By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

I oppose any legal acknowledgment of homosexual marriage or domestic partnership.
As a nation, we should never support any public policy which opposes God’s Law as clearly presented in the Holy Bible. The Bible is the philosophical, moral, ethical base from which our Constitution and legal system proceeded. To continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty in this God-blessed land, we must continue to enforce righteousness upon ourselves, otherwise, the tyranny of oppressive government will be required to maintain the social order. In America, the land of the Free, we do not have a right to do Wrong; rather, we only have freedom to the extent of our Righteousness. A government organized as a representative democracy reflects the moral tone of the electorate, and if we are to maintain our heritage of Freedom, we must impose righteous limits upon ourselves. The States have the obligation to legislate, adjudicate, and execute righteousness in all other matters public and private. The domain of authority for the Federal government to enact moral and behavioral legislation is small, but according to the Constitution, the States have full authority to regulate all behavior as deemed necessary to enforce righteousness. Legislation should only be necessary if the individuals do not automatically choose to comply with the moral principles of the Bible as it relates to situations of commerce and other issues of potential dispute about fairness.
Homosexuality is an addiction with the same spectrum of hooks as any other addiction. People feel a need for it, justify it as not being harmful, and cannot stop without the power of God working in their lives. I believe there is a spiritual component to homosexuality which pushes its victims, captives, and hostages to defend his/her position and enroll others. As Christians we should be understanding, have compassion for their state, and we should support people in their efforts to escape this lifestyle. But as a society, we should never submit to the pressure of this very vocal group. To sanction sin in our public law puts us in the position to experience significant negative society-wide spiritual repercussions.
Those who defend homosexuality and homosexual marriage do so on a number of levels. They argue that homosexuals are born that way; therefore they have rights just like any minority group that must be honored and defended. They attempt to justify their sexual orientation based on genetic factors which have left them desiring the same sex. While there is currently no widely accepted scientific evidence of the proposed homosexual gene, nevertheless, even if such a genetic basis were to be found, such behavior and its desires would still be a deviation from the pattern of perfection that mankind has been called to follow by God. The homosexual and sympathizer who does not honor God or believe in divine standards will never accept such an argument. Still, if God exists, and He has standards, those standards still exist regardless of one’s belief or acknowledgment of them.
Subjective testimony by homosexuals reveals that some have had a developmental history where they felt attracted to the same sex from a young age. The homosexual sympathizer uses this data to validate arguments that such behavior and desires are simply a normal human variant, and cannot, and should not be confronted, resisted, or changed. This argument is parallel to the homosexual gene argument, and has the same response; we are to follow the behavioral perfection of God, regardless of our desires.
I have met men and women who have struggled and eventually overcome their homosexuality. Over time they have adopted a normal healthy heterosexual lifestyle and sexual desire. I believe most homosexuals develop their same-sex attractions due to subconscious psychological processes related to their time of childhood and adolescent development. But, the spirit of homosexuality can enter anyone at any time of life. Both men and women can succumb to the temptation of “taking a walk on the wild side” when propositioned during a time of marital dissatisfaction or during a time of life confusion and transition. Painful male-female relationships, unhealthy parent-child relationships, experimentation or victimization can imprint the psyche with a new pattern of attraction or behavior. Likewise, choices made by an individual in response to the various life stressors can open up the heart to the spiritual forces which pressure the heart to act out the homosexual lifestyle.
I believe homosexuals can respond to reparative therapy using various psychological and spiritual processes that can help them reverse those desires. Some will respond easily and fully, while others continue to struggle against the pull of these spirits. Nevertheless, it is possible to maintain and act according to a moral stand by simply choosing to follow the path of Godly sexual prescription. An important step in recovery is cleansing the soul of the spirits of homosexuality and the hosts of concomitant spirits associated with various offenses and hurts. This allows the suffering person to come to a place where the temptation is no longer a controlling and irresistible force in their lives.
Let us assume that a person is born with a psyche that is attracted automatically to the same sex, possibly due to a genetic error that resulted in a reversed sexual preference. Such desires with a genetic basis are seen in various addictive tendencies such as familial alcoholism. Nevertheless, people with a genetic alcoholic tendency can deliberately choose to remain free of acting out that inborn desire by simply avoiding alcohol consumption. Sobriety is still recognized as a social good and right virtue, and thus we encourage, support, and expect the alcoholic to resist his inner drives, rather than to honor and tolerate his desires.
The human heart can choose drunkenness, adultery, theft, and homosexuality as a passionate desire, but desire does not validate its worthiness to self, society, or God. Each of us has the seed of sin in his heart, a desire for forbidden fruit that can be awakened with sufficient exposure and/or action. Thus, it is best to simply avoid unGodly behaviors, since engaging the temptation may ignite the heart’s passion and make resistance a lifelong struggle. Complete avoidance of a vice is an easier fight than resistance of the addictive passion that comes from within. And, since the road of sin goes through spiritual territory occupied by many demons of various type and virulence, the man who engages one addiction will find himself exposed to spirits pulling him into other passions. Evidence that sin predisposes for more sin is the statistic that various types of substance abuse are more prevalent in the homosexual community than in the general population.
The desire of the homosexual community for acceptance and embrace of their sexual practices and surrounding lifestyle, and their near-universal embrace of all other sexual sins makes homosexuality a virulent force for social degeneration. While not all homosexuals advocate the imposition of full legal recognition of all homosexual behaviors and relationships on the nation as law, the homosexual community leadership loudly presses society to give full social validation to their lifestyle choices. This press to widely impose the moral standards underlying their behavior makes homosexuality a virus that seeks to penetrate and destroy the moral structure that holds together society’s fabric. The Judeo-Christian ethic underlies all social, economic, governmental, and relational standards within our nation, and it flavors how we relate to the world community. That standard clearly condemns homosexuality, and those who practice the lifestyle feel the daggers of conscience resulting from violating the immutable God-given moral law.
Each person who practices homosexuality must struggle to free himself of the psychic pain and pressure of societal condemnation. Each person copes with that pain in his unique way. Some claim pride and freedom from guilt. Others loudly condemn discrimination, bias, and a culture of intolerance. Some may live in a state of imagined or real victimization by bigoted and intolerant homophobic perpetrators. Others simply succumb to their passions and the easy familiarity of same-sex companionship and rationalize that God must have made them this way. Some may rationalize their desire as God-given and hence embrace their passions and argue against the cruel humor of a God who would give a man a desire and then send him to Hell for fulfilling it.
And while there is a spectrum of personal reaction and sensitivity to the conscience that condemns their unrighteousness, the leadership of this movement has chosen to change society’s standards. We cannot definitely declare that full legalization has been proposed to ease the troubled group and individual conscience, still such a theory is a rational motivation. But the guilty voice of conscience to God-declared sin can never be fully tamed. Even if every law were changed, and every mind washed and indoctrinated in pro-tolerant homosexual propaganda, the standard of God would remain, and a remnant of the Holy Spirit’s counsel and reproof would still be felt by some. Even if all of Godly society’s standards were rejected, and new human laws were put in place, the guilty heart would still judge. But, the theory of a transcendent God with rules about proper sexual behavior has been rejected and the homosexual community has organized to remove the social-religious moral structure behind those societal standards. And to fully implement this solution, they must expunge the Judeo-Christian ethic from our culture. The dream of a totally homophobia-free and tolerant utopia drives them on with the hope of experiencing the peace associated with living in a culture of generations reared on the pure doctrines of tolerance and allowing each person to pursue their personal fulfillment of happiness. The goal is presented as “equality”, “tolerance”, and “love”, but the real target of the homosexual revolution is Judeo-Christianity and our Biblically based Constitutional law.
The Bible provides clear guidance on the absolute standards for right human behavior in issues of sexuality. And, such standards are needed to guide our choices, since we all have a natural attraction to sin. Some temptations have a more innate attraction to us than others, and some areas of our character have less strength to resist. But desire, interest, and susceptibility does not give us the authorization to indulge our desires. Acting out our passions has an effect on self and others, and sin, by its very nature, will cause harm on some level. God’s Law clearly directs us to love self and others as such is the basis upon which all Godly Law rests.
Even though a man believes he was born with a reversed sexual preference, he does not have to follow that sinful desire. Rather, he can use the pull of desire in that area of life as an opportunity to exercise his soul in overcoming the temptations of this world. Every situation has in it the possibility of making right and wrong choices. By choosing rightly, we develop character and become men of right and productive habit. The difficulty of right choice is simply the barrier to the reward that we can someday attain. Pressing against unrighteous, wrong, or unproductive tendencies, the individual can become stronger in his righteous character. Calling on the power of God to help overcome temptations to wrong behavior can diminish the difficulty.
The temptations to engage in homosexuality are not substantially different than those felt by the man who is tempted by adultery, alcohol, lust and pornography, drugs, theft, gambling, and excessive eating or spending. Each of these temptations can be resisted and overcome. We are not justified in our action by having strong desire; hence we must challenge the Godliness and Righteousness of our desires. Our spirit will speak clearly if we have the pattern of Righteousness embedded in our hearts. As a reflection of the mind of God, the Holy Bible gives us direction in Righteousness, and dwelling on those words will give us a firm foundation in Godly standards. .
One additional complication used by the homosexual defenders to defend the moral neutrality of homosexuality is the occasional genetic expression of hermaphroditism (a condition where sexual identity is physically or genetically neither exclusively male nor female). The lack of a clear moral imperative given by God regarding this tiny group of ambiguous sexual identity is utilized to justify the choices of others who have clear genetic identities as men and women. Societies should not make public policy decisions and philosophical judgments on the basis of a few minor exceptions. Instead, the exceptions should be examined to determine from what moral root this question came, and make firm that foundation, leaving open the judgment of any individual to the spirit and context of a particular situation. Rules should be made which govern the majority of circumstances, and those rules should be based on Biblical principles. Exceptions arise in situations where more factors are involved. To solve an exception, we must examine the heart of Scripture and look for a clear and full Biblical exposition of each of the moral domains touched by the situation. Each Biblical moral principal must be judged for relevance to the situation, and by calling upon the Holy Spirit to illuminate the primary principle upon which a ruling should be based.
In the case of hermaphroditism, there is conflicting evidence from the chromosomes, anatomy, and/or psychology as to the sexual identity. Thus, in such cases, the sexual identity of the person is truly a matter of choice. Choosing to dedicate one’s psyche to one sex or the other is truly a free choice, but not one without data that would help push the decision. But this example has no direct relevance on those who wish to choose their sexual orientation in a body without ambiguity in biochemical/physical anatomy. As humans, we are to act out our gender roles even though we have same-sex passions, and resist the temptations for alternate expression.
The philosopher-theologians of the religion-like cult of homosexuality have used the example of choice in the case of hermaphroditism as the precedent to argue that sexuality is an indefinite concept subject to resolution by personal choice and feelings. Upon this case precedent, they argue that sexual orientation is a choice for those who have urges inconsistent with their physical genitalia and chromosomes. But, argument for a generality based upon the options available to the extremes of anatomic/genetic sexual expression reveals the fact that the homosexual movement will use any stretch of logic to forward their agenda. Argument and logic only has merit when the attempt is to arrive at the Truth. When logic is used to serve lies and deception, this noble weapon of truth has been misused and it must be attacked. Choice of sexuality should be allowed in the extremes of ambiguity, and then from that time forward, the same sexual fidelity would be expected as from the common man. God has given us our sexual identity as one of the polarities around which we must orient and identify, and we must use this life to develop Godliness in our given sexuality, just as with the requirement to hone and purify our character around issues of money, work, charity, discipline, self-control, and love.
For those who need more physical support to maintain their commitment to their God-given, anatomical/chromosomal sexual orientation, a rational solution might include hormonal therapy. For those with ambiguous anatomical or chromosomal sexual identity, an operation to make the identity more clear would be reasonable since there is no inherent benefit to maleness or femaleness. But, simply having a sense of discomfort or desire to be the opposite sex is an inadequate justification to engage in a sexual transformation. Such intervention should be reserved for those who are truly physically or genetically ambiguous.
Of course, the struggle to maintain one’s sexual fidelity as a man or woman is harder when the appropriate desire does not automatically accompany the physical form. And this, in fact, may be a real-life struggle. But, each of us has a struggle of some sort, and we should live with what we have been given. We should continue striving to overcome our life challenges by staying faithful to our commitment to turn away from the temptation. Faith that we are following the path of Truth can ease our burden as we daily carry our cross. We may pray for the burden to be eased, or to simply bear it. Regardless of our relief or struggle, we are to stay strong and faithful to what is right to the end, regardless of the difficulty or temptation.
The defenders of Homosexual Marriage use the argument of “love” to justify such unions. They argue that their love should be acknowledged because love is good, and such goodness and pleasure should not be denied. They claim that homosexual unions are justified by the love and commitment of the couple. Such arguments are plausible under a secular humanist system of judgment, but they do not meet the Biblical standards because it is not a union authorized by God as one of the options for Righteous human activity. Friendship, companionship, love, and commitment, are virtues, but they are not the highest spiritual-moral principles, and they fall short of justifying homosexuality, which God has specifically prohibited.
Obedience to God’s Law and shunning the prohibited practice is the governing principle. Those who argue against the principles that God has established are judging God, and they must therefore discount, discredit, and disestablish Him and His Law as a pattern in the society. The argument of “how could love be wrong” implies that God’s prohibition against homosexuality was itself in error, God’s Word recorded as the Holy Bible is false, and the Judeo-Christian ethic should be discarded as a moral principle governing our lives and land.
But, if the Holy Bible is True, then it testifies with unwavering uniformity that God condemns the spirit of homosexuality in men and society. Love is not a qualifier that negates the prohibition on homosexuality. Passion for a same-sex person does not over-rule God’s judgment and pattern of perfection for the human soul. Arguments declaring that God is unfair to judge heterosexual love as sanctified, and homosexual love as profane, will not prevail in that Final Court which judges men’s souls. God has divinely established His standards of Human morality by sovereign decree. We can choose to rebel or obey His Law, we have that God-given option, but we do not have the option to avoid the suffering and punishment that automatically follows our choice.
As humans, we are easily drawn to sexual behaviors outside of the Godly prescription. And, maintaining ourselves inside that boundary of Godly sexual behavior and thought requires discipline and intent. Sexuality is not an issue of rights. We do not have the right to act as we wish in all areas of life. Sexuality is simply one of life’s areas which have limits. If we have submitted to His Lordship, we are His children and will be blessed for our obedience to His Righteous laws. God has given us the freedom to act out any physically available action. But, if we realize that there is a differential in cost associated with each action, then a more realistic statement about freedom is that it extends to the edges of Godly constraints. When a life is so bounded, it is joyous, prosperous and blessed. By embracing the restrictions of Godliness, we are given the maximum punishment-free and reward filled experience of life.
In the case of the homosexual and other rebels against God’s law, they are only outside of His family only because of their willful disobedience to His Way. We can choose to act independently of God, rebel against His Way, and refuse to submit. But, ultimately the time of judgment and reward and punishment will come. When His judgment comes, no one can rightfully claim injustice, since on some level we were all informed of the Law and its consequences. Our spirit informs us of right and wrong on some level, even though the voice may be small and fleeting. At that moment our hearts chose pleasure, rebellion, and the flesh, and in the moment of judgment, we will know that we are being cast away from the Father because we have not resonated with His character. The world of Heaven and His presence does not connect with the desires of our heart and soul.
The world of temptation may speak loudly and confuse the concepts of evil and good by blending passion and circumstance. Still, the voice of Truth was present speaking the standards of Truth and Godliness. If we are true seekers of Truth, we must be dedicated to listening to that voice and resolving the confusion. When we willfully choose passion over Godliness, we take one step closer to habitual service of the spirits of depravity and a deeper desire for things unHoly.
Such a person may prosper in this wicked earth kingdom, but their prosperity will end one day. Compassion for those who have fallen prey to the captivity of evil acknowledges that we are all susceptible to error. My sin and susceptibility may be different than yours, but it likewise causes separation from fellowship with God and separates me from the good fruit of His way. Thus, pray with humility for the repentance and redemption for all who rebel against the Way of the Almighty.
The governments that survive the longest and are the most prosperous are those that embrace the Judeo-Christian moral code as the basis of their legal societal system. As a nation slips away from that Biblical standard, difficulties and disasters become more prevalent. Nature, economy, and government speak on God’s behalf to draw people to Him and His Way. If ignored, the magnitude of the negative feedback increases, and suffering increases. God does not desire punishment or vengeance, but they will come in due time if the smaller signals are ignored. God will prevail; He will not be mocked as powerless or vacant. God’s Justice will not wait forever. A time comes when a nation’s cup of sin/iniquity is full, and the consequences of error will be felt in full strength. And while a nation does not stand before God in judgment, as does the human soul, nevertheless the sin debt of a nation will be paid in full during the span of history.
The hierarchy of Hitler’s government had a strong homosexual orientation, and their perverse worldview drove them to kill millions of Christians and Jews. Evil does not tolerate good, and the result of Hitler’s rebellion against God was the eventual devastation of Germany and Eastern Europe. The evil that His regime perpetrated by caging Christians and Jews in concentration camps was repaid in metaphoric kind, as Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe were caged for a generation by the Soviet block. It is a fearful thing to fall under the judgment of a Righteous God. As a nation and individuals we must follow the ways of God and choose righteousness and life since to disobey Him and His Law will eventually bring death and destruction.
Godliness vs. Homosexual Marriage