The Economics of a Christian Nation 

The Workman is Worth His Wages

  • The American economic experiment began in 1620 when the Pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony.
  • The Pilgrims were Puritans/Separatists, who came to America to practice Christianity, free from the mandates of the Church of England.
  • Those funding the expedition stipulated that all produce was placed in communal ownership.
  • The first year their production was very low, contributing to the deaths during the first winter.
  • The second year, each man cultivated his own land and the harvest was plentiful.

A Diagnosis of the Retreat & Return to a Godly America

  • Betrayal of the Founders’ Vision for America
  • The Secularization of Government & Society
  • The Seduction of Socialism
  • The Subtle Errors of Libertarianism
  • The Christian Renewal of America
  • A Roadmap to a Christian Nation
  • Legislation for a Righteous Society
  • A Contract with Christian America

Life in Relationship

  • Life is for learning, and the lesson is Godliness
  • The schoolyard and classroom is life and relationships
  • We are here on in this creation to develop character and maturity by hiding the Word in our hearts
  • By knowing His Word, we can know His Way

The Challenge of Life

  • The challenge of life is resisting temptation, but the reward is the development of character.
  • Avoid the ways of wickedness, discipline rebellion, and overcome evil with good.

His Word Lights the Way

  • God gave the Words of the Bible to man through inspiration as they were moved by His Holy Spirit.
  • His Words are True and they guide men in the ways of righteousness.
  • God desires that man walk in His Way, and will cleanse and forgive those who accept the sacrifice of His Son.

Liberty Follows from the Love of His Law

  • Those who have a heart for His law and His Way will see God and be in His presence.
  • The test, challenge,  trial and the process of life is living in right relationship with self, neighbor, and God.
  • We express our love to God when we follow His law and Way in relationship to self and others.
  • We have complete liberty to act within the boundaries of His Law.
  • We deserve Freedom because we Follow His Way and Rightly Discern, Confront, and Punish Evil

God is Love

  • God’s nature is love and He has created us in His image, in the hope of satisfying  His desire for relationship.
  • God only allows perfection in His presence, and He has given us a way to purification through Christ.
  • He is the standard of perfection, and His Way is perfect.
  • God and Man have different natures,  but we can develop in His Way by choice, thought, speech, and action.
  • Pushing against the hungers of the flesh and developing Godliness is the real process  of life.

Incorporation of The Way of Christ
Into Government, Society, and Personal Life

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