By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

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From: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND
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It’s a shame seeing a Republican behaving like a Democrat.  I still have hopes that the Tea Party will incorporate a stand for Godliness and a return to our heritage as a Christian Nation.  Neither this particular man (caught in the act of adultery/fornication/licentiousness…), nor his supporters, should use the excuse, like Clinton and his apologists did, offering alibies such as “It’s just his personal life,” or “He was single, that’s just the way men are, everybody does it, or it’s just sex…”  Character matters, and we build it one action/thought/word at a time.  A man rules/governs/legislates/adjudicates from his character/soul/heart and habit.  We are rightfully offended and disappointed to hear that one of our representatives and/or potential leaders chose to use his own time, mind, heart, and body, to engage in lustful activities.  It’s appropriate that we hold our public servants to a standard of Godliness.  And, let’s not defend our criticism of him by saying, “It’s bad because he is a Republican/Tea Party, and they stand for high standards, and this shows that they are hypocrites, and they should be condemned because they hold these standards.”  Yes, he may be a hypocrite, but there is a deeper reason why we as a society are both titillated and appalled by salacious behavior in our leaders.  “He was engaging in sin with his heart, mind, and body.”  There is an absolute standard of Right behavior, and he has fallen from it.  We have a right to be concerned if this is a man who is engaged in making decisions for the group if he has not repented and renewed his heart and soul.  If he has not, then he certainly does not have the character to lead us.  When men act as he did, they give themselves over to the spirit of lust, and idolatry of any sort, whether of women, gold, power or false gods, distorts a man’s judgment.  Justice and righteous law are distorted by men who allow their minds and hearts to engage in and justify the sin of any sort.  We need leaders who are committed to righteousness in their personal and community lives.  But sadly, there are no perfect/sinless men in this world.  If we look at our own lives, we all must hang our heads in shame before the Righteous Throne.  None of us are worthy to lead based on our blameless life conduct.  We are all sinners, and none of us can cast the first stone.  We all convict ourselves by our condemnation of the sinner.  Thus, rather than condemning this man because of his past, we should instead ask, “Have you repented?  Are you renewing your mind daily on the Words of God to guide and shape your mind and heart?  Are you sorry because you got caught, or because what you did was wrong?  Do you recognize your error?  Can you now with full conviction declare that these actions were wrong, and condemn that lifestyle for both yourself and all others who participate in it?”  When we have men in office who can see their behavior as sin, and be humble, contrite, and repay any outstanding debts, we will have taken an important step in restoring our Christian Nation.  When we as citizens, en mass, cry for Godliness and exalt only Righteousness in our personal and public lives, God will once again bless America.


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Nicely done.  You’re saying we should declare this behavior wrong based on Biblical standards. Would doing so not simultaneously be contrary to the culturally-established “non-standard” set by the advocacy of a homosexual lifestyle?


From: Thomas
To: Grant

Thanks for the compliment Grant! Yes, you are right regarding the fact that living and speaking according to the Biblical standards would necessarily also condemn the homosexual movement. And of course, that would be unacceptable since approval of homosexuality appears to be the new holy creed and highest confession, of the new politically correct, egalitarian, “socially conscious”, “tolerant”, humanist-atheist elites.  Possibly they have chosen to exalt the spirit of Homosexuality as an offering to appease their gods as an act of worship and atonement for the centuries when America embraced Christianity and cursed perversion.  By exalting Homosexuality, they have chosen a powerful Satanic standard bearer, and given reverence and complete endorsement to the group that has most  flagrantly violated God’s first blessing and command, “be fruitful and multiply.”

Having seen that their sin carries no immediate Angelic wrath, they mock God as powerless, daring Him to execute them for their rebellion.  In a group hug and parades of pride, they attempt to reinforce their mutual self-approval in an attempt to erase that still small voice that convicts the heart.  The look outward and blame our Christian nation and its Righteous standards for the guilt they feel.  They struggle for recognition, societal legitimation, and media adulation to replace the nagging doubt and drown their shame.  They endorse religions that honor diversity and condemn the religion that names their sin.  They declare their personal power and rebellion against His standards, authority, and sovereignty.  They attribute injustice and tyranny to Him, all the while dis-acknowledging His very existence and worshiping instead the Earth/Gaia as his mother and evolution as his creator.  They purposefully violate as many of His Laws as possible in their self-deluded fantasy of supposedly truthful, brave, and independent action and thinking.

The man following this well-worn path is simply a deluded, fooled, and naive child.  The apparently independent rebellion against God is simply a man following his feelings and the voice of Satan as he tempts the poor soul who feels a same-sex attraction, or thinks he may have been born homosexual because he tried it, and it felt good.  Thus, rather than simply resisting the temptation, whatever it is (adultery, fornication, pedophilia, theft, gambling, drug use, violence…), he dedicates his life to “finding himself” and “expressing his feelings.”

But, the amazing thing about God, is that as much as they hate Him, disbelieve in Him, and rebel against Him — He still calls for them to repent and return to His fold.  He is still willing to forgive and restore the relationship.  But, the door latch, the lock to the heart, is on the inside.  God gives men complete autonomy in their choice of masters and destiny.  He will call, encourage, discipline, and send messengers, but He will not change a man’s heart, mind, soul, spirit without a request.

It’s amazing that words, reality, logic, and philosophy can obfuscate the Truth and give the appearance of truth to lies, and lies to truth.  God has created men in His image, giving them His nature, and yet has allowed them to complete moral freedom.  He has allowed evil to fully penetrate and permeate His world and tempt men at their core.  He has given each man the free choice of masters and spiritual allegiance.  He gave men the right to choose good or evil and given evil the right to tempt men’s minds, hearts, and souls.  The world is finely balanced between dark and light, and we can only ask, “why?”

What is the purpose of a world designed purposefully with such symmetry of perspective where men could be so honestly deceived that they could say with sincerity and conviction that good is evil, and evil is good?  Has He designed this world as a training ground for souls for some future greater purpose?  Is there a true danger in the universe that we must learn to defend against?  Must we sharpen our senses and hone our discrimination for later service in His Kingdom?  Will those who have trained themselves in His Way be given greater authority and responsibility, and entrusted with True Riches?

Jesus clearly illustrates the value of searching for the proverbial and hidden Pearl of Great Price.  That prize is at least in part the Truth of God that guides us in right and profitable ways.  If we are to maximize the opportunity that life offers, we have only one option — we must look with intent for the Kingdom of Heaven hidden within the dross, temptations, boredom, panic, ecstasy, conflict, misery, and mystery of everyday life.  We see in Holy Scripture the admonition to resist the seduction of sensual pleasure and desire.

Certainly, the hidden nature of God, the ever-present temptation to rebel against His way, and His counsel to follow the ways of holiness says something important about the purpose of living, and the nature of our Creator.