Throughout history, some part of the world has always been in turmoil.  But before the era of worldwide instant communications, we were unaware of the conflicts and could enjoy what we thought were periods of peace. With 24-7 worldwide news coverage, we have no refuge and can no longer maintain the illusion of living in an era of peace.

And while we may have lost that false sense of security we once enjoyed, our news-saturated lives allow us to stay informed about many of the moves made in the world’s chess game of economics, culture, values, religion, politics, and war. Having an awareness of the global forces operating allows us to prepare and act in response to the real world that coming toward us.  In this examination, I wish to focus on the warning signs we should heed regarding the threat of Islam to our government, religion, and way of life.

Islam is a religion and social system intrinsically intertwined with government.  To properly appreciate the threat of Islam to liberty, we shall examine it in relation to the spectrum of governmental systems.

There are many forms of government.  The could be categorized according to economic system, religion, taxes, bureaucracy, chain of authority, voting system, or relationship of to industry, military, the individual, or education.  But, “force” is common thread unifying all governmental systems.  Government is by its very nature an institution of imposition of force to produce compliance.  The Libertarian argues that all government is immoral because it imposes direction on men without their consent and contract.  The Liberal argues that the masses need to be directed because they make foolish choices without guidance.

Thus, we shall examine government according to the amount of force used by each system of government.  To illustrate the gradient of force, we shall organize the various types of government along a spectrum between total control and complete freedom.  I have defined the center of the spectrum as the balance between control and freedom.

1) On the Left end of the spectrum, we shall place Strong Centralized Government, and call it “Statism” or “Authoritarianism”.  At its extreme, Statism directs the entirety of every individual’s life.
2) On the Right end of the spectrum, we shall place Limited Government, and call this end “Liberty” or “Freedom”.   At its extreme, there is no governmental control, only action by choice and interpersonal contract.
3) At the Center is the point of balance between freedom/Liberty and Authoritarian control.  This mini-max solution is achieved by men exerting Godly self-control over their appetites, and learning the ways of knowledge and wisdom, and participating in the process of selecting wise and Godly men to execute those affairs peculiar to the domain of the state.  When the state is governed wisely in these large affairs so that the borders are secure, and the populace free from the disturbance of war, crime, and corruption, the Righteous populace is maximally free to partake of work, invention, recreation, and relationship.  This state of representative democracy in a nation populated by men committed to following the way of God we shall call, “The Righteous Republic.”  Its ingredients include a blend of Right personal self-control, democracy, representative democracy, and bodies of law, action, and justice.

The Righteous Republic:
The optimum balance between tyranny and anarchy is the point of maximum personal freedom.  The place for appropriate governmental control is in the enforcement of justice and as the focal point for defense.  Properly implemented, the Righteous Republic would be government on Earth as it is in Heaven.  The Christian Constitutional Republic places proper limits on the authority of government and the actions of men while leaving the individual free to act in the domain of personal taste, relationship, contract, industry, and economy.  The standard underlying all of man’s law is Divine Law.

Freedom is given to men who are committed to following the path of Godliness in respecting other’s boundaries.

Government should be a tool used by men to coordinate their actions and optimize behavior around the patterns of Godly morality.  Government should be the equivalent of a central nervous system that facilitates group directed action to accomplish goals too large for the individual. Government should be established on many levels: individual, family, local, mid-level, groups of groups, systems, and overall coordination.

The Founders intended that the Federal government unify and protect the States, and gave it a few Constitutionally authorized functions.  They gave the authority to regulate the vast majority of individual and group activities in areas of commerce and morality to the State, County, and City governments.  But, the point of government was not to regulate every individual and group activity.  In fact, just the opposite.  The optimum legal code is sparse and gives only general descriptions of desirable behaviors in the various aspects of community and individual life.

Such a system needs few laws when the individuals in the society are wise and sensitive to the judgment and leading of the Holy Spirit.  In a wise, moral, and Godly society, the parents, friends, and community engage in counsel, reprimand, and applause to reinforce good thought, speech, and action, and extinguish the bad.  Instruction in the Word of God is central to living a righteous self-directed life.  How is one to know the Right way without being taught?  How is one to become sensitive to the way of the Holy Spirit without being steeped in His Way?  Parents are the primary teachers of a moral pattern by the examples of their own lives, as they give lessons in the practical application of scripture in their daily activities, chores, speech, work, leisure, exchange, and relationships.  As a child grows more mature, he is given greater autonomy in self-direction.  As an adolescent, he is given greater freedom in the world away from home in proportion to his proven trustworthiness in Godly self-discipline and wisdom.

Judges should judge based on the spirit of that law rather than parsing the letter of the law.  Instead, they should judge based on the spirit and purpose of the law.  Man’s legislation, man’s law should reflect God’s Law, and codify society’s best attempt at defining divine character in public and individual life.  Legislators should strive to enact laws to make explicit the general principles of an effectively coordinated and righteous public life.  And, the executive branch applies the appropriate force and organizational action to produce the outcome desired by the group.

The Spectrum of Government:
All societal-governmental systems fall somewhere along the continuum of complete freedom to absolute control.  But unless a system is dedicated to implementing God’s Law in governing the individual and social order, all governments will tend to alternate between the poles of anarchy and totalitarianism.  Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, and Progressivism are Statist-type governments, all of which have Dictatorships or Oligarchies. Fascism, the government of national unity, ideals, and purpose, is commonly called “Far Right”, but in fact, it is just another type of Statist government that easily morphs into totalitarian rule by an individual or group.

Anarchy, Democracy, and Republics are types of Liberty governments.

Democracy is essentially rule by the majority.  This works out well if the majority is dedicated to Godliness, industry, invention, and self-restraint of passions.  But, societies tend to move away from Godliness after a generation or two, since people usually only turn to God when they are suffering.  Thus, democracy has a strong tendency to evolve into a ruling class of oligarchs and bureaucrats who rule over an enforced egalitarian society.  Alexis De Tocqueville warned that democracy will fail when the masses discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.  We have seen the slow encroachment of Statist policy since the New Deal and the de facto (or intentional) creation of a dependent class.  The welfare recipient, government worker, and victim classes become a loyal constituency for the maintenance of the Statist ruling class since their survival depends on electing a governmental class favorable to perpetuating the transfer payments and

Anarchy is a system with no governmental body, agencies, judges, or legislators.  This system has an appeal to those who believe that government is immoral because it is an inherently forceful institution.  But, without a coordinating center, there is a loss of productivity.  If there is little commitment to Godliness in the culture, the social order could decay into tribal factions, which could result in the people crying out for a central power to remediate the disorder of chaos and warring factions.  The anarchic state may not have sufficient coordination to defend its borders and thus secure the social/economic environment.  There is little actual freedom associated with living life with a heightened state of defense.

The pure Libertarian advocates anarcho-capitalism, which is the theory that government is unneeded because individual contract is sufficient, and more moral than government by force.  But, this system is only theoretical, having never been implemented in reality.

Returning to the Republic, this form of government provides us with liberty and has shown itself stable over centuries.  The Republic is based on a Constitution, from which flow all laws and justice.  It executes coordinated action, led by men, elected to serve and represent the majority based on competence and character.   The Representative Democracy is effective and valuable to the extent that the masses have a sufficient pool of Righteous men, and sufficient character to recognize those of elder status worthy and capable of making the judgments of public policy that are ultimately enforced.  This form of government has proven to endure indefinitely, as long as the society maintains a commitment to living, teaching, and perpetuating Righteousness.   The moral majority, the Tea Party, are activated because of the perception that the coalition of victimized minorities has elected a government committed to imposing socialism, using the facade of care and equality, to motivate and maintain their base.

Islam is a Theocracy.  It is a totalitarian government given almost complete authority by the religious authorities.  Islam is comprised of two major sects, Sunni and Shiite, which compete with each other for ideological dominance.  But, to the outside observer, their division is over minor points of doctrine and history.  Given that all the sects of Islam have a largely similar system of belief and culture.  Islam is a Statist government, with a totalitarian theology that governs the state and culture.  Most totalitarian governments are humanistic.  The fact that Islam demands absolute compliance based on its religious tenets enables a very high degree of self-motivated compliance by the people in support of governmental policy.  One could say that Muslims are free, but their freedom is very limited to choosing to strictly adhere to the tenets of Sharia Law.

The United States was founded as a Republic. But, through a century of Progressive political effort, it is behaving much like a Democracy. The coalition of Unions, Progressives, illegals, and those on various forms of a government-supported life/lifestyle have allied to create a voting block to institute a Statist government that can satisfy their needs, wants, and ideals. If this voting block is insufficient to create a majority, this coalition has shown its willingness to employ election fraud to enable a faux majority to use the color of democracy.  Corruption/greed/power-lust and dependency are the twin demons that ally to create the majority which can never be deposed.  The principles of democracy are hijacked to authorize the eternal dominance of the majority (real and vote-fabricated) and their persistent maintenance of the new socialist ruling class.

The battle by power-hungry sociopaths to control rages against the cry of the human spirit for the Liberty we are promised in Christ.  Every country is populated by those who wish to be ruled, and those who wish to be free.  The Statist struggle to overtake Liberty puts our lives at the threat of socialistic/egalitarian servitude.  The Libertarian anarcho-capitalist desire for complete freedom from governmental presence/control eliminates the positive benefits that come from the unification and mobilization that comes from willingly choosing to unify around a Righteous set of goals and tasks.  The bottom line for the Libertarian is that you can’t always get what you want, but if you push for what you need, then over time the focus and character of government may change.

In this essay, we shall focus on Islam as a combination of religion, government and culture.  We cannot restrict this discussion to religion since Islam is a complete culture and governance system.  I believe Radical Islam is a threat to our way of life and Republic.

There are about 2.0 billion Christians, .5 billion Muslims, and 350 million Arabs in the world. There are many books and papers on Islam, Muhammad, the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia Law.  See below for a brief review of some key concepts of Islam:

Islam is a monotheistic culture naming God as Allah, which is much unchanged from its inception around 600 AD. Some of Its belief system is rooted in Judaism and Christianity. It integrates church and state in its governmental code, which is called Sharia Law. Sharia Law has elements of Old Testament law, with a strict eye for an eye justice; it is militaristic, unforgiving and merciless.

Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist who became a Christian, in a 2008 Prophesy Conference, presents a convincing expose of Islam and declares that the Satan of the Christian Bible is the Allah of the Koran. Understanding Islam from this perspective gives new meaning to the various phrases used by the Islamic terrorists, such as, “You love life. We love death.”  The meaning of the word Islam is “Submission.” The death of innocent civilians is praised and rewarded with “heaven”, as long as the death was dedicated to the advancement of Islam.  Allah in Sura 3:54 names himself “most deceptive,” although many translations blunt the meaning of the words used.  Sura 4:157 describes Allah as creating the myth that Yeshua had died and was resurrected to deceive the people. As Satan, Allah would enshrine as “holy” scripture in the Koran the revealed “fact” that Christ had not died and resurrected to deceive Muslims and immunize them against receiving the salvation and eternal life Jesus offers. The teaching of Islam is by rote repetition, see, learn, and do, as we would expect of the teaching of Satan. This contrasts with the Judeo Christian ethic of reason and understanding by building precept upon precept. The teaching of good works and character by Islam is part of the deception; as long as the fundamental teaching is in error, Satan can disguise the appearance of his religion with goodness, and still capture the majority of its followers.

Islam is composed of several sects; Sunni is the largest, Shia the next, and the mystical Sufi smaller yet. Its growth has historically been by conquest, but immigration, combined with high fertility rate, was its major source of growth in the late 20th century. The low fertility rates of the cultures which Islam has invaded all but guarantee the eventual extinction of the host countries’ population and culture. Proponents of Islam have become experts at using local systems to gain an advantage. In America, they have used Freedom of Religion as the cover for the subversive activity propagated at their mosques and madrassas.  Most recently, the uprisings in the Mid East may signal a new wave of conquest. Islam demands that the rule of Sharia Law, and that by force if the infidels do not voluntarily convert.

Muslims are products of, and participants in, Islamic culture and believers of its doctrine to varying degrees; the same is true of all religions. Is there a distinction between the religion of Islam and the Muslims who are its followers? No doubt there are Muslims who are true seekers of Truth. There are many stories of Muslims who have had miraculous visitations, dreams, and visions that revealed that Jesus is Lord. And, while Islam is a religion of conquest, either by war or expanding settlements, not all Muslims are driven by this desire. There are those who truly have not given their heart to the deception and conquest demanded by Islam. Others do not subscribe to Sharia Law and many simply want to live in peace. Nonetheless, there are many who follow the literal words of the Koran and are dogmatic in their commitment to impose the submission of Islam on the world. We need to admit the facts about the Koran, Hadith, Islam, and Mohammad, and speak the truth, rather than maintain fearful silence in the face of their threats and plans of expansion.

More Than Dreams: Muslims Coming to Christ Through Dreams and Visions

Radical Muslims (Terrorists)
When a dogmatic follower beheads or blows up an infidel (nonbeliever), in his mind, he has done a spiritually good deed that is pleasing to Allah. Such a sacrifice would, of course, be a sacrament of worship and spiritual credit to Satan. When a dogmatic follower blows himself up and takes others with him he also thinks he is doing a spiritually good deed even if those others are Muslims. In the mythology of the Koran, he becomes a martyr and reaps its attendant rewards. Those who applaud or approve of radical behavior are themselves radical. Such actions, in service of Satan, are worthy only of the rewards of Hell, and sadly those who serve the great deceiver will be rewarded by their master. We should speak the truth, and pray for an awakening of those who are possessed of this strong delusion.

Jihad stands for struggle. It is used and described in several different ways, as a personal struggle, as evangelization, as aggressive evangelization, and as retaliation. The self-discipline and peaceful forms are referenced in the earlier portions of the Koran, whereas the aggressive forms appear later. Later references in the Koran are thought to supersede earlier ones, which makes hostility the most likely intention today.

Also referred to as the Qur`an, the Koran is the book of spiritual, moral and physical guidance as “revealed” to Muhammad. He taught that the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible had been “corrupted,” therefore the Koran was the one true book. Muhammad did not write the Koran. He committed it to memory and after his death, others recorded what they remembered him saying. Changes to its interpretation were declared complete around the year 1000 AD, and none have been allowed since.

The Hadith is a record of utterances, decisions, and traditions of Muhammad and his followers during the course of his dictatorial reign. Islamic scholars, the Mullahs and Imams, study the Koran, Hadith, and declare the proper application of Sharia Law to current events and living. Muslim belief and behavior are governed by Sharia Law and the Hadith.

Sharia Law is the implementation of spiritual, material and living rules “defined” by the Koran and the Hadith, as seen by Islamic scholars; they are restricted to medieval interpretation of the Koran. Sharia justice is cruel and vindictive, showing no mercy. It is “Old Testament justice,” an eye for an eye…
A mullah is a man well educated in Islam.

An imam is an Islamic prelate or scholar, a holy man recognized as a leader, possibly of an Islamic nation.

A caliphate is an Islamic empire. It is ruled by a holy man of Islam, an imam who becomes a caliph when he rules an empire.

A caliph is an imam who rules an Islamic empire.

Dhimmitude is the “protected” status of a non-Muslim living under Sharia law with few rights and high taxes.

A madrassa is a Muslim school, typically a primary school in which Islamic history, superiority, radicalism, Sharia, and hatred of the West are also taught. They are active throughout the world, including in the United States.

Muhammad was born in 570 and lived until 632. He was an ethnic Arab, of the tribe of Koraish who were essentially bandits. They controlled Meccan trade. Mohammed had 11 wives but produced no surviving male offspring and only four surviving daughters. Daughter Fatima married Mohammed’s cousin Ali, bearing grandsons Hasan and Husayn. Later descendants at some point become blurred.

The Beginning
Islam started with Muhammad. He was an inhabitant of Mecca where tribal wars and plundering were commonplace at the time. Might was the determinant of right. Religious beliefs were varied between Judaism, Christianity, polytheism and Greek pantheism. Early on he was a bit of a misfit for the way of life in Mecca. He became a recluse. He claimed to have received the “true bible,” called the Koran, the word of the one true monotheistic God, whom he called Allah, from the Angel Gabriel while praying in a cave. He further claimed the Torah was corrupted by the Jews worshiping the golden calf, and he claimed the Christian Bible was corrupted by early persecutions. Muhammad claimed Christ was a great prophet, but that he, Muhammad, was the last prophet, the revelation was complete, and none would come after him. His beliefs were affected by Judaism and Christianity. He believed in individual accountability, Heaven and Hell. His claim of a monotheistic god put him at odds with the population.

Early Days
Muhammad got his start by promoting his brand of monotheism gleaned from his claimed divine inspirations. This led to conflict with the established culture and resulted in his fighting wars which included piracy, robbing camel trains and killing its occupants to support himself and his followers. He instituted Sharia Law, literally “an eye and more for an eye.” Public dismemberments, beheadings, and the “honor” killings follow from the Koran and Hadith, as does women being the possessions of men.

His first following, where he lived in Mecca, was small and unpopular. Many of them fled to Medina, where Muhammad eventually fled and organized a strong militant base. His following grew and he conquered other tribes upon whom he imposed Sharia Law. His strength and effectiveness grew to where he was able to overwhelm the tribes of Mecca without war and reestablish his base of operations there. He became the “Ruler, General, and Pope,” but without a surviving central religious authority as in the Catholic Church. He was a great military leader and cleverly used religion and revelation as tools of control.

Conquered peoples were given no choice of governance; they were made subjects of Sharia Law. They were given some choice of religion. If they were Jewish or Christian they could embrace Islam or remain in their faith, but if they did not embrace Islam, their rights were severely restricted and they were heavily taxed. This status is known as dhimmitude. If they were neither Jewish nor Christian, they also had two choices: Islam or execution. This is a very different religion than Christianity which teaches us to, “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and strength, and love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Rapid Growth
Islam expanded rapidly in the late 7th and in the 8th centuries. Muslims conquered the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and part of Asia, including Indonesia and Southern Europe. Their northward European plunge was stopped in France. They established a central ruler called the caliph who was believed to be a direct descendant of Muhammad. The line of descendants is blurred. Nonetheless one sect, the Shiites believe caliphs should be chosen using that criterion and another sect, the Sunnis believe caliphs should be “elected.” These two sects also disagree on inclusions of sacred writings in their faith. Centuries later, they still clash. Islam is not peaceful within itself as witnessed by the bloody Sunni-Shiite fighting in Iraq.

Periodic Resurgence
Islam has been actively and forcibly spread with renewed gusto about every 500 years since its inception. Aggressiveness grew with some success in the 1200s and in the 1700s when the Ottoman Empire was established. The Ottoman Empire was abolished at the end of WWI as it had sided with Germany. New countries were established in North Africa and the Mid East, and these borders remain much the same today.

Saudi Arabia is the present day reflection of its evolution from the houses (tribes) of Saud and Wahhab in an attempt to restore Arab hegemony in the Islamic world – an effort that was resurrected in 1913. Arabia became Saudi Arabia in 1932. The Saudis took the lead in governance and the Wahhabis took the lead in religion. The Wahhabis consider all Islamic change since the 7th century to be an error. They forbid drinking, smoking, gambling, music, graveyards, and shrines. Wahhabism declared jihad on all other Muslims as “unbelievers” (especially Shiites and Sufis, but also Sunnis). The Wahhabis declare that all Muslims who accept post-7th-century changes be treated as infidels and killed. Receiving billions of dollars of Saudi oil money, their influence has been enormous. They are an irritant to world Islam and a sponsor for terror (e.g., Hamas). Al Qaeda spawns from this root. Once again, Islam is not peaceful within itself.

Is the terror threat real?
The first World Trade Center bombing was a beginning. 911 was a continuation. More has been planned by terrorists. Remember Germany, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, US embassies, the USS COLE, Bali, the Mumbai Hotel attacks and more. Our homeland defense has been effective to this point, but much work remains to secure our borders and our way of life. Our southern border is a gateway to Islamic invasion. To date we have either benefited from Divine Providence, or we have just been lucky.

Today’s Uprisings
Perhaps we are witnessing the latest attempt at Islamic world dominance fueled by petro-dollars. Joining forces with Islam are various socialistic and communistic groups; they all have a common agenda, to take down existing governments so they can be replaced, each with their own different vision the new government. But for now, phase one, their agenda is common, eliminate what is currently in place.

WHAT IS THE 12TH IMAM? (From Wikipedia)
According to Islamic belief, an imam is an anointed leader or ruler. Especially among Shia, they believe an Imam is (though not required to be) a prayer leader or cleric when the word is capitalized. Sunnis believe an imam may be a prophet; Shiites believe not all prophets can be imams but an imam can also be a prophet. An imam is said to be anointed by Allah and a perfect example of leading mankind in every way. The 12th Imam is to be the ruler of the Islamic Caliphate that includes the entire globe.
The Shiite interpretation is that only Allah can appoint an imam and no man has the power to do so. The 12th Imam is said to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, having divine status as have each of the 11 successions of sons to date. He is also called the Hidden Imam and the Mahdi or al Mahdi (guided one).

Remarkably, the 12th Imam theory plays heavily into the world’s current concerns with Iran. The Shiite Muslim President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al Mahdi. There have been many through the years claiming to be the Hidden Imam, but Ahmadinejad believes he is yet to come. He claims that he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi. In order to save the world, it must be in a state of chaos and subjugation. Ahmadinejad claims he was “directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi”. This apocalyptic directive includes some very scary proclamations. This does not appear to be a Sunni obsession, just Shia and primarily in Iran.

The 12th Imam: Why Is This Especially Important Now?
Christians look for Jesus’ 2nd coming, the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam. However, of the three, Allah’s designated Mahdi is the only one who demands a violent path to conquer the world. Mr. Ahmadinejad and his cabinet say they have a signed contract with al Mahdi in which they pledge themselves to his work. What does this work involve? In light of concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly stated Israel should be wiped off the map.

He spoke to the United Nations in September ’05. During that speech, he claims to have been in an aura of light and felt a change in the atmosphere during which time no one present could blink their eyes.

Iran’s PM is also said to have spoken in apocalyptic terms and seems to relish conflict with the West, whom he calls the Great Satan. This is while he proclaims he must prepare the world for the coming Mahdi by way of a world totally under Muslim control. He is working hard to BRING ABOUT THE WORLD-WIDE  HORRORS that must be in place for their al Mahdi to bring peace.

There are peaceful Muslims, but since its beginning, the Islamic movement has sought expansion through the use of force. Islam was, and remains, a government of church intermingled with the state (with some countries excepted). Church and State are inseparable and the local ruling dictator these days is a religious prelate called a mullah, or perhaps an imam, depending on locale.

In a recent poll in Britain, 25% of Muslims preferred to live under Sharia Law. Similar polls have shown about the same percentage support jihad. Why has there been no outcry from the peaceful Muslim community condemning terrorism? Is it possible that the scriptures, history, and beliefs of Islam so strongly embrace the concepts of forceful domination of the entire world that no Muslim could remain in orthodox standing with the Muslim community if he were to take a public and strong stand against terrorism?
Attempting to convert a Muslim to Christianity is a crime punishable by death in Sharia Law. Do you remember the young Christian missionaries in Afghanistan? Does this sound like a peaceful religion? The segment of Islam that supports this kind of “law” and this kind of violence we call Radical Islam, but Radical Islam is not confined to those who do radical things; it also includes those who say nothing and may approve of the radical talk and actions.

Contrary to today’s “journalism,” Islam is not a peaceful “religion.” While many Muslims live peacefully with others, they do so when they are a small segment of the host populations. Once demographically significant, Islam has a track record of demanding concessions denied to other groups. Chief among these is the use of Sharia Law with respect to banking and marital rights. England has caved in to their demands/intimidation, and at least one judge in the U.S. has seen the crescent “light.” Once demographically dominant, Islam can be intolerant of all other forms of religion and governance.

Sharia Law is without mercy in its judgment against those who have violated its tenets. What would be the moral outcry against Catholicism if the penalty for a Catholic turning Protestant was death? Islam is a Satanic religion, but not all of its followers embrace the full evil of its teachings.

International terrorism to further the expansion of Islam is a natural application of the command to subjugate the world under Islamic law. We must speak plainly and unapologetically that Islam is evil. But, not all Muslims are evil, and we should encourage those who have a heart for Truth to criticize the subjugation and forcible expansion of Islam mandated of the Koran and Hadith. Sadly, the number who will take such a public stand are extremely small because of the cultural/governmental force brought to bear against those who oppose the teachings of the Prophet.

Hatred of Christianity and the USA is taught in Muslim madrassas throughout the world. Islam is traditionally a religion of compulsion, as evidenced by Muhammad’s establishment of his empire through conquest. Petro-dollars may be enabling another successful campaign. This time the battlefield may be less bloody, with demographic expansion as the weapon of conquest.  Muslims are taking advantage of the freedom of immigration allowed in non- Islamic countries, and then out populating the natives with their much higher birthrate.

Some question whether the expansion of Islam is truly the driving force behind the numerous Islamic conflicts, since there is a long history of political leaders using religion as a tool to control the masses, when their real goals were wealth and power. But, I believe Islam is animated by a satanic power, and it uses the human passions of politicians for power for its purpose.

Likewise, the natural resources of the Mid East have been the vehicle by which oil revenues can be leveraged for the penetration of Islam into every country, and give power to new world dictators. The leader of Iran is only the most current example. Saddam publicly stated his intention to rule Arabia and control oil just prior to the first Iraq war.

Many blame American for bringing 9/11 and other terrorist activities upon ourselves by our foreign policy, wars of aggression, and dishonoring of Islam. Such reasoning and argument ignore the long history of Islam as a religion which used terrorism as a policy. Thus, rather than appease Islam and attempt to coexistence, we must recognize that its philosophy and teachings are the mortal enemies of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization. We cannot fight and win against Radical Islam with bullets or security screens, although it does appear these are necessary tactics in the full battle against it.

Rather, we must fight Islam on the battlefield of ideology and truth. But, before we are ready to take on this vigorous enemy, we must first strengthen ourselves in faith and reason. We must put on our armor of righteousness and holiness as a society. Our heart and minds must know with certainty that our cause is righteous, and theirs is not.  We must reject the leftist, multicultural, politically correct indoctrination of the media, and begin to speak the truth of intolerance. We cannot live in a world with people who are committed to our death, destruction, annihilation, and/or complete subjugation to their ideology. We must expose their deception. And yes, this is a war against Islam. The Muslims who carry this ideology of domination must be held at an appropriate distance while we attempt to save each one from this religion which steals their soul, humanity, and heart. We cannot be in close and trusting relationships with those who are committed to our eventual demise. We must take the fight to their soil. We must speak the truth of the gospel, the good news of liberty in Christ using all the tools of media at our disposal. If our cause is just, true, and right we will prevail because the True God of Heaven is on our side. It truly is a Holy War.

We are well into a demographic winter in Europe. The United States has just gotten a good start in its downward population spiral. Cultures with a birth rate below 2.1 declines. Those with birthrates below 1.3 cannot recover, as recovery could take 100 years; there is no economic model that can sustain such a culture for that length of time. No country with a birthrate below 1.9 has ever recovered. France is at 1.8, England 1.6, Germany 1.3, Greece 1.3, Italy 1.2, Spain 1.1 and the total for the European Union is at 1.4. The Western European gene pool is headed for extinction, and its culture will follow quite naturally. The worldwide target Muslim birthrate is 5. In France, the achieved Muslim birthrate is 8.1. In the U.S. it is 3.1. France will be an Islamic nation in 40 years if the current rates continue.

The great European multicultural experiment is a failure and they are admitting it. In order for a society to function well, its members must adhere to a consistent set of values. You cannot effectively govern a people of one value system with a different value system. The strongest binding force holding a nation together is neither race nor language.  But, a common language is an important vehicle to communicate subtle cultural nuances, create interpersonal affinity, and forming and maintaining a uniform cultural value system.  The values of a culture are the key to its identity and unity. Divergent values lead to divergent cultures, which in turn lead to discrimination and class separation. Many Muslims in Europe have not assimilated by their own choice. As a consequence, they have fewer jobs, poorer jobs, and worse living conditions. They have not accepted their host society, which in turn has not accepted them. Thus we see extreme dissatisfaction, rioting and clamoring for Sharia Law, which of course will not solve the problem.  It will only separate the cultures further. Europeans must stand by their culture; otherwise, they will lose it even before their birthrate obliterates it.

The constitutions of both newly formed “democratic” governments prohibit any law, not in harmony with Islamic Law. The U.S. caved into these pressures, and both countries will probably come under the full subjugation of Islamic Law.

The world is uniting against Israel. Even the US president has declared that Israel should withdraw to its pre-1967 borders. Our withdrawal of support for Israel leaves it vulnerable to attack and retaliation.  The consequences of a Mid East war could ensnare the entire world.

The recent and concurrent uprising in some of these countries is not a coincidence. They appear coordinated and planned, as we see the rebel movements getting support from the administration, unions and Progressives.

Our birthrate has dropped slightly below 2.1%, the replacement rate, but this includes Muslims and Latinos, each of which has a higher birthrate. Again, the worldwide target birthrate for Muslims is 5.0, and in this country, they are achieving 3.1%.

Our moral standards as a culture have declined for many years away from the strong ethic of individual responsibility and Judeo-Christian values. A radical change in worldview entered the group mind with the generation coming of age in the sixties. They had few economic burdens, the pill became available, mind-expanding drugs were popularized, the music reflected rebellion and sensuality, the war in Vietnam provided a countercultural uniting point, and the revolution of values overtook our culture.

This trend meshed well with the Progressive’s political campaign that has been nudging our education, governance, media and entertainment industry toward socialism since the early 1900s. We have not taught our children to follow in the ways of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, nor the values which inspire and enable human achievement. We have been pressured into silence by media, education, and the humanistic doctrines of political correctness. We have given our children over to the education establishment and their Statist-favorable indoctrination in revisionist history, rage against the oppressors, America as victimizers of the poor and minorities, capitalist and corporate greed, and the American Imperialist agenda. The values that hold a society together with civil behavior, economic prosperity, and national security have been questioned and replaced by white guilt, nanny state dependency, capitulation to foreign law, Federal government intervention in all behaviors under the guise of commerce, and worship of the environment.

Strong central governments require that individual rights be granted by the government, not by God. The state cannot take away God-given rights. It is, therefore, necessary to rid the culture of any allegiance to God and true Bible believing religion. Churches have become the enemy. Christianity, and Catholicism in particular has strict and unchanging rules of behavior. The moral codes embraced by the Christian doctrine condemn homosexuality, adultery, fornication, drunkenness and other culturally popular forms of “victimless crimes.” The conscience of those who practice these abominations is pricked, and they retaliate, using a perversion of the “Rights” given them in the Constitution.  But, such “Rights” are in direct opposition to those intended and given by God. Until the body of Christ stands together against the culture of sin, we will remain impotent, flaccid, and ineffective in the face of those who use the letter of the Law against those who are afraid to stand up and say “No” to this invasion of Satan.

The battle will rage until one side achieves domination. The Islamists have no qualms about using actual physical force to impose their religion upon us.  We should have no compunction against using the words of Truth against false religions, and sinful thoughts, speech, and action.  We must honor the family, and boldly affirm the sanctity of the marital bond. Federal law has no place in establishing moral limits, but every State, County, and City has the obligation to legislate its best understanding of the boundaries of Godly morality. We are not a theocracy, but if we are to be blessed by God, we must govern ourselves by the general principles of Christianity. If we wish to reach our peak, we must openly declare our allegiance to the God of the Bible.

We have been seduced by the Libertarian rhetoric of “Freedom”, but unrestrained Liberty is not the ultimate virtue. There are limits to our Freedom, and if we do not impose them upon ourselves, God will turn us over to the destroyer and we will reap the rewards of our own rebellion.  We are, sadly, close to drinking from that full cup of wrath.

We have embraced relativism, as though the boundaries, beliefs, and feelings of our fellow man are superior to the absolute Law of God. We have attended churches where a watered down gospel is preached. The average parishioner receives words from the pulpit far removed from the wisdom and encouragement he needs to overcome the cultural tsunami of relativism, cultural Marxism, political correctness, values bending, and the Islamic invasion. There is a time for holiness and standing in the presence of our God in worship, and there is a time to equip the saints for battle. The appropriate venue may be a Sunday School, an email newsletter, cultural action blog, webinar for education and support, small group discussion, American Heritage seminar, organization for political action, community organizing, or judicial activism.  Regardless of the venue or method, it’s time for the Church to come out of the closet and be the Christians who are salt and light in this world.

We have seen numerous cultural attacks on the church and family. The family unit competes with Statism, and the proponents of Big Government know that the family unit must be weakened for men to depend fully on government. The Statists know that a Christian Nation will not participate in the violent revolution required by the Marxist program. Thus, they have chosen the alternate route of breaking down the moral fabric and righteous discrimination of the people. When men have no proper concept of Truth they can be manipulated to believe the drumbeat of the State Run media propaganda.  By seducing the Church to accept homosexuality in the name of “tolerance” “loving thy neighbor” and “Thou shalt not judge, lest ye be judged”, these enemies of our soul attempt to pervert, misstate, and then use our own values against us. Teaching our children the doctrines of relative morality, honoring diversity, homosexual marriage, abortion, and safe sex, the education-government complex has moved the minds of the next generation far down the road toward rejecting the message of Christ and embracing the propaganda of the government-media complex.

Those wanting unrestricted moral freedom, and the Muslims who want Sharia Law imposed, have one thing in common: change America by weakening its foundation so it can be replaced. Once weakened, they will then both take different approaches to implement their goals, but for now their strategies mesh. The societal pressures are increasing their accommodation of Islam while increasing their intolerance of Christianity. We see a course taken consistent with the goals and outcomes of a satanic strategy for domination of minds and hearts for the Kingdom of Darkness.

Our security as a nation and culture depends on our economic soundness. Economic freedom is the foundation of survival, without which there is no freedom. We must restore our economy, lest we will lose our lifestyle, freedom, national security, and hope for the future. We have emasculated our productive capacity with legislation that gives incentive for jobs and industries to migrate overseas to avoid taxes, environmental regulation, labor laws, and union demands. We must reverse the policies of Big Government which discourage American production.

We have gone to war to protect Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, and Iraq, but we have not used the capital of our sacrifice, care, and humanitarian service to win the hearts and minds of the Islamic world to Christ. All our good works will be for naught if we do not free the captives from the clutches of their satanic stronghold.

Not all Islamic nations have integrated church and state or practice strict Sharia Law, these include: Jordan, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Some have had women heads of state; examples are Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The weakness of their grasp is evidenced by their instability and periodic radical uprisings.

But, the disunity and turmoil of the Islamic countries, internally, and between each other, gives us only minor consolation. We would expect that a satanic coalition to have internal strife. These nations cannot be trusted allies until they overtly declare their opposition to the forceful expansion of Islam, and embrace the gospel of Christ. Until the people of a nation rebel and remove the oppression of Sharia Law from their heads, every such Islamic nation is still under the strong force and sway of Satan.

When a nation makes unambiguous national statements to the Islamic world that they condemn all forceful expansion, and subjugation of non-believers under Sharia, they can begin to be trusted. Until a nation makes such a forceful declaration, any appearance of an alliance is only a tactic of delay for advantage.

Iran is the most visible antagonist, but Saudi Arabia is also a threat. The Wahhabis are well funded and have deeply infiltrated American life. They have a strong influence in the Arab Study Institutes of American Universities, as well as in government, commerce, prisons, financial institutions, madrassas, mosques, and in phony charities. They preach their radicalism and hatred everywhere without check or opposition. Our media and culture should boldly condemn with words and action the Saudi and Islamic message of conversion, world domination, and violent jihad. Islamic theology and law is antithetical to Western thought, government, and culture, and we cannot give our mortal enemies unopposed access to our instructions of indoctrination and enculturation. These nations are not our friends, and Islam is not a religion of peace.  We should courageously and vocally oppose their agenda and invasion in all its forms. We have clothed jihad-speak and Islamic proselytizing with the flag and First Amendment protections. Is it any wonder we have al-Qaeda cells here on our own soil? We must regain the will to perpetuate our national morality as a Judeo-Christian nation. No nation’s identity and culture can long endure that hates its own heritage, and grants preferred access to influence the minds and hearts of its youth, cultural institutions, and troubled populations. The time is now to put up barriers to prevent the invasion of those who are committed to our destruction. We have been made ineffective by our own foolishness in judging good and evil, which follows directly from our national turn from applying the Word of God as our highest guide to life.


Militant Islam is a threat to us primarily because we have become weak in spirit. We have lost our fiery conviction that our nation is special because we are literally doing God’s work in spreading the gospel and implementing it on Earth as it is in Heaven. Although we have not lost the culture yet, we are at grave risk. There is still a remnant who remembers our heritage and the worship of the God of our forefathers. There is still time for the U.S. to recover its national will and restore its once great identity as “One nation under God,” but perhaps not much.

Our population has diminished in relation to those who would invade and usurp our culture. At a rate of 3000/day since Roe v Wade in 1973, we have aborted over 40 million new citizens. We have killed as many as Stalin. The family unit, the foundation of society, is becoming rare. Forty percent of those not aborted are born out of wedlock. And, those of us who oppose abortion have had little effect in changing the culture that makes abortion acceptable as an institution of freedom.

We want cars more than children. Lifestyle has become more important than life. We are focused on our own material indulgence to the detriment of our children and grandchildren – few though they may be.

Church affiliation and attendance have dropped. “We” has been replaced by “Me” all too often. Truth and morality have become relative, and we have become more self-centered. The entertainment industry keeps pushing the “decency” envelope to the point where someday, nothing will be considered indecent. “Getting away with it” is replacing dignity and honor. Education, governance, law, media, and entertainment have abandoned their sacred obligation to perpetuate and enforce the Judeo-Christian cultural and moral principles upon which our country was founded.

At least 50 million Americans and many illegals are on government assistance and many are voting. Many “immigrants” are illegal, and not all want to become Americans or share traditional American values. More than half of all “wage earners” pay no Federal Income Tax. One-third of them get a tax-credit check instead. Personal responsibility is waning. Our “educators” teach our children that Capitalism and free markets are bad and that Socialism is good. They demonize big business, glorify big government and call that “progressive.” What is the attraction to socialism? Where has it worked to produce the utopian dream of egalitarian prosperity?

Unless we drastically cut our rate of spending, or massively increase our production, the current rate we are accumulating the national debt, and the magnitude of the unfunded obligations associated with our entitlement system will collapse the economy, and with it our culture. We are committing national and cultural suicide. WE HAVE A CULTURE PROBLEM!

Our national strategy has been to eliminate the consequences of poor choices, rather than making better ones. The entitlement mentality bred by our new national policy of cradle to grave rescue from consequences damages our survival instinct and blunts the drive to innovate. Our cultural hegemony is waning, but those who promote a world government praise our decline and speak a national loathing for our influence on the world and culture. To restore our greatness, we must return to individual responsibility and personal accountability, and personally act according to the ways of Biblical Godliness.

We are no longer a nation united by culture or under God, and without the glue of a common morality and value system; we will be usurped by those with the will to impose their will upon us. We must each use our sphere of influence to promote the Judeo Christian values as they apply in our personal world. There is only hope if we awaken to the Truth of Godliness, and exert the energy necessary to overcome habit, ignorance, error, and human nature.

The United States has been the most successful, generous and outreaching nation in recorded history. We have the historical and constitutional ability to change peacefully. It can all change if we as individuals are committed to restoring the values and actions that made this nation great. We are a majority still, but without individuals actively participating in restoring the culture, we cannot defeat the ideological threats of Radical Islam and Statism.

There is no solution for the problems we face in the material world – this is a spiritual battle. We can only fight the forces seeking to destroy us if we have a deep knowledge and understanding of our Judeo Christian values and speak, think, and apply them. Only by faith and works are the strongholds of Satan destroyed.

Prayer is a vital tool in bringing His Kingdom on Earth. Pray daily with fervent supplication to the God of Heaven for revival and a move of the Holy Spirit on our nation. Educate your sphere in daily conversation. Discuss the issues that face our nation and warn of the threat presented by our decaying moral standard. Encourage those in your influence to live holy lives. Vote for candidates with Judeo-Christian values who support limited Constitutional government. Encourage your priest or pastor to apply the gospel message to living holy lives as individuals and as a group (society and culture). Stand boldly against political correctness. Openly criticize our current ideological idolatry: multiculturalism, entitlement mentality, relativism, tolerance of sin, political correctness, Statism, false religions, immorality in media, perversion of Constitutional intent, and Separation of God from the Public Square.

These issues are important. Pray and let the Holy Spirit give you ideas. Revitalize your heart with hope, knowing this is God’s world, and He will restore our nation if the People who are called by His name repent and seek His face.  Work to restore our national identity. Reform starts with knowledge, so study, read, discuss, and surround yourself with like-minded allies in this battle. Start a group in your home, view movies, read books, study the Bible, discuss the implications of the cultural message, and make plans how to respond to the people and circumstances of life.  Be accountable to each other, encourage those of like mind, and share your trials and victories.