and moving magnetic poles produce electric charge effects.  

Every Conscious Particle has an electric charge and a magnetic dipole.  At each Moment, every particle generates and radiates uniform spherical distribution of FPs that travel out at the local speed of light.  This sphere of FPs communicates its originating particle’s charge type, magnetic pole orientation, and velocity, to all the other Conscious Particles it passes each Moment.  That message, plus all the other messages from all the other Conscious Particles, is the set of commands that each Conscious Particle must integrate and respond to each Moment.

Thus, reception, processing, and action are required at each Moment, by every Conscious Particle.  At each moment, each Conscious Particle generates and projects a cohort of FPs out spherically from its current location.  This information field radiates out and travels an increment of distance appropriate to the local speed of light (i.e., governed by the CP density of that space).

Thus, each Conscious Particle sums the entirety of all force vectors (magnitudes and directions) coming from every particle in the universe, at every Moment.  It may thereby calculate its appropriate movement in distance and direction during the next Moment. As a result of this intermittent, Moment to Moment movement, the CPs move in a stepwise fashion, jumping to their new location at the end of each Moment.  

Restated, Conscious Particles, and the masses they constitute, do not transit smoothly through all points of space.

Time is the sequence of universe-vignettes.  Moments include repetitive cycles of Conscious Particle processes, which include: 1) position, 2) projection, 3) reception, 4) processing, and 5) movement.  The complete processing cycle of the Conscious Particle is the elemental unit of time we shall define as the “Moment”. The flow of time is the sequence of Moments, and Moments are constituted by the simultaneous sequential processing of all Conscious Particles in the universe.

Space is filled with, and by formed by, the dense background assembly of all Conscious Particles (The Dipole Sea).  (Definition: The background space, filled with Positive and Negative Conscious Particles shall be called the Dipole Sea.)  The Conscious Particles are moveable, and aggregate into more dense regions of matter, and less dense regions of “space”.

But, underlying them (among them) is another type of Conscious Particle which is stationary and acts as the marker of distance, which shall be called The Matrix Grid Points.  This grid of stationary Conscious Particles is in aggregate “the Matrix”, and functions as the points by which distance is measured. The Matrix Grid Points are spaced at the ultimately dense spacing, and only one Conscious Particle may reside on any Matrix Grid Point at each moment.

Energy is the macroscopic name for organized space.  Any process that produces an organization of any of the Conscious Particle parameters (e.g. charge concentration, orientation of magnetic poles, or density) is a volume of space containing energy. Energy is only a meaningful concept when compared to a state of perfect disorganization. This state exists only in concept, and would be the totally undisturbed, crystal-like packing of the Dipole Sea into its ultimately quiescent state.  Such a state will never exist after the introduction of an energetic disturbance into the universe, (e.g. The Big Bang). All disturbances of the Dipole Sea are “energy” in one of its various forms. The energy of mass, so famously quantified by the equation E=mc2, in a particle such as an electron, is the organization of Positive and Negative Conscious Particles into a stable configuration of Positive and Negative Conscious Particles. (Aside: the electron forms around the seed of a single Negative Conscious Particle.  The electron forms when a single Negative CP has been given sufficient velocity (kinetic energy) by a collision of some sort, and is thus sufficiently far removed from its volume where it participated in creating a neutrality of local charge. It will then attract a spherical layer of Positive C Particles, which will in turn attract a layer of Negative Particles. The resulting electron is a layered entity with a net charge of negative one. The electron is simply an aggregation of the Dipole Sea Particles, with its borders blending into the background concentration of the Dipole Sea/Space.  The Dipole Sea organization of an electron corresponds to .502 Mev, an amount organization above a volume of undisturbed Dipole Sea. (Again, the undisturbed Dipole Sea is a fully symmetric space, consisting of fully-paired in crystalline packing (like Na-Cl in a salt crystal) of positive and negative Dipole Particles). The energy of organization associated with the electron can inter-convert between mass and photons under special collision circumstances. (An example of this is: 1) Pair Annihilation, the name given to electron-positron collisions which produce a gamma ray. And, 2) Pair Production, its opposite, which occurs when gamma rays pass close to a heavy nucleus.  The organization of the Dipole Sea in the photon’s wave structure is sufficiently distorted by the space near the heavy nucleus to allow the formation of an electron and a positron.)

Kinetic Energy is the organization of the Dipole Sea due to the moving Conscious Particle charges associated with a mass.  The moving charges in the CPs constituting the mass create a magnetic field, which organizes the Dipole Sea around the moving mass.  It is thus the magnetic field produced by charge movement of the Conscious Particles composing the mass that induces the magnetic organization within the surrounding Dipole Sea and corresponds to Kinetic Energy.  

Likewise, Photonic Energy is simply the organizational energy associated with the charge and magnetic pole organization of the Dipole Sea, associated with the quantum of energy held by a photon. The Photon is a dynamic 3 dimensional wave, which organizes the Dipole Sea with a particular volumetric charge and space gradient, as it passes through each volume of space. A high energy photon would have its energy/spatial organization of the Dipole Sea packed into a small space, hence short wavelength.

Quantum phenomena, such as discreet allowable orbital energies, result from the resonant interaction between the electron, nucleus, and the kinetic energy of the electron mass.  The resonant interplay of attraction and orbital movement results in an orbital trajectory without energy loss, even though the velocity vector changes every Moment. Normally a change in velocity (direction or speed) results in the radiation of energy from a charged moving particle.  But, the resonant interplay of the fields and forces carrying the electron’s kinetic energy and the nucleus, results in a force interaction that results in a conservation of energy, and a probable location at each moment. The effect is an orbital energy that is effectively distributed around the nucleus in a characteristic, probabilistic, orbital shape for each energy level and shell.  Quantum phenomena have been given a great deal of mystical significance, and used to justify many spiritual theories. The reality is considerably more mundane. The quantum phenomena (e.g. discreet allowable orbital energies, radioactive decay, black body radiation, … ) are all the result of resonance phenomena that produce characteristic “standing wave-like” structures.

Relativistic phenomena are significant at speeds approaching the speed of light.  The Michelson-Morley Experiment of 1887 seemed to prove that light was not carried by a medium, thus physics has been left with a universe with no center or Absolute Frame of Reference.  The Theory of Absolutes postulates an ether (the Dipole Sea), a medium through which light travels, which can likewise explain the negative findings of the Michelson-Morley Experiment. Distance contraction, time dilation, and energy accumulation are all natural correlates and consequences associated with the premises, axioms, and assumptions of the Theory.

The speed of light is the speed limit of the physical universe for particles and waves, but, consciousness has no speed limitation.  All Spirit communication is instantaneous, and pervades the entire universe each instant, such communication is merely within the mind of God.  But, for the purpose of creating the effect of time (sequential vignettes for a spirit conscious beings the effect of the message passes from Conscious Particle to Conscious Particle each moment only after having been processed sequentially.  Thus, the speed of light transmission of effect, even though there is an instantaneous knowing of spirit between the Conscious Particles.

This solid sphere of message, known to every particle in the entire universe, could be called a “Force Sphere”. The Force Sphere radiates from every Conscious Particle, every Moment throughout the entire universe instantly. It informs every other Conscious Particle of its position, velocity, type, and current interaction, at every Moment.

By rule/law/design, each Force Sphere is allowed only a given quanta of active interactions at each Moment.  This concept is the principle of action which allows for expression of physical phenomena such as: the inverse square law, QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics), speed of light, and faster than light phenomena (Bell’s Theorum, EPD Paradox).  The allowance of only one active interaction is the principle which fundamentally requires conservation of energy.

*** The lawful distance traveled by the Force Sphere is governed by the electrical and magnetic properties of the space the Force Sphere at the beginning of each Moment.  In microscopic terms, the speed of light is in Grid Points per Moment. In macroscopic terms, the speed of light is equal to 1/square root of (mu)x(epsilon). The electrical permittivity (epsilon) and magnetic permeability (mu) of space, determine how fast light will travel through it.  The mu and epsilon of space are physically measurable, and together they determine the macroscopic speed of light. But, the speed of light we observe is actually a reflection of the underlying communication on the Conscious Particle and Force Sphere level creating that speed.

The body of the Theory of Absolutes is an examination of the various important physics experiments and theories.  The Theory of Absolutes is a defense of the postulate that all theories and experiments can be reframed in the language and concepts of the Conscious Particles.  If correct, the Theory will accurately model the sequential position, charge, and movement of all phenomenon, using the language and rules of Conscious Particles.  

The analysis of experiment and theory is for the purpose of: 1) illustrating the rules followed by Conscious Particles, 2) deriving the rules of their interaction, 3) validating the derived rules governing them, and 4) predicting new phenomena.

The Metaphysics:

  • The original cause of the universe before the creation is a mystery.
  • The origin (eternity-past/origin-less-ness) of God is a mystery.
  • The origin of the state in which God dwells is a mystery.
  • The environment and nature in which God resided before the creation is a mystery, and open to almost any speculation, limited only by scant implication about the pre-creation universe in the Bible.  
  • God’s motivation for creating the creation can be inferred, but the answer will be dependent upon my premises and assumptions about what is Truth/Reality.  I choose to call Truth/Reality the following: 1) The laws of nature, 2) human nature (e.g. preference to pleasure over pain), 3) the Spirit of Truth behind the Bible.  
  • These True/Real/Factual data points can be used as premises upon which to base hypothesis about God’s motivation for creating the universe, and in turn the method by which He created it.
  • Creation is dependent upon the ability of God to create Conscious Particles by projection, dreaming, or declaring them into existence.  All of creation is thus dependent upon His faithfulness in continuing to create the stage and scenery of life.

Pre-Creation – One Possibility Examined:

The Theory of Absolutes will present a number of possible theories to give concrete understanding to the dynamic drama of the divine play of God and man.  

The existence of God is the fundamental axiomatic assumption underneath the Theory of Absolutes.  Likewise, nature and the Holy Bible are assumed as data points that must be satisfied by any True Theory describing the rules governing the underlying mechanisms of the creation.

There are two tracks that the theory could take as the foundational premises about the nature of the pre-creation universe.  

1) The traditional account holds that God the Father was the only spiritual being in the entire universe prior to the creation.  The Father begat the Son, and the Son created Heaven, earth, and man. Regarding the devil, there is some discrepancy, with most denominations holding that Satan was an angel who rebelled.  Alternative (and less popular interpretations) stand by the scripture that held that Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning, and that Hell (the lake of fire) was created as the Kingdom of Evil for Satan and his demons.  In this scenario Satan was a created being. The conflict between good and evil is played out between Satan and God, each vying for man’s allegiance. The purpose of life in these two scenarios is, 1) To show God’s glory, and 2) to Love God.

The Origin of Good and Evil:

2) An alternative interpretation of the Bible: God the Father became perfect in an environment where good and evil eternally battle for dominance.  God the Father perfected Himself by totally rejecting evil. His goodness and light overshadowed the darkness of evil. The Father begat the Son, and the Son created all things, the heavenly realm, the physical universe, and man.  In this interpretation, the Kingdom of Darkness existed before God created the creation, and the drama of life results from the battle between the two kingdoms for man’s mind/soul. God desires that we live in His Truth/Reality, and the Kingdom of Darkness continually tempts us to believe in and pursue the Lies/Illusion.

Both scenarios will be examined in the Theory of Absolutes.  They are presented as models that may be helpful in understanding the nature of the universe in which we live, and give a structure around which we can grasp the necessity for Jesus dying for our sins, and why evil necessarily exists in the universe.

Analysis of One Pre-Creation Theory:

To begin with, I wish to note that the following theory is unconventional, and probably would be considered heretical by most mainline denominations.  Nevertheless, I shall examine it since it illustrates so clearly the competition between good and evil, the need for a Savior of the soul, and the necessity of a sacrificial lamb for a substitutionary sacrifice.

In this pre-creation scenario, God the Father overcame evil in a spiritual environment where good and evil competed for dominance.  The Father learned all the tricks, deceptions, and tools of evil, and rejected them all, and embraced only goodness. The Father then began the process of creating the creation.  At this point the story narrated by Genesis in the Holy Bible begins.

As per John 1:1, God the Father begat the Son.  The question is “How did God beget the son?” This particular point is likewise contentious within the Church since scripture indicates that the father and Son are one, and they existed together from eternity.  Thus, the mere consideration of the Father creating/begetting the Son is heretical. The Church Fathers wrestled with this concept and were able to side step this impossible paradox by disguising the concept of the Father creating the Son by declaring the Son was “eternally begotten.”  This does not resolve the problem of sequence, so I shall simply use the more conventional understanding of order and declare that The Father begat the Son in a way that made the Son identical to the Father, but subservient/submissive to Him.

In this vein, I shall continue to postulate the method by which God the Father created/begat the Son.  The following creation concept is central to the Theory of Absolutes, as it is the method by which the Father created the Son, and in turn, is similar to the method used by the Son in creating the elemental particles (the Positive and Negative Conscious Particles, and the Matrix Grid Points).  

The Father projected and thereby duplicated Himself, and thus created/begat the Son.  This creative process involved a full duplication, similar to our ability to create dream characters, but with greater persistence, resolution, and purpose.  

The Son created the physical universe through the same process, creating a near-infinite number of Conscious Particles which form the substrate of space and then coalesce to form the apparent substance of matter.  

The spirit of man was created with the same spirit characteristics as God, but without His power and wisdom.  The Son was given the responsibility of creating the universe. This separation from the Father allowed Him to stay completely isolated from the evil (the Not-God) that would penetrate the creation when Adam and Eve rebelled against God (the Son).  The fall and redemption of man were predicted and integral to the play and plan of creation.

God the Father’s s nature is love, and that nature demands expression in relationship.  Thus, the drive to create/beget the Son, and the drive to create man. The Son created the creation to raise up children/companions who could truly satisfy the divine hunger for relationship.  

An important aspect of a satisfying love relationship is for the beloved to reciprocate affection freely, forsaking all others.  Thus, man was truly given free will, and given a choice to love God or Evil. For man, the highest and best experience of life is had by submitting to the rules/commands and way of God.  But, Evil desires to own and dominate man, and uses pleasure and fear to seduce and intimidate men into its bondage and service. The Son offers all the freedom that is available to the human soul/spirit, and paid the lawful debt of blood for the release of the rebel/sinner.  In God, in the Son’s Way, there is a life, bounded by Lawful limits, where the most full and joyful experience of life can be had through a relationship with God and His creation.

Worshipping evil, rebellion against God’s Way, allegiance to the Kingdom of Darkness (the “Not God”) is the alternative to a lawful, obedient, loving relationship with God.  Darkness uses every method/trick/ruse/pretense to disguise itself including imitation, false data, false promises, and initial pleasure to seduce men away from obedience and relationship with God.  The kingdom of evil (the Not-God) is as real as the kingdom of God, but its pleasure and system of relationship are based upon slavery and rebellion against God, rather than the liberty that comes from obedience to God’s law, way, and putting on the mind of Christ.

God created the Son, and the Son created the Conscious Particles that function as the placeholders that create the metric and substance of space.  The Conscious Particles are lawful in their interaction and transmit messages that instruct the sphere of surrounding Conscious Particles how to move.  The assembly of Conscious Particles into mass occurs naturally when the homogeneity of the original undisturbed Sea of Conscious Particles is disturbed by a command to move, and that was done in the beginning by the Word of God.  The initial creative event, possibly the Big Bang, provided the seed of the genesis of the physical universe.

The spiritual universe is superimposed upon the physical and can guide and move physical substance by command.  The universe is conservative, but prayer can change the momentum of the creation. Prayer produces force by command, and is a lawful and Godly spiritual intervention in the natural flow of cause and effect.  Men are gods in the sense that we were created as God-like beings, but without the wisdom, vision, and power of God. When men act in concert with the divine will, we can choose to command the physical universe to move in the direction congruent with His will.  Persistence in faith and works is required to produce miracles.

God the Father did not create the creation, rather He begat the Son, who created the creation.  He guided the History of men to fulfill His prophecies, and then incarnated as Yeshua, as Jesus.  God’s Son was born, into His creation, where He put Himself in subjection to the physical and moral laws of the universe as a mortal God-man.  While incarnated, He followed the Father’s directions, spoken through the Holy Spirit, and lived a perfect life without sin, error, or disobedience.  His sinless life gave the realm of Darkness no lawful cause to hold Him in the realm of death (i.e. separation from fellowship with God).

The Not-God realm is the realm of death, separation, pain, fear, slavery, and unhappiness.  Its entire being is in the polarity opposing the goodness, liberty, and joy of God. The Father escaped the influence of the Not-God realm, and created the universe to reflect His goodness.  God the Father has completely turned from and conquered any temptation to desire or look on the Not-God realm. In Him there is no shadow of turning. There is none good but the Father. But, the Son, and all men, were made subject to the temptation to serve the Not-God realm.  The Son is the building block, the chief cornerstone, of the universe, and He has proven Himself faithful to the Father.

God the Son, the Word, committed no sin while incarnated as Yeshua, thus there was no warrant against Him that required death; He could not be held in the Not-God realm.  Thus, Jesus was free to rise from death, resurrected back to mortal life and eternal life. Jesus, as God, and the God man, lives forever and intercedes for men who have submitted their lives and hearts to Him.

God the Father allows nothing impure in His presence, His Godhood and eternal existence is based upon turning away from the Not-God realm, with its lies, temptations, momentary pleasure, and false promises.  But men, without exception, are sinful because they are naive, foolish, ignorant, and unwise. Men are spiritual infants, unable to discern good from evil, and mistaking the fool’s gold of evil for true happiness and pleasure.  Men universally fall prey to the seduction of the Darkness.

The realm opposing God, the Darkness, has the right to take the life of a person who violates the Law of God.  The Not-God realm is energized and enlivened by sin, they live as parasites, consuming the broken remnants of goodness.  The agents of Hell are motivated to inflict pain and take blood and life by seduction of its unwitting and foolish victims into the apparent pleasures of sin.

Life is lost through sin from the Kingdom of God.  The demons, the denizens of the Kingdom of Hell, the Not-God realm, are energized and given life by sin of all types.  The rules of the spiritual universe require that the Kingdom of Hell be paid in blood and death for violation of the Law.  Jesus, as the creator of men and their spirits, is in the direct lineage between the Father and man. Likewise, His lineage as parent/creator of man gives Him standing/authority in advocating for men in the spiritual court.  

Jesus’ sacrifice allows Him to be our Savior, to pay the debt owed to Hell by our transgression.  His single sacrifice is good for all time and all people. It can never be nullified, used up, nor made obsolete.  His spilled blood, pain and death were is simply a process which took place and continue to be true and effective. The life He lost is still existent even after its application to feed the demons who lawfully demand the life of the sinner.  The death He tasted can be applied against the warrant of every sinner who renounces allegiance to evil, and asks for the gift. The blood, the pain, the death of Yeshua can be substituted for the blood and death of the sinner. The hounds of hell hunger for the blood, pain, and life of those who violate the realm of goodness.  The blood, pain, and life unlawfully taken from Christ satisfies every judgement lawfully executable on the sinner in the spirit realm. Thus, Jesus can supply the penalty demanded of the demonic hordes, leaving them without claim upon the life of the acquitted sinner. The cleansing of the spiritual man prepares him for presence with the Father.  Every quality of character not sanctified by renunciation, abstinence, habit, and grace, will be burned in the fires of purification. Men esteemed by men, those who are proud and have done little work resisting evil, may enter the kingdom as babes, stripped of their power and earthly trappings. The first will be last, and the last will be first.

[Restatement of the method, authority, and power of Jesus to forgive and cleanse sinners: Jesus died into His creation and He rose from death.  His blood was spilled and His life taken without the authority of violated law. His victory over death gave Him authorization to give the Hounds of Hell (the spirits associated with our sin) His blood and life as payment for our sin.  The spirits of Hell desire blood and death in payment for their work of seduction, trickery, guilt, and threat. The pain, blood, and death inflicted by sin is the spiritual food that energizes the demonic realm. But, since God, the Son, owns every soul, He is invested, He has standing, and dispenses limitless blood and life to fully satisfy the lawful claim of the demons.  The sinner, the man caught by sin and its penalty, is thus released from the necessary, right, and appropriate consequence of death and separation from God. The Not-God realm derives its life from taking life, while the Kingdom of Heaven derives life from loving neighbor as self, and loving God with the whole heart. When Hell is not fed with evil and sin, its power wanes.]

The Son is the gatekeeper to God the Father, as no man cometh unto the Father except by Him.  The human soul must be cleansed before coming into the Holy of Holies, and only the Son can cleanse us of the consequence of sin.  All who submit to His Lordship, and ask for that cleansing sacrifice will be given it. Submitting to His Lordship entails developing a desire for Godliness, and working to resist rebellion and temptation.  As I transfer my allegiance to God, and away from the Darkness, I am spiritually reborn into the Kingdom of Life.

Axioms:1) God exists, The Father begat the Son, the Son created the creation and Man.2) The Bible is divinely inspired and accurately reflects the hologram of His way of being.3) Nature reflects God’s divine law.

Hypotheses:1) The “Not-God” kingdom exists as God the Father’s spiritual polarity, opposing Him in all things as a fully reversed mirror of Godliness.* In the primal, pre-creation,  God/Not-God realm, life and death, love and hate, freedom and slavery, joy and pain are mingled fully. The characteristic relationship of one spirit to another, is the eternal attempt to dominate the other.* God the Father purified Himself and rejected everything of the Not-God realm.* God created the creation perfectly.  He allowed the Not-God realm to penetrate it by giving men free will, and leaving them the opportunity to choose to rebel against God’s Lordship.* Man is now in a world with many morally complex choices, and he must judge the character of each accurately, and choose correctly between Good and Evil. * This mortal life is a testing and training ground, a nursery school for eternity, a place where souls choose their alliance with God or the Not-God.  God desires that none are lost.* The purpose of the creation is to raise up true companions that satisfy the heart of God.2) God can create dream/imagination-like objects and characters in His mind and give them near-independent identity, will, and mind.* The created “conscious points” populate space, and form the substrate from which mass could be formed, and allow the play of movement/energy to manifest time.* The laws of nature are simply a reflection of the rules embedded within the Conscious Particles.  The complete set of rules, accurately listed, will automatically manifest all the laws of physics that manifest the phenomena of: Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Field Theory, and Relativity. * The set of rules held and executed by the Conscious Particles is in fact the Grand Unified Theory sought by physics.

Summary of the Theory:

Before the beginning there was God, and there was “Not-God”.  The two existed in the realm of the spirit as opposite polarities.  God, in His nature was love, life, and light. The Not-God was all things opposing God – dissociation, death, and darkness.  God the Father purified Himself, separating completely from the mind of the Not-God – to the point of not even seeing evil. God, having the nature of love, desired an object of love, and created the creation and creatures with the hope of raising up companions capable of a mature, peer level, free will love to satisfy His loneliness and nature.

The goal of man’s life on this plane is to become a love companion who can satisfy God’s desire for a love freely given, by a spirit of His own nature.  A fully mature love can only come when we become like God (Christ-like) through a maturation process of learning the ways of goodness, and rejecting the ways of evil.  Men must learn to resist with proper tension and energy the temptations to follow the seduction of all other gods (such as lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment). He must also learn to place in proper perspective the virtues such as equality, freedom, choice, tolerance, diversity, etc that can be lifted above the primary virtue of Godliness.  The passions must be sanctified, and the virtues put in proper perspective. Men must reject the “Not-God” and its unholy ways, as the Father did in His own pre-creation struggle. The journey of life for man is a gestational time of molding the soul by testing each with the temptations of sex, drugs, and false virtue. Some fall prey to the temptations of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, and are never freed from their love embrace with these false gods.  Others hear and heed the words of life, and follow in His ways.

The Son, created the universe, filling the void of space with Conscious Particles.  The Not-God Realm was penetrated and permeated by the consciousness of God, and the darkness was filled with the light of the life of God.

The body of the book is an examination of a number of examples of phenomena, in each of the 5 areas of physics (mechanics, quantum mechanics, field theory, particle physics, and relativity), in an attempt to deduce the set of rules followed by the Conscious Particles.

Orientation to the site:

This page, the home page of the Theory of Absolutes, is largely qualitative.  It covers the evolution of the theory, competing theories of creation, analysis of Free Will and other metaphysical-philosophical-theological considerations.  Included in the home page is some technical discussion of the method by which the Conscious Particles are aggregated to create particles of mass.

On the rest of the site are many pages that consider a number of the important phenomena from each of the major domains of modern physics.  Additionally, many other spiritual, theological, and metaphysical concepts are covered throughout the site. This is a work in progress, so there are many pages that are redundant and contradictory in their presentation of physical and/or metaphysical/theological conjecture.  Thus, this work is being presented as a seed for thought, consideration, and growth. Please feel free to email me at drthomas@naturedox.com for questions or comments on the topics of discussion.Evolution of the Theory:

I was raised to strongly embrace the doctrine and theology of the mainstream Protestant Christian tradition.  I began moving away from the faith a little as an adolescent, in college I was introduced to other (non-Christian) spiritual belief systems, and in my middle 20’s I became an ardent spiritual seeker as I pursued enlightenment and liberation through various world religions, cults, gurus, and spiritual paths.  In 1987, after 15-20 years of searching, I was able to again, as an adult, sincerely embrace Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

The Vision:The change of mind that allowed me to be a Christian was an inner vision about God’s relation to the physical universe.  The vision was of the universe, appearing as a giant spherical orb, filled with innumerable galaxies and points. The center of the universe was brilliant, outshining all other points in the universe, clearly the dominant body of the universe.  I saw innumerable lines from the brilliant center connecting to each point of matter and space in the universe.

The Interpretation:Over time, the vision has acquired more clarity and detail in its symbolic representation of the relationship of God to every particle of the creation.  He is the brilliant center of the universe, and each connecting line is the Holy Spirit connection to every point of consciousness. Thus, the universe is fully interconnected – every particle, collection of particles, and the spirit of every created being is connected to God, and together, through God.  

I have spent decades processing this concept and connecting it with physical reality.  

The Theory of Absolutes, which is my personal TOE (Theory of Everything), while incomplete (and possibly incorrect in some details of hypothesis, logic, and empirics), begins by attempting to offer a rational method by which God created the actual elemental physical particles that populate the universe.  

The Theory continues with a logical-empirical derivation of the physical laws that must be embedded within each of the particles to produce the phenomena of mechanics, fields, mass, subatomic particles, quantum mechanics, and relativity.  The proof of the validity of these theories lies in the simplicity of understanding all physical phenomena as the natural consequence of a few types of Conscious Particles serving the functions of identity, law, position, relationship, and movement.  The execution of the physical reality of the Theory depends upon those particles following the God-given set of laws that govern their perception, processing, and execution of each moment’s information content.

Implications of the Theory:And, while the unification of all physical, social, and theological sciences into a single theory is elegant, and possibly even useful for engineering, its real value lies in the social, moral, political, psychological implications of connecting the physical world back to its spiritual origin.  The consistency of the postulates of the Theory with empirical science give the Theory credibility. And, the consistency of the Theory with the precepts, teachings, examples, and declarations of the Bible give a plausible connection between God, the Bible, and science.

The Theory of Absolutes introduces language and conceptual entities which allow us to resolve the mind-body debate that has raged for centuries in the philosophical circles.  It allows men of reason and science to include a discussion of God in the public discourse. It rationalizes a belief in God and Biblical revelation using the language and tools of experiment and science.  

I had a childlike faith in the God of the Bible as a youth, but left that faith as an adult as I became an intellectual and scientist.  I was able to return to the faith of my youth with full intellectual integrity when I was able to logically connect the metaphors of the Bible in a seamless continuum with the physical evidence of science.  To return to the faith of my youth, I needed a tangible/rational segue between the realms of matter and spirit.

The connection between matter and spiritIn conventional science, there is no particulate entity that is both spirit and matter, nor theoretical construct that connects spirit with matter.  But, the hypothesis of the Conscious Particles, which include: 1) the Positive and Negative Dipole Particles, 2) the Matrix Grid points, and 3) the Force Particles) provides a set of theoretical particulate entities sufficient to give an underlying matter-spirit explanation to all physical phenomena.  

This set of 3 particle-types allows us to see how God can be both both outside and inside of every particle of matter, and infuse space with intelligence and life.  For me, the gap between science and faith was bridged by seeing how the entire universe and its constituent mass, energy, space, time, soul, and spirit was composed of Conscious Particles.  Seeing how God could have plausibly created Conscious Particles from His mind, gave me the confidence in the possible connection between spirit and matter, and in turn the ability to rationalize my faith.  

The Conscious Particle and God are both of the nature of the mind and spirit.  And while this statement does tell us what mind or spirit is, it does convey that God is not material.  God is not a particle. And, every Conscious Particle or sentient being, is not God. But, the Conscious Particle, man, and God are all connected in a very intimate way.  This very real and actual connection between God and the mind of man gives Shirley McLain and many others the urge to cry out, “I am God”. We are not God, and the eagle, bear, and wolf spirits are not God, nor are they innately more holy or close to God than ourselves.  Every spirit has proceeded from the same creative center, and all retain a connection to Him.

As humans, we cannot know the actual substance or nature of “mind”.  Nevertheless, for the purpose of visualization, we shall posit that these hypothetical elemental particles (the Conscious Particles) are created as “dream images”.

The creative process may proceed as follows: Consider how we construct characters in our own mind during sleep and imagination.  Of course, there is a vast difference in the fidelity of God’s dream and His ability to give distinct character to His dream images.  As a more powerful dreamer, as the ultimately strong mind, God was able to separate the dream images from Himself, while maintaining connection with them.  In reality, every dream image is still part of His mind. Thus, the obvious conclusion is that there is no real “other” other than God in the play of the creation.  God was, in the beginning, still is, and there is no other, other than God. Thus, the common metaphysical experience of mystics that “God is One”.

But, despite the fact of total connection and identity of substance between God and the Conscious Particles, He has created a universe full of particles, spirits, mass, and movement that interact as though they are totally free.  Every particle and being has been given enough separation to be independent of God, even though at their most fundamental level of being and nature they are in fact still fully connected. Many religions have as their goal the merge with God so as to end the cycle of birth and death.  The union with God is trivial, there is nothing but God. The real miracle was God’s ability to create a world where even the illusion of separation from Him was possible.

Returning to an examination of how God created the Conscious Particles; if humans had this capability of creating particles, it would by analogy be as if we could imagine, command, and generate another conscious being and project his existence outside ourselves with a character and defined set of habits, capabilities, and limitations.

In this manner, God created a universe, densely populated with Conscious Particles, each one brought into being by His creative power to generate a point of consciousness by His Word.  Each point is projected as a conscious entity capable of independent movement, thought, and relationship. The Conscious Particle is observable as “other” by God, but the substance and existence of the particle is ultimately totally dependent upon God.

Thus, God creates by speaking, or declaring, points into existence, each of which conform exactly to His creative specifications.  These Conscious Particles, these points capable of observation, processing, and action, are subject to His will, and follow His Law without error, and without supervision.

The goal of this theory, The Theory of Absolutes, is to articulate the specific laws the Conscious Particles follow, and show how this set of elemental laws (which function much like an alphabet) can be combined in many complex ways (much like words and sentences), and thereby manifest all the laws of physics and phenomena of life (the stories and descriptions of literature).

The Conscious Particles supply the link that allows men to logically connect the world of matter (the world of mass, motion, collisions, bonding, and decay) with the world of spirit (God, consciousness, creativity, and cause).  The Conscious Particles provide a portal through which we may peer into the unseen worlds of the spiritual forces that underlie all of life.

The laws of nature, the rules governing each particle’s actions, all reflect the limits and boundaries God has placed on life, men, and nature.  Knowing the laws of nature, recognizing their divine origin, and seeing the respect they deserve, gives men the courage to look carefully for hints of the limits He has scribed for man’s moral boundaries and defined as His proper and righteous paths.

Science and faithBy grasping the structure and relationships within a universe composed of Conscious Particles, we are a step closer to understanding the fundamental nature of the spiritual reality.  By following the evidence and logic that validates the hypothesis of the Conscious Particles, we take a step closer to connecting science and faith.

Every man must make the journey of faith alone.  Even if the Theory were to become commonly accepted as scientifically valid, and the entire culture adopted its language and metaphor to order life, each person would would still have to complete the gap between the rational sequence that validates knowledge and the heart-experience of knowing.  This Theory is only a doorway to a new perspective on life. The reader must walk down the path of life and reframe the reality beyond our eyes and senses.

Just as the existence of the external world is questioned in the philosophy of Berkeley, Kant, and Hegel, so we can never fully grasp the essence of consciousness.  But, even though we cannot fully validate the existence of the external world by logic or philosophy, we still have a deep knowing and trusting faith that the world truly exists outside of our own projection or imagination.  Likewise, we cannot validate the existence of the world of spirit (the world of cause and consciousness behind the world of matter, energy, space, and time). Even though the spirit world is more real, in that it is more fundamental in its nature than matter, we must accept its reality by faith.  But our acceptance of the existence of the spiritual world need not be blind faith, based solely on doctrine or speculation.

Rather, our faith in the spiritual world may be justified by the triangulation, inference, and shadow cast by observable evidence, the entire body of philosophical examination, and the reason that connects them together by causal relationship.  And while all the tools of the mind and evidence of the senses will not bring a man to faith, they are nevertheless the tools we must use to justify faith. Faith should be used to fill in the gap between evidence and reason, and the unknowable realm of the ultimate reality.

Reason and evidence bring us sufficiently close to confirming our faith that God exists, He created the creation, His moral Law is supreme, and that we are free moral agents.  With a sufficiently rich body of evidence, and a deep analysis of the trajectories of force, we can with confidence make that final leap that is required to have faith. The robust body of reason and philosophy presented in this essay, and the use of the language and symbol set of the Theory of Absolutes, can give us a sense that our faith is securely grounded in reality.

The goal of this tome is to provide a body of evidence complete enough to overwhelm even the most skeptical with sufficient logic and interconnected reason, that the theory of a law-based Conscious Particle is consistent with all physical phenomena.  Seeing the strong connection between mass, energy, space, and time and the Conscious Particle, and seeing how God created the Conscious Particle from His own being, gives strong logical evidence to faith in God’s existence and the appropriateness of His moral Law.

Major divisions within The Theory of Absolutes

1) The Theory is first an examination of physical phenomenon on the sub-subatomic scale.  The Theory rests on the hypothesis that Conscious Particles mediate all physical phenomena.  And, that these Conscious Particles follow laws of movement, perception, and processing, which were embedded in their programming by God.  The body of the Theory examines many examples and types of physical phenomena to show that in fact the laws governing the Conscious Particles’ interactions may plausibly produce all experimentally observed phenomena.  Proof of the Theory is implied by demonstrating that the proposed laws of interaction logically predict and explain the details and mechanics of each phenomena. The consistency of a limited set of rules (embedded in, and followed by, the Conscious Particles), and the utility of that set of particles in giving underlying structure and process to all the phenomena of the natural world, is its own proof of the Theory’s validity.

2) Secondly, the Theory examines the implications for life, society, law, interpersonal relationships, and faith of a universe filled with Conscious Particles created by God.  We are then faced with the question, “If the universe is a direct manifestation of the mind, intent, and love of God, then how should we live life?”

Personal journey:In my journey as a natural scientist (engineer, chemist, physicist, theorist) the Conscious Particle was the missing clue that filled the gap of logical connection between the creation and Creator.  Having this single entity to manipulate and speculate how it acted to manifest the natural world, enabled my faith.

From my youth, I was a man of logic and science, as I expected to find and know a sequential, cause-effect, experiment and evidence-based connection between the world of physical phenomena and the existence of God.  The revelation of the Conscious Particle was a gift and an answer to the prayer and cry of my heart for knowledge. With that insight, I was able to accept the validity of the Bible, accept the nature of God as presented in the Bible, and then rationalize the need for a savior and accept Jesus as Lord (pattern giver and authority) of my life.

At the time of this writing (2011), over 24 years have passed since my initial insight about the spiritual nature of the universe.  The hypothesis of the Conscious Particle was the key to developing an intuitive-logical, reality and rule-based theory of life that connected all phenomena on all levels into a single rational paradigm.

The Conscious ParticleThe Conscious Particle is the medium through which all the observable phenomena of nature manifest.  The Conscious Particle is the ultimately elemental object. It can move, and does so in relationship to an absolute frame of reference.  Object, frame of reference, and sequential law-based movement enable the experience of time.

Thought experiments

The movement of the Conscious Particles can be examined by thought experiments.  In the process of determining the True rules by which the Conscious Particles move, a hypothetical rule set is postulated, and then the Conscious Particles are watched in the mind as they interact under various conditions.  

Throughout each mind experiment, the question is always, “Does this set of rules require the particle behave in a way that would produce an aggregate phenomena identical to the observed behavior of mass and fields in real life experiments?”  

The fundamental laws of nature (i.e. the rules of action and reaction embedded by God in the Conscious Particles) direct each particle’s motion in relation to other particles.  To be an accurate/true list of the laws of nature, the set of rules must be invariant, consistent for all phenomena, and explain all phenomena as a natural consequence of following their direction.  

That full set of rules is the ultimate “Theory of Absolutes”.  This current edition is only an incompletely elaborated subset of the massive body of thought and debate that must occur prior to its canonization as law and fact by the scientific establishment.  In this edition, the majority of phenomena have not been examined under the light of the proposed set of laws. That work is left for other scientists, philosophers, theologians, and thinkers of this and future generations.  Hopefully, adequate initial evidence, correlation, and reason are included in this first volume to give courage, motivation, and conviction to that future army of thinkers to begin the attempt to satisfy the stiff criteria of science, which will ultimately allow its adoption into the accepted body of scientific theory.

Personal journey to faith

Since the time of my initial insight, I have continued to review the concepts of college physics and engineering, and monitor the ongoing discoveries of science.  I have attempted to incorporate the conventional theories and phenomena of physics into a theory consistent with my insight about the connection between God and the physical universe.

Initially, my insight gave me the needed connecting reason and logic that justified faith in the God of the Bible.  But, as the years passed, I have found internal evidence beyond the strictly rational justification of God’s existence, which has enabled me to embrace the the decision to place Yeshua as the Lord of my life as known and felt Truth.  At that point, the Theory had done its work as a bridge to be willing to have a sure belief in God, and faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. In turn, this faith has inspired me to attempt to live according to the Bible and the teachings of Christ.  My faith has gotten stronger over the years as I have called out to God for insight, comfort, and intervention in the circumstances of my life. Over the decades, I have seen the good fruit that this faith produced in my own life as I tried to discipline and direct my life according to Biblical precepts.  I have found that peace is available in accepting the sacrifice of Jesus as atonement for my violations of perfection. I have found great wisdom, comfort, and insight come from listening to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

I understand the doubts of the man of science, and I have dedicated this work to those who struggle with faith because of the gap of logic and paradigm between the observable phenomena of physics and the intangible world of spirit.  

Purpose of the Theory:

I wish to bring theology into the realm of evidence and logic.  My own change of heart and mind has left me with a sense of obligation to use logic and theory to connect the tangible evidence of science with the intangible existence and experience of God.  My first, and most important, theoretical proposition is that matter, energy, and all the phenomena of life, nature, and spirit are based upon consciousness, and that God is the source of all consciousness.  

The method of proof of the Theory of Absolutes includes presenting the evidence of physical phenomena, proposing a spirit-based mechanism which underlies each, and then applying this set of rules to other physical and spiritual phenomena.  It is an iterative method, with each theory, each new set of rules, each examination of old and newly considered phenomena provides new insights about how the creation must be constructed. The simplicity, logic, and unity of explanation of a single set of rules that applies to all physical, social, and spiritual phenomena provide its own validation and evidence of Truth of the Theory.  

By providing a hypothesis which provides a model that gives universal causal connection between the physical and spirit world, God’s existence becomes a rational inductive conclusion.  In logical terms, I am using the many points of physical evidence consistent with the hypothesis as evidence that the hypothesis deserves the title of “Theory”.

A hypothesis consistent with the computed predictions of conventional physics and the theological precepts of the Bible, gives the rational man the elements of argument necessary to justify faith on the level of logic.  By analogy, the existence of God is the unseen high energy particle that experiment implies because of the predicted shower of particle tracks after collision.

(Note: this does not imply that God is a high energy particle – He is not.  The analogy is referring to the process of inducing the existence of an unseen particle from the evidence of observed decay products or the remnants of collisions.)

(Aside: Energy is a macro-phenomena that arises from the conservation of instruction or command.  Once a command has been issued from a particle, that command will never vanish nor cease to produce a chain of effect.)

Methods of argument: Both a parallel and series arguments are used to validate the hypothesis of  the Conscious Particle. The consistency of the numerous physical principles with the hypothesis gives confirmatory evidence to the existence of the Conscious Particles (i.e. validation by parallel argument).  The origin and nature of the Conscious Particle, the consistency of the concept with Biblical precept, and the moral and social implications of a world built on law and love-relationship, all form part of the series of evidentiary claims that lead to a conclusion of the existence of God (i.e. validation by series argument).  

Likewise, the rules of interpersonal behavior that manifest as the dramas, laws, and pain and love demonstrated in the social-political world provide evidence for constructing another set of parallel arguments that validate the consistency of God having the personality, nature, and history attributed to the God of the Bible.

Tools of language developed to describe this science: The Theory of Absolutes defines the Conscious Particles and the laws that govern their interaction, thus providing the elements of structure and rules of process for the man of science to manipulate these tokens with logic and experiment and give an underlying structure to the quarks, neutrinos, pions, and exotic particles of the subatomic zoo. The Theory provides a fundamental set of structural tokens (particles, fields, and reference frame) upon which to construct the universe and rationalize how in fact the hand of God manifested the creation.  The Theory implies a God currently involved in our world as a participant in the ongoing creation of life, rather than only as a spectator or initiator of the play. The Theory gives us the objects to manipulate whereby we can justify the claim of God being the unifying force and presence creating and sustaining the physical and spiritual universe.

Theological implications of a physics theory
I saw my own paradigm of science, religion, and reality change as I saw the implications of this Theory.  And, I believe this Theory holds the promise of changing the hearts of men and nations by allowing all men to open their hearts to the God of the Bible.  After accepting the fact and truth of God’s existence, the heart can open to examine the revelation of His nature in the Bible and see his hand in designing the physical universe, in moving the chessmen throughout the play of history, and in the working of men’s interpersonal affairs.

The intelligent, logic based, open minded skeptic can with diligent searching come to a rational submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the director and guide of our lives and souls.  With prayer, study, and openness to counsel, we can move in the direction of becoming the perfect man, and by faith and works, put on the mind of Christ.

The goal of the Theory is to provide tokens that allow a rational understanding of God, which can allow us to more easily submit our hearts to the transforming work of His Holy Spirit.  Understanding is of greatest value when it enables and motivates our choice of good and right action.Personal motivationI came to Christianity through an inspiration that gave me the faith that the gap between the scientific and spiritual world could be bridged, and thus retain my integrity as a man of reason while being a man of faith.  I saw how the Conscious Particles could mediate all physical phenomena, and as spiritual creations arising from God’s word and mind, they were the bridge between the world of spirit and matter. This one spirit-matter entity is the building block, the elementary entity, from with which all of the physical creation has been assembled and mediated.

Since that initial vision, over 2 decades ago, I have remained inspired to give full expression to this Theory.  I see the pain and emptiness of life lived without meaning, and I believe that men will be encouraged to live life fully, courageously, and joy when they adopt the laws and ways of God.  Modern men are largely convinced by the evidence of reality and scientific proof. Thus, scientists are the de facto leaders in guiding the philosophy of the masses. The Conscious Particle is the new building block that gives our intellectual leaders, the men of science and reason, the tools, objects, and tokens that can give rationality to the realm of spirit as it connects to they physical universe.

Processing life through feelings and rationality

Those who follow their feelings, and declare they are superior to, outside of, or above the words and logic of people who “live in their heads”, are merely using alternate processing pathways to generate opinions based on their conscious and subconscious programming.  The feeler may say he is in touch with a deeper, more visceral or heartfelt truth. But, those feelings are programmed by the societal myths and concepts of the age, just as the man who considers himself rational and a thinker is programmed and blinded by the dominant concepts, paradigms, and recognized “real” objects of the age.  The concepts of truth and error come from trauma and pleasure of childhood, the teachings of parents, the dogma of education, the drumbeat of media, the creeds of belief, and the influence of the forces of the unseen world.

The feeler merely comes to a conclusion based on subconscious processes that result in a strong conviction, which rises up as a feeling consistent with his programming.  The sequence that developed the feeling cannot be elaborated, but the feeler has a deep inner sense that his feeling is right and true. The thinker can recite the sequence of logic that justified his conclusion, and feels correct in his opinion, but the feeler is unconvinced because he does not feel the conclusion is right.  But, when the social/educational/cultural paradigm is consistent with a Godly perspective, the feeler and thinker may more commonly agree, having both come to the same Godly, true, and right conclusion, but through different processing paths.

The feeler and thinker are kin, merely coming to their respective conclusions through disparate neural/soul pathways.  Neither can declare truth because their method of information reception or processing is innately superior. But, if the underlying programs, premises, and spiritual forces guiding the thoughts and/or feelings are true, both methods, feeling and thinking, provide valuable and productive rationale and motivation for action.  I can only hope that someday Truth will be taught at a formative age, so both thinkers and feelers can direct their thoughts and feelings toward right, good, and Godly life actions. Currently we live in an age where relativity reigns as the supreme philosophy, and from this arises the non-judgmentalism of popular and academic psychology.  

The destructive effect of relativity is insidious, since it gives the practitioner of “tolerance” the appearance of rapport, open-mindedness, and loving embrace, when in fact rebuke and correction should have been applied.  If the universe is in fact a lawful space, where unseen forces react to willful violation of relational mandates, then it is only a matter of time before the forces of nature mount a reaction to a man’s violation of natural law.

Relativity versus the Theory of AbsolutesWhen a theory of Absolutes is accepted, and Relativity is seen as a subset of a universe with an absolute frame of reference, we may more clearly see there is a true standard of life morality, purpose, and consequence against which our actions are measured.  Such understanding and knowledge helps bring regulation to the passions of the heart and concepts of the mind. Upon such a base, a nation can build a righteous and Godly society.

Science and the supernaturalI have written this book to influence the philosophy of science, and thereby influence the culture.  If the generally accepted theories of science recognize a natural theory with God as its unifying center, the laymen of society will encounter a strong cultural/philosophic force to embrace the reality of God and incorporate Him into their lives.  Science is the mythology of the modern man, the metaphor which he accepts as true and reflective of the underlying forces that govern life. He does not necessarily understand the language, methods, or reasons of science, but its cultural/elitist philosophical elevation causes men to look upon the proclamations of science as Truth.

The scientist is not trained to look for supernatural explanations.  Rather, he looks to nature for prior causes and previously unseen patterns to explain nature.  Science is a descriptive study, rather than a penetrating examination of the unseen meta-layer underlying the physical.  Science only allows phenomena with physical bases as possible hypothetical considerations in the scientific proof of mechanism.  When science accepts the Conscious Particle and its behavior as consistent with experimental evidence, the lay public will encounter strong cultural and educational forces to accept God as real, since it is He who enlivens the Conscious Particle.

The Theory and its effect on language and cultureWhen the micro-granularity and language of the Conscious Particle is introduced into the analysis of theology, science, philosophy, politics, media, entertainment, art, and psychology, the public discourse and group moral concepts will change.  The rational language and logic of science will likewise be used to examine and validate the Truth of the Christian world view. When the concept of the Conscious Particle becomes common, men will eventually recognize God’s presence, His influence, and the ways of Godly life. When men see the world as alive and an aspect/piece/element of God in every object and life, they can more easily escape the bondage of animal passion, and flee to the freedom of men choosing to purse virtue.

The Theory as a tool for rational argument in the Cultural DebateThe Theory of Absolutes gives courage and purpose to those who wish to compete on a rational scientific basis in defending and establishing Godly Government, Righteous education, and moral standards based on God’s Will and Way, which are the Absolutes.  This theory is meant to give the Christian apologist and patriot the tools to defend against the arguments of the religions of Scientism and Secular Humanism and their claim of a Godless creation, evolution, and moral relativism.

Introduction to the Terminology, Concepts, and Postulates of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, I postulate that God created the universe as a projection from His consciousness into the darkness of the pre-creation universe, and retained connection to every point and being He created.  He created the mass, the substance, of the universe by populating space with several types of conscious points which we shall refer to as the Conscious Particles. Each Conscious Particle has a limited set of abilities to perceive, process, act, and project.  Each Conscious Particle type has capabilities and limitations which fill a specific needed function and role in forming the substrates that allow the manifestation of space, matter, time, energy, life, and consciousness. From this basic palate of elemental points of consciousness, God organized and constructed the stage, players, and play of the universe.

Acts 17:28  for in Him we live and move and have our being,

God brought matter, energy, space, and time into existence by giving rules of relationship to each of the conscious points that comprise the universe He created.  God did not have to use substance or materials from the pre-creation universe to fill the universe with matter. Rather, He was able to create the fundamental substrate of the material and spiritual universe as a projection from His own consciousness.

What existed before the creation?  This question cannot be answered from experimental data.  Both the Theory of Evolution and Intelligent Design concern themselves with the creation itself and how it was modified, rather than the pre-creation environment.  The Theory of Evolution posits a creation that formed the substance of the universe by chance and time without a directive intelligence. The Creation Theory posits a universe created by a Creator, who purposefully designed the creation to meet His criteria.

The Godless, impersonal, evolutionary world would be governed by forces, and reflect the characteristics of the more elementary substance from which that world came.  Likewise, the created universe, the universe fashioned and formed by God, would reflect His nature, and no behavior contrary to that Godly nature would exist in peace.  

The Bible contains some hints about the pre-creation universe, but not a detailed description of its properties.  Science attempts to deduce the nature of that primordial state by projecting backwards, but these theories do not give a satisfying descriptive scenario because every statement or theory about what may have been the pre-creation state, is immediately met with the question of what was before that state, and how it arose – ad infinitum.  All theories positing a beginning ultimately fail as they fall into the unsatisfying trap of introducing yet another cycle in the infinite regress, with each layer revealing no fundamental origin. Thus, I shall not attempt to answer the ultimate question as to the nature and originating cause of the first pre-creation universe.

I will not attempt to give a final or definite answer to this questions.   I will not deduce and describe the ultimate pre-creation state or the mechanism by which it arose (i.e. the origin before which there was no prior cause).  Rather, we shall examine the postulate of a likely pre-creation state from which God created the universe. We shall use the Bible and rational argument to provide our data points and justification for the validation of our conjecture about the pre-universe and origin of God.  Given that this is a universe of cause and effect, we are naturally drawn to answer questions of prior cause. And, the most obvious question about the universe is, “where did it come from?” Ultimately, my goal is to create a plausible theory consistent with Biblical and experimental/observational data that the universe was created by the God of the Bible.  

Questions we seek to answer

What is the nature of God, and what is the environment in which He lives?  From His perspective, how does the universe look? What is inside the universe, and what is outside of the universe?  How did God create the universe? Where did evil come from?

Premises and assumptions

We shall start with the assumption that God is perfect, eternal, and holy.  And, given that everything on earth has a polarity, we shall assume that God also has a polarity.  We shall simply call the space, force, character, state, or consciousness against which He forms Himself  – “Not-God”. Of course, we could define God as the totality of all that is, both holy and unholy, and as the totality of all being, existence, and structure.  But in my first theoretical scenario, I choose to define God as the portion of the polarity that is holy.

I choose to define God’s polarity as the darkness, evil, and unholy as the “Not-God”.  I propose that God is God because He is perfect, in Him there is no shadow of turning, in Him is only perfect goodness.  In some unknown way, our good God arose out of that mixture of good and evil, dark and light, life and death. He is pure consciousness, and He formed and separated Himself as holy, full of life, and separated from any darkness.  Likewise, the “Not-God” is pure consciousness, and committed to individuation, and domination of all others. Life proceeds from the synergistic, loving, other-honoring state of Godliness. Death is the ultimate outcome of the competitive struggle to dominate.

God purified Himself , separated Himself from the darkness, and became life in its purest form.  God is the polar opposite to the darkness, death, void, and chaos from which He arose. The “Not-God” is the enemy of God, and is the polarity necessary to define and demarcate God’s existence.  God is defined by and identified with the light and life that He embraces and embodies. The “Not-God” defines the edges of God, and gives a clear defining boundary of who and what He is not.

Later in the creation story, we see that the Son, the identical consciousness of God the Father, separate but fully God, obedient and submissive to the will of the Father, created Satan, the evil one.  Satan, as the agent of the darkness within God’s universe, allows a penetration of the “Not-God” into the universe that He (the Son) has created. (This embodiment of evil, Satan, may have been a fallen angel, or may have been a special creation to personify and act as the polarity of goodness and advocate for the Kingdom of “Not-God”.)  

Men are challenged to overcome the same difficulties and temptations in life as God faced when He separated Himself from the darkness of the pre-creation.  Men play out a drama, that recapitulates God’s Olympian battle to turn away from the Not-God, in their battle to resist the temptations of life (lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment).  Each man’s maturation as a soul depends upon his success in microcosmic replay of the struggle to separate from the evil of the pre-creation that the Father overcame. The purification and maturation of the soul may be worthy goals for eternity, which gives incentive to develop habits and character that endure and give greater authority or joy in their heavenly exercise.  Impurity will not be allowed in God’s Kingdom. Thus, those who embrace the dark side may enjoy the fleeting pleasures of rebellion against God’s moral laws, but the time on earth spent on such pursuits will have been wasted, and less reward will be laid in Heaven.

The purpose of God creating the creation and life, is to raise up souls and spirits as heart companions to satisfy His love nature in a lonely universe.  The play is eternal, the stakes are truly life and death, the risks of entering the portals of incarnation are high, but the reward of success is great. Each man has a free will, and he can choose goodness and life, or rebel and hate the world that God has created.  We act out our love of God by obeying His Law and staying within the boundaries of a Godly life.

In the Creation Theory according to the Bible, both matter and life were created by the Son (John 1).  In the Theory of Absolutes, the mechanism of that creation is that He projected His consciousness within His own mind, in a manner akin to how we create a dream character, only under conscious control.  Using this method, He created both the conscious particulate substrate of the universe, and the spirits that animate men. The spirit essence of man is a point of consciousness, with the full nature of God, but without the expansive capability to act.  Thus, we were “created in His image.”

The first creative act was God the Father’s declaration of existence of the Son, as an identical image of Himself in the creative act of declaring, “I  Am, THAT, I Am”. This declaration was an act of complete duplication of identity. This explains the mystery of the Father and Son being the same, but different.  The Holy Spirit is the connection of communication, the thread, the cord of connection between the Father and Son.

The Son, is in a totally serving and loving relationship with the Father, and follows the Father’s directions in total serviceful obedience.  The Son was given the responsibility and authority to create the Conscious Particles by the creative projection from His mind; it was by command or creative declaration that their existence came into being.  In essence, the Son created the Conscious Particles by the creative command, “That Is”. By the Word, all the worlds came into existence. Thus, the universe of name and form came into existence by the Son, who is the YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, of the Old Testament, and Yeshua (Savior), of the New Testament.

The Father God does not look at the evil and darkness of the “Not-God”, which is how He was able to separate Himself from it.  He focuses entirely on the goodness of life and light. To create the universe, and to allow sin, error, and temptation to exist within it, the Father had to delegate the responsibility for allowing evil to another, one as powerful and perfect as He, and one who could resist the temptations of the pre-creation darkness.  Thus, the Father God holds the polarity of total purity, while the Son maintains His anchor in life, light, and goodness by total submission to the goodness and way of the Father. From this position of total grounded security in existence, the Son can see, live among, and create a world that has within it the potential for both good and evil.  

For the Father to maintain His polarity of existence, separated from the primal darkness, the Father has to maintain His eyes only on goodness, life, and light.  He does not allow darkness of any type into his being. Thus, for the purpose of creating a universe with a meaningful play of existence, the Son created a world with the presence of both good and evil.  In it, men face the same real threat to existence and soul that the Father faced in choosing life over death. Life is not a game, a pretend experience of God playing with us for His entertainment. Rather, life is “playing for keeps”.  To maintain the universe, a structure of spiritual essence and creation, immersed in a sea of darkness that seeks to utterly dissolve and disperse it, the Father continually creates the Son, and the Son continually creates the universe. The Son created Satan as the spiritual portal of evil, as the spiritual embodiment of the darkness of the “Not-God” that tempts men to rebel against God, disobey His laws, and hate His creation.

The Conscious Particles are the spiritual entities that form the ultra-structure of the universe.  The Conscious Particles are created points of consciousness that interact with each other according to the lawful restrictions and allowance of relationship embedded within each particle.  From the human scientific perspective, the subatomic particles interact according to the laws of nature, exerting forces which we name as electric, magnetic, strong and weak, and gravity.

(Note: in the Theory of Absolutes, the Strong and Weak forces will be developed in a manner to show that they are both subsets of the electrical and magnetic forces.  Likewise, gravity may be a subset of these two, or possibly a third fundamental force. But, the point is that the forces of fields, are actually the action of Conscious Particles producing the effect of what appears to be force by self directed movement according to the commands or information received by other nearby particles.)  

The aggregations of the Conscious Particles are held together by electrical and magnetic forces to form the subatomic particles.  The common subatomic particles (i.e. electrons, neutrons, and protons – the rudimentary constituents of the atom) and the exotic subatomic particles (e.g. pions, kaons, muons… formed by high energy collisions or by decay of larger particles) are the smallest level of particulate aggregations visible by force and energy type experiments (i.e. bubble chambers).  

Each particle of the subatomic zoo forms from a unique stable configuration of Conscious Particles, and groups of particles.  Each unique subatomic particle forms as a specific aggregate assembly of many Conscious Particles and particle groups. Each subatomic particle forms as a dynamic, resonant, equilibrium assembly of attractive and repulsive magnetic and electrical forces.  The periodic relationship of stable configurations results in the ability to predict the existence of new, unseen, subatomic entities. The full list of all the subatomic particles in the subatomic zoo is called the Standard Model.

The geometric relationship of the Conscious Particles can be seen in the Standard Model.  The mathematics and modeling that predicts new particles and their relationship is a reflection of the underlying order associated with the complex interactions that produce stable configurations of particles.  For one illustration of the symmetry of the particulate subatomic universe see “A Geometric Theory of Everything”, Scientific American, December 2010, pg 54-61.

The possible relationships of God to the pre-creation universe include:

  • The universe may have been created in the void which lies outside of God’s own point of consciousness.  
  • God may have created the universe inside His own mind in a manner akin to how we perceive consciousness, create memories, imagine, and dream.  
  • The consciousness of God may fill all of this universe, and all other universes.  There may be none other than God, and there is nothing which is not of the substance and mind of God.
  • Our God may be one of many Gods.  Each God may create His own universe, and design and form it as He sees fit.
  • God may be creating the universe in an environment where other forces compete and attempt to destroy, invade, or rule this universe.  
  • We may live in a Godless self-created universe, which arose out of an impersonal consciousness driven by the nature of the pre-creation substance.  
  • In summary: the universe may be  internal to, or external to, God’s mind.  
  • The God of this universe may be a Personal God, an Impersonal God, one God of many, and/or a God who is in continual competition to survive in the pre-creation environment.

Pre-Creation Perspective of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, I shall examine the universe from the perspective that the Holy Bible was given by divine inspiration through Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles.  We shall likewise assume that the Bible gives us factual and accurate clues regarding God’s fundamental nature, the rules governing His creation, and the optimum behavior of men in relationship to self, others, and God.  

The Bible only gives us only a few clues as to the environment in which God existed before the Creation, so we will not make a definitive declaration, nor theorize in depth about that realm.  Rather, we shall focus on constructing a pre-creation theory which segues with the manifestation of the physical universe, a motivation by God to create it, and a motivation for men to live in it.

Genesis 1:1.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

This passage is the Bible’s most overt reference to the universe before the creation.  Thus, if we are using the Bible as our source, we cannot say much with certainty about the nature and details of that pre-creation state.  Thus, we cannot say if there were other universes before it, whether there were other Gods that created their own universes, nor can we comment about the origin of God.  Without evidence, any theory about that state is simply conjecture, and without factual and true evidence, nothing can penetrate that barrier to give us a certain view into the nature of the pre-creation realm.  

Scenario 1:

Given the lack of explicit Biblical declaration about this realm, I shall make a few assumptions about the possible nature of God, the pre-creation universe, consciousness, and evil.  

I shall assume that God the Father exists separate from the evil or darkness.  His goodness is the polarity to the evil present in the pre-creation universe. The good and evil together are the two polarities that constitute the whole of that pre-creation state.

God created our universe inside this pre-creation state, fully submerged in an ocean of evil and darkness.  God created our universe using His ability to project points of consciousness. He gave animation (life) to those points by His life-mind-consciousness, but separated Himself sufficiently from those points to allow the personality of each point to move according to its given will and nature.  God is the life of every particle of the creation. The movement of all particles was initiated by His command, and from that initial impulse, all actions and reactions follow lawfully. God can move particles to create a miracle, but there is an cost to be paid to maintain the universe in its conservative state.  In particular, prayer balances the scales and allows miracles.

The God of our universe existed prior to the creation in the sea of darkness.  But, in this scenario, we hypothesize that He resisted the temptations of darkness, and dwelt only on that which was good and lovely.  His consistent and eternal commitment to light allowed Him to become perfect in light, life, and wisdom. His victory over the temptations of the darkness allowed Him to be the eternal and perfect God of our universe.  

In John 1 we see the story of the relationship between God the Father and God the Son.  It was the Son who then declared by command the existence of the Conscious Particles. He embedded them with the laws of interaction that in macroscopic form appear as the laws of nature.  The Son created the spirit of man from His consciousness, just as He created all the Conscious Particles that formed the physical universe. But, the spirit of man is a full duplication of the nature of the Godhead, but only a shadow of the power.  

God created men, each one with a unique eternal spirit, a soul/mind, and a body/brain to experience life.  He imprinted a human nature on each man, with a desire for both good and evil. The spirit is the point of God-like consciousness and awareness.  The soul/mind is the screen of energetic patterns that the spirit perceives. The body/brain is the organ of experience that feeds signals from the external world through the nervous system to the brain.  The brain/nervous system projects organizes patterns on the soul, which the spirit perceives and converts into a perception of the external world.

Feelings/judgments are wired into our being from our nature, and shaped by our nurture.  Our goal is to conquer the human nature, to refine it, to use it as a tool of the divine, to overcome the temptations in an allegorical or metaphorical way.  The tests we face are related to setting boundaries, balancing individual and group needs, individuation, and all the tests associated with proper relationship (lust, greed, pride, anger, power, revenge, hurt, loss…).  

I assume the Bible is a work of divine origin, which gives us instruction, revelation, discipline, and exhortation.  The Bible is not an explicit revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, the state of the pre-creation universe, the mechanics of how the universe was made, nor a detailed list of the fundamental laws of the universe.  But any theory we create must be consistent with the laws of nature, the mechanics of creation, the nature of the pre-creation universe, and the purpose of life.

Science cannot give definitive answers about the pre-creation state, because its domain is limited to inference based upon evidence.  We cannot conduct an experiment on the pre-creation world, since it is at best seen only as a shadow or faint markings in our current world.  The Bible, the vehicle of divine revelation, gives only slight inference to the world before the creation. Science is a discipline of induction and deduction based upon evidence.  It cannot function without data or experiment, since when lacking these elements it has no grist for its mill of induction and inference. Thus, no philosophical or evidentiary system can make an absolute claim of Truth about the nature and origin of the creation and pre-creation state.  Science proves a theory only by a preponderance of evidence consistent with the theory. But, this is not proof, only the exercise of strengthening a theory. Science cannot conclusively and finally prove a theory true; it can only declare a theory false. Theoretical invalidation occurs when an experiment gives clear evidence contradicting the prediction.  Philosophy can declare a theory incorrect when it premises and conclusions are logically inconsistent.

We shall choose only a few hypotheses about the pre-creation universe and examine their implications.  We shall assume a universe filled with spirits prior that fought to survive and control each other. The spirits of evil sought to subdue all others by domination and force, while the spirit of God sought to control by love.  Eventually the power of love swallowed up the darkness in light, and the Father became the entirety of the pre-creation universe. The spirits of evil did not disappear, they were simply overshadowed by the light of goodness and life.  The evil that appears in our world arose because the Son allowed evil to be embodied and penetrate into His creation.

After having set the stage, assigned roles for the characters, and initiated the play with a conflict of desires, we see the drama of life unfold.  The spirits of good and evil engage in an epic battle for the souls of men and control of the universe. But, this is God’s world, and He is committed to goodness, even though He has allowed evil to run free, and attempt to overtake it.

The book of Job gives us a clue as to God’s relationship with Satan.  Satan was allowed to come into God’s world, and is embodies the archetype of the entire “Not-God” realm of evil.  The Son allowed Satan to be in His world. The story is told of a time when Satan met with God, and God asked him if he had considered His servant Job.  Satan was given permission to test Job, not to kill him, but to challenge him in a way that he had not yet been tested, proven, and matured.

The Bible also indicates that God created evil, and that Satan was a liar from the beginning.  He is called the accuser of the brethren, and the enemy of our souls. He is called the ruler of this world.

With regard to Satan, in summary, I believe the darkness which the Father overcame was allowed to penetrate our universe, and God gave him personification as Satan.  God gave Satan the role of tempting men to follow the ways of the darkness (the realm of the Not-God) by allowing Satan to have strong access to the hearts and minds of men, to tempt, punish, and deceive them.  In effect, God created a world where the goal is to create companions in a love relationship, but to be truly mature requires developing the same character as God, in the recognition, avoidance, and resistance of evil, and developing the habits and ways of goodness.  Satan, the evil one, essentially gave God the Father the same challenge as he is giving us. Likewise, Satan tempted Jesus, the Son, in the same way. The result is a world which is a difficult maze in which to find Truth. Life is not a game, nor a dress rehearsal, nor does it offer the opportunity to do it over if we did a poor job.  Life offers the same opportunity that God the Father had to embrace truth and goodness, and to reject evil, in the pre-creation universe. Thus, to the extent that we adopt the character and way of God, we become like Him, and love His way and Kingdom.

Scenario 2:

Creation by “budding off” of Consciousness:

In the Biblical Creation Theory, all of creation, both matter and life, were created by the Son.  In the Theory of Absolutes, I postulate that there is no consciousness but God the Father’s. The Son was the First Creation, and the mechanism by which the Father created (begat) the Son is essentially the same as the process by which the Son created all the particles.

The spirit of man was created by the Son, as were all particles, and life forms.  Man is special, in that he has the nature of God, but not all the ability or the perspective.  Man has the capacity to think, feel, perceive, and communicate as does God. We were created to be companions, creatures who could fill the heart desire of God for relationship.

The lesser creatures, such as animals, possess only a portion of the fullness of the nature of God, but are individuated in terms of personality, capabilities, and tastes much as are humans.  

The plant kingdom is less individuated on the level of spirit than animals.  The individual plant spirit arises from a particular seed, and maintains that spirit, regardless of the loss of leaves, roots, or branches.  But, when the plant becomes separated from its source, is transplanted, its spirit loses its connection with its plant kin, and becomes more individuated as an independent spirit.  

The individuation and capability of the spirit body associated with a life entity becomes even less as we progress down to the mineral kingdom.  At this level the larger aggregates of mass, such as bodies of water, land masses, mountains… have their own spirit group identity composed from the individual elements composing it.

The subatomic particles are virtually identical in their structure, but their sense of self is small; only enough to maintain their structure and movement.  On this level, the particle can gain or lose identity as its structure changes. And, ultimately the Conscious Particles that compose the particles of mass are

The Creation of Consciousness:

God, the Father, is the source of all consciousness in His Kingdom.  He creates “other” by first concentrating His consciousness into two trains/aspects/domains.  This process could be seen as similar to creating dream or imagination characters and scenery within the mind.  Having divided His consciousness, He identifies one aspect of consciousness with Self, and another portion with the dream character or scenery.  To create the semi-independent consciousness entity, the original consciousness of the creator closes off communication and identification with the second consciousness.  

This process of separating the created from the creator is somewhat akin to birth and the individuation that arises by cutting the umbilical cord.  This birthing, budding, or creative process involves establishing a separation between the creator (first consciousness) and creation (second consciousness).  A fully new consciousness never forms in this process, since the second consciousness still relies on the original for its continued existence. Thus, there never is a complete separation between the creator and created consciousness.  

The link between the creator and created remains forever, but the full depth of the union between creator and created is largely unconscious.  This heavy veil of unconsciousness prevents the secondary/created consciousness from realizing the deep and fundamental connection with its source.  

One of the important dramas, challenges, and processes of life involves the quest to reestablish this identification with Source, and develop a love relationship with it.  The most fundamental fact about the creation is its unity, but that central essence is the greatest and most important secret of the creation.

The human spirit rides on a complex layer of Conscious Particle aggregates that form among themselves elements, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems, and ultimately the human organism.  The secondary layer of sensory and endocrine pathways, and processing pathways of thought and nerve regulation interface with the subtle soul bodies. The the layered and compartmentalized complexity of the human organism is great, and it all serves to produce function in the realm of the organism with the spirit of man functioning as the “all seeing eye” that controls and experiences the play of organismic interaction.  The distractions of passion, the drama of life, and the depth of separation of the fundamental consciousness from the layer of sensory perception and processing hide well the fact of our intrinsic and intimate connection with the divine. As a result, few seek, and fewer find the clues that lead to the truth of our identity and connection with the spirit of God.

The process of God separating Himself into new consciousness is well characterized as “budding”, as there is no actual separation from God, only a separation of control and perception by the creation.  The created consciousness is a point of consciousness, as are all creations. It has no dimension of depth, length, or height. It has no arms, legs, head, hands, feet, or eyes. The conscious point communicates and perceives directly, as in knowing one’s own mind.  But the consciousness and knowing the thoughts and perspective of another arise because of being routed through the source, the mind of God. The channels to perceive the consciousness of another conscious point open by faith, hope, and love.

God opens the pathways to perception, the hidden is revealed, and two dance as one.  All communication, perception and knowing of another mind pass through God’s connection network.  Ultimately, all conscious points are connected to the central God-source and are in fact a common consciousness.  What appears to be a communication connection between points is in fact a desire, a request, and an opening allowed and facilitated by God.

The experience of movement in the realm of the Conscious Particle is produced by changing the point of view within God’s consciousness landscape.  Movement of position and perspective in the land of pure consciousness is executed by choice. Opening communication to perceive from another person, or point of consciousness requires permission and affinity.  Ultimately, divine authorization is required for anything and everything we do, think, or say. Truly, we can do nothing without Him.

Prayer is an aspect of this process that involves asking God’s permission and blessing.  The critical aspect of communication is opening the windows of perception. And, since God largely controls the opening and closing of those passages, we depend upon Him for the grace of thinking, speaking, and moving.  Without divine permission the gates stay locked, and we are alone.

The Holy Spirit is the cord of consciousness connecting us back to God.  He is our gateway to the storehouse of riches, answered prayer, guidance, and a full heart.  The Holy Spirit is our personal representative and mediator between God and man. We are never alone because of Him, and if we are open, the Holy spirit will guide and comfort us through the maze of life choices.   

As humans, we truly are created in God’s image.  We can feel, think, speak, and move, in a body, but the underlying capability reflects the same nature and form as our creator.  We truly are blessed to have been given the human form. Praise and thanksgiving should be our daily worship for this gift.

Relationship of Father to Son:

The first creative act was God the Father’s declaration of existence of the Son, as an identical image of Himself in the creative act of declaring, “I  Am, THAT, I Am”.

The Son, is in a totally serving and loving relationship with the Father, and follows the Father’s directions in total serviceful obedience.  The Son was given the responsibility and authority to create the Conscious Particles by projection or command by creative declaration of their existence.  The Son created the Conscious Particles by the process of projecting and separating mind. But, in summary, it was by His Word, His creative command to come into being.  In essence, He created all the Conscious Particles by using the command, “That Is”. He shaped and organized the Conscious Particles into elements, and through the processes of time, or by instantaneous formation of a universe with history, all worlds of matter and spirit came into existence.  The universe of name and form was created by the Son, who is YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, of the Old Testament, and Yeshua (Savior), of the New Testament.

Father and Son Relationship:

The Father God does not look at the evil and darkness of the “Not-God”.  He separated Himself from evil in the pre-creation universe, is pure, and does not allow evil into His space.  His nature is absolutely pure and good, and without shadow or wavering. The Father separates Himself from the influence of evil by focusing entirely on goodness, life, and light.

The created universe contains both good and evil.  The Father did not create evil; it was the Son who created the creation.  The Son allowed the evil of “Not-God” to penetrate into the universe. The Son allowed evil, sin, error, and temptation into His created universe from the realm of the Not-God.  Thus, to maintain His purity, the Father had to delegate the responsibility for creating the universe to the Son. The Son is as powerful and perfect as the Father, but He bows to, serves, and follows the direction of the Father perfectly.  

The Son was (and continues to be) created by the Father, and hence need not maintain His existence by self-creation.  The Father is the source, the original seed, the generative point around which the entire universe was generated. As long as the Father maintains His creative gaze upon the Son, the Son cannot be dissolved or lost to the pre-creation darkness.  The Father God holds the polarity of total purity, and the Son maintains His anchor in life by total submission to the goodness and way of the Father. From this position of total grounded security in existence, the Son can see, live among, and create a world that has within it the potential for both good and evil.

The Father to maintains His polarity of existence separate and distinct from the primal darkness by holding His consciousness only on goodness.  But, for the purpose of creating a universe with a meaningful play of existence, the Son created a world with the presence of both good and evil.  In it, men face the same real threat to existence and soul that the Father faced. The Father chose life, and all the tension, denial, and discipline that life requires, and shunned the relaxation, sleep, and ease of death.  

Life is not a game where God toys with us for His entertainment.  God has not created this creation to torture nor to ignore us. Rather, His nature is love, and He has created the universe to fully experience love, in a lonely universe.  

The universe is a structure of spiritual essence immersed in a sea of darkness – an active darkness that seeks to utterly dissolve and disperse it.  Thus, to maintain the universe, the Father continually creates the Son, and the Son continually creates the universe. The Son created Satan as the spiritual portal of evil, as the spiritual embodiment of the darkness of the spirits of “Not-God” that tempt men to rebel against God, disobey His laws, and hate His creation.

The Conscious Particles – Structure and Force:

The Conscious Particles are the spiritual entities that form the ultra-structure of the universe.  The Conscious Particles are created points of consciousness that interact with each other according to the lawful restrictions and allowance of relationship embedded within each particle.  From the human perspective, the subatomic particles interact according to the laws of nature, exerting forces upon each other which we name as electric, magnetic, strong and weak, and gravitic.  

From God’s perspective, each particle has the ability to perceive the presence of another particle, and move in a preprogrammed way in relationship to the other particle’s type, velocity, and distance.  The appearance of force repelling or attracting other particles is an artifact. There is no spring or rod that requires movement of another particle. Rather, particles choose to move, and do so out of obedience to the law embedded in their minds by God during its creation.  Each created particle maintains its type and identity, and functions in the role assigned by God.

(Note: in the Theory of Absolutes, the Strong and Weak forces will be developed in a manner to show that they are both subsets of the electrical and magnetic forces.  Likewise, gravity may be a subset of these two, or possibly a third fundamental force. The larger point is that field forces (e.g. Electrical and magnetic), are actually the action of Conscious Particles.  Their movement in response to the presence of other particles gives the appearance of a force. When in actuality, all particulate movement is self-directed, chosen, willful, and lawful, and in relationship to information received by other particles both near and far.)  

The Subatomic Particles and the Conscious Particles:

The aggregations of Conscious Particles that form subatomic particles are held together by electrical and magnetic forces in a dynamic harmonic stability.  The common subatomic particles (i.e. electrons, neutrons, and protons – the rudimentary constituents of the atom) and the exotic subatomic particles (e.g. pions, kaons, muons… formed by high energy collisions or by decay of larger particles) are the smallest level of particulate aggregations visible by force and energy type experiments (i.e. bubble chambers).  

Each particle of the subatomic zoo forms from a unique configuration of Conscious Particles.  And, the larger subatomic particles assemble from aggregates of these smaller subunits. Each unique subatomic particle forms as an aggregate dynamic assembly of a specific conformation of many Conscious Particles and particle groups.  Each subatomic particle forms as a dynamic, resonant, equilibrium assembly of attractive and repulsive magnetic and electrical forces. The periodic relationship of stable configurations results in the ability to predict the existence of new, unseen, subatomic entities.  The full list of all the subatomic particles in the subatomic zoo is called the Standard Model.

Implications of the Theory

Science versus Creationism:

We shall assume as an axiomatic hypothesis that God is an existent entity, and assume He has the ability to create law abiding particles using the force and abilities of His consciousness.

The question is thus, “What are the laws that govern the Conscious Particles?”  The answer to this question is the ultimate physics theory. In it lies the unification of all physical phenomena.  Its answer may also govern, or at least largely influence, the processes of what we recognize as life.

Science has devoted the entirety of its intellectual force to the effort of proving the rationality of evolution.  Its correlate effort has been to develop an evidence set that validates that there is no God, and to do so an evidence set, and logical connection must be created that eliminates the logical gaps which call for God to fill.  

The best evolutionary hypothesis does not provide a convincing sequence that plausibly rationalizes a mechanism the jump from biochemical soup to the most simple cellular life.  Science provides no causative mechanism, nor tells a unifying story that answers the questions of the genesis of the substance and laws of the physical universe.

Therefore, I have dedicated the efforts of this work to proposing a theory which gives rationality to the Biblical perspective of Creation.  

Pre-Creation Perspective of the Theory of Absolutes:

In the Theory of Absolutes, we shall examine the universe from the perspective that the Holy Bible was given by divine inspiration through Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles.  We shall assume that the Bible gives us factual and accurate clues regarding God’s fundamental nature, the rules governing His creation, and the optimum behavior of men in relationship to self, others, and God.  In essence, this essay is a defense of the proposition that the Bible is true, and consistent with the factual and rational evidence of science.

The Bible only gives us only a few clues as to the environment in which God existed before the Creation, so we will not make a definitive declaration, nor theorize in depth about that realm.  Rather, we shall focus on constructing a pre-creation theory which segues with the manifestation of the physical universe, a motivation by God to create it, and a motivation for men to live in it.

Genesis 1:1.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

This passage contains one of the Bible’s few, and possibly the most overt reference to the universe before the creation.  Thus, if we are using the Bible as our source, we cannot declare with much certainty the nature and details of that pre-creation state.  Thus, we cannot say if there were other universes before it, whether there were other Gods that created their own universes, nor can we comment about the origin of God.  Without evidence, any theory about that state is simply conjecture, and without factual and true evidence, nothing can penetrate that barrier to give us a certain view into the nature of that pre-creation realm.  

Nevertheless, we shall make a few assumptions about the nature of God, the pre-creation universe, consciousness, and evil, and attempt to create a plausible pre-creation and subsequent creation scenario.  We shall assume that God exists, evil or darkness exists independent of Him, and together they form parts of a polarity that create a whole. As described previously, God created by declaration. From those declarations came the particles, and by command they assembled into successively larger units, moved by ballistic force, and intentional direction, the universe was created.  All actions, reactions, and motivations follow from the patterns and initial motion, and the divine interventions, given to the universe.

The God of our universe existed prior to the creation.  In that pre-creation universe, He may have struggled against the darkness to become the perfected point of consciousness, light, life, and wisdom, that allowed Him to be the God of creation.  The Father subsequently created the Son, who declared by command the existence of the Conscious Particles, and embedded them with the laws of interaction that in macroscopic form appear to be the laws of nature.

God created men, each one with a unique eternal spirit, a soul/mind for the spirit to perceive life, and a body/brain to feed sensory information to project onto the screen of the soul.  He imprinted a human nature on each man, with a desire for both good and evil. The spirit is the point of God-like consciousness and awareness, capable of direct perception, but while associated with the body it only sees the projections from the soul.  The soul/mind is the screen of energetic patterns that the spirit perceives. The body/brain is the organ of experience that feeds signals from the external world through the nervous system to the brain. The brain/nervous system organizes and projects patterns onto the soul, which the spirit perceives and converts into a perception of the external world.  

Feelings and judgments are wired into our being from our nature and nurture.  Life is a process of conquering the human nature, and there is eternal benefit/reward associated with that victory/perfection.  The human frame and soul is given to us to refine and use as a tool of the divine. Our task is to overcome the temptations both literally, and as an allegorical struggle against the darkness that God overcame.  In this we are family The tests we face are related to setting boundaries, balancing individual and group needs, developing a heart for others, and learning to love and live God’s law. All the emotions (lust, greed, pride, anger, power, revenge, hurt, loss…) test, try, and tempt the soul to develop strength against the various the forces that oppose God and His way.

In this study, we shall assume the Bible is a work of divine origin, giving us instruction, revelation, discipline, and exhortation about life lived properly.  The Bible does not give us a complete revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, the state of the pre-creation universe, a full description of how the universe was made, how life was created, nor a list of the fundamental laws of the universe.  But, if the Bible is in fact the Word of God, then any theory we create must be consistent with the laws of nature, the mechanics of creation, the state of the pre-creation universe, and the purpose of life.

Science cannot give answers about the pre-creation state, because its domain is limited to inference based upon current evidence and paleolithic evidence.  But, even at it very best, all physical evidence stored in stone and ethers were generated within the space and time after the Beginning. Thus, the reflection of the pre-creation state was at best due to the initial conditions from which it sprang.  

The Bible, man’s organ of divine revelation, gives only slight inference to the world before the creation.  Science uses evidence as the basis for its theories, and without data or experiment, it has no grist for its mill of induction and inference.  Thus, no philosophical or evidentiary system can make an absolute claim of Truth about the nature and origin of the creation and pre-creation state.  Science can only deny a theory’s truth based upon the logical self consistency of a theory, and its consistency with the observed world. Science, like human knowledge, can never reach a level of  absolute certainty about anything, thus life necessarily entails living by faith. That faith may be the faith in adequate data and theory to make future judgment for mundane human action, or it may beabout faith about the promises of God and .  Rather, we must be satisfied by a level of evidence that prove absolute can never absolutely declare the truth of an inferred theory, only give

We shall carry forward only a few hypotheses about the pre-creation universe, assume as an axiomatic hypothesis that God is an existent entity, and assume He has the ability to create law abiding particles using the force and abilities of consciousness.  The practical questions we must answer to give flesh to the Theory of Absolutes is, “What are the laws that govern the Conscious Particles?” The answer to this question is the ultimate physics theory. In it lies the unification of all physical phenomena.  Its answer may also govern, or at least largely influence, the processes of what we recognize as life.

Science has devoted the entirety of its intellectual force to the effort of proving the rationality of evolution.  Its correlate effort has been to develop an evidence set that validates that there is no God. Science thus seeks to use the evidence set of nature to create the narrative of gradual change over time producing random collisions and ever-more complex assemblies on all levels, atomic, molecular, cellular, organismic, and ideological.  Thus, science has devoted incredible creative energy to validate the evolutionary narrative in an effort to eliminate the logical gaps, which are easily filled by the single assumption of God and His creative power and acts.

The best evolutionary hypothesis does not provide a convincing sequence that plausibly rationalizes a mechanism that jumps from biochemical soup to the most simple cellular life.  Science provides no causative mechanism, nor does it tell a unifying story that answers the questions of the genesis of the substance and laws of the physical universe.

Therefore, I have dedicated the efforts of this work to proposing a theory which gives rationality to the Biblical perspective of Creation.  

Free Will:

If the universe was designed around Biblical precepts, commands, history, and instruction, then the world, and all the particles composing it, must absolutely, and without error follow His Laws.  In such a world, every action, thought, and word must follow lawfully and sequentially from previous forces. But, the logical extension of such a mechanistic and lawful sequence is the lack of ability to exercise volitional Free Will.  

But, simple observation by the most casual observer indicates that he can choose to perform or avoid any given action, and chose any available alternate action.  The Bible is largely about directing people in the ways of Righteous choice. But, the Bible also makes reference to predestination. Thus, if we are attempting to create a model of the universe that reflects the Biblical picture of life, we must make hypotheses about the structure and nature of a universe that includes and intertwines both of these concepts without contradiction.