Politics in a Christian Nation 

The Righteous Society

  • The Hope of America is in being a Nation with Jesus as Lord and God as our Father
  • Governed as a Christian Constitutional Republic
  • Represented by Godly Men who Rise to Maturity in a Society where all Serve others and Love God and Neighbor as Self.
  • Living Together and Honoring the Boundaries of a Biblical Society

A Diagnosis of the Retreat & Return to a Godly America

  • Betrayal of the Founders’ Vision for America
  • The Secularization of Government & Society
  • The Seduction of Socialism
  • The Subtle Errors of Libertarianism
  • The Christian Renewal of America
  • A Roadmap to a Christian Nation
  • Legislation for a Righteous Society
  • A Contract with Christian America

Life in Relationship

  • Life is for learning, and the lesson is Godliness
  • The schoolyard and classroom is life and relationships
  • We are here on in this creation to develop character and maturity by hiding the Word in our hearts
  • By knowing His Word, we can know His Way

The Challenge of Life

  • The challenge of life is resisting temptation, but the reward is the development of character.
  • Avoid the ways of wickedness, discipline rebellion, and overcome evil with good.

His Word Lights the Way

  • God gave the Words of the Bible to man through inspiration as they were moved by His Holy Spirit.
  • His Words are True and they guide men in the ways of righteousness.
  • God desires that man walk in His Way, and will cleanse and forgive those who accept the sacrifice of His Son.

Liberty Follows from the Love of His Law

  • Those who have a heart for His law and His Way will see God and be in His presence.
  • The test, challenge,  trial and the process of life is living in right relationship with self, neighbor, and God.
  • We express our love to God when we follow His law and Way in relationship to self and others.
  • We have complete liberty to act within the boundaries of His Law.
  • We deserve Freedom because we Follow His Way and Rightly Discern, Confront, and Punish Evil

God is Love

  • God’s nature is love and He has created us in His image, in the hope of satisfying  His desire for relationship.
  • God only allows perfection in His presence, and He has given us a way to purification through Christ.
  • He is the standard of perfection, and His Way is perfect.
  • God and Man have different natures,  but we can develop in His Way by choice, thought, speech, and action.
  • Pushing against the hungers of the flesh and developing Godliness is the real process  of life.

Incorporation of The Way of Christ
Into Government, Society, and Personal Life

Chapter 1: Religion & Tyranny

Religion & Tyranny – Our founders intended that America be a Christian Nation, governed by laws based upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic. They did not write Christianity into the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence overtly. Rather, our founding documents and the acts of Congress reveal the implicit hand of Christianity guiding them. The Founders had just experienced the Revolutionary War, a war fought at least in part to liberate themselves from England which required allegiance to a state approved religion. Even so, they realized that social organization depends on the general public embrace and self-imposed compliance with a common underlying moral system. The current political correctness contends that the group moral system is a Secular Humanist belief in man’s inherent goodness and knowledge of truth. But, when the group spirit rejects Christianity, we will have only our heritage to fall back upon to return us to our roots. Thus, to maintain our status as a Christian Nation, we must remain vigilant against the pulls on each generation to worship other gods. The Old Testament account of the Children of Israel clearly illustrates the fickle nature of man’s heart. The founders did not declare us to be a Christian nation by law because of the tendency of men to fall into the temptation of imposing a religious tyranny. Instead, they depended upon the general populace to propagate the Christian faith and its ethics from parents to children, and for the general populace to conduct and govern themselves according to the general principles of Christianity. Thus, a de facto Christian nation would be formed, and maintain our spiritual lineage. For this reason, government was restricted from interfering with the practice of Christian worship and doctrine. The founders depended upon an unrestricted consideration of the issues of Biblical morality in the process of writing legislation. Integral to this process of creating a common Christian moral system, our culture must produce statesmen, judges, and informed citizens. To perpetuate this generational lineage of Christian morality, we must teach our children the principles of Christianity in the public schools to propagate the faith to the youth and thereby maintain our moral structure as a Christian Nation. We are a government of, by, and for the people, and as a Christian majority, we have the right to use the group morality to organize our laws, morals, and wisdom around the precepts of our beliefs about right and wrong, using the moral system we choose. Non-Christians within our society can expect to receive the same public policy courtesies in matters of personal safety, respect of property, and equality before the law. The non-Christian may disagree with the society’s Christian-based laws, mores, and speech; but disagreement cannot be avoided within a society. Every citizen should be equal before the law, receiving punishment or reward according to his good or evil deeds. The Constitution does not require homogeneity of belief, only compliance with the law. And the Constitution itself should reflect the absolute truth of God’s plan for man. To the extent that the Constitution veers from God’s perfect standard, it should be amended.

Chapter 2: What are the Godly limits to Freedom of Speech

What are the Godly limits to Freedom of Speech – The Board of Commissioners of Marion County allowed an “Adopt a Road” sign sponsored by the American Nazi party on the grounds of their Freedom of Speech. The absurdity of believing that they must give an evil organization equal access to a government controlled medium of persuasion indicates the level of distortion we have allowed into our group conscience. The question becomes, “How did we stray so far from the ability to judge rightly?” The decay of the societal conscience includes our tolerance of sexual perversion, and its legislation into our body of law. Embrace of the Secular Humanist dogma of tolerance and rejection of Righteous discrimination, opens the door to errors of judgment throughout our social code. Without embracing the Biblical standard of righteousness, upon which our country was founded, we risk losing right perspective on matters of grave importance. The end of such foolishness is the destruction of the nation because of improper action against economic, military, ecologic, and social threats which could destroy our nation. Loss of right perspective has collapsed the moral structures of nations throughout history, our rejection of Godliness produce the same outcome.

Chapter 3: The Godly Judiciary

The Godly Judiciary – Terri Schiavo was murdered by the American Legal System because of its allegiance to legal interpretation according to the Secular Humanist morality. A severely disabled adult was killed by State-ordered starvation and dehydration by purposefully focusing on the law that established her husband as the guardian of her life. The court disregarded the surrounding circumstances of her husband’s life (“marriage” and children to another woman) and the willingness of her parents to continue her care. The prosecution argued that these specific issues were not included as allowable legal considerations in such cases. Thus, the ruling to end her life was supported by literal interpretation of the words of man’s law, but laws subservient to God’s Law could not justify it. As a nation we should view case law as precedent to guide judgments, but it should never trump the spirit of God’s Law. The courts should moderate their passion to follow legal precedent so that individual circumstances can modify the law to conform to the higher morality that human law should reflect. Clearly the specifics of the Terri Schiavo case were not previously legislated. But, such legislation should not have been necessary because God’s law is always the implicit legal background upon which to refer in judging complex cases. Thus, the courts claimed that the law bound them to rule as they did. They justified their position by declaring the ruling to give custody to her parents would have required legislation that specifically authorized such action. But, even when the Florida legislature and US Congress passed such legislation, the Courts ruled that passing laws to govern in specific circumstances was unConstitutional. Thus, the courts freed themselves to act on the letter of the law as they interpreted it according to their Secular Humanist moral system. The courts ignored the Constitutional fact that Congress has the right to set the limits of judicial authority, and the courts responded as masters rather than servants. Even though the courts engaged in gross judicial activism driven by a Secular Humanist bias, they did not acknowledge their organizing worldview. Rather, they hid behind the plausible shield of strict legal interpretation of the mandates of law. Those who criticized the President and Congress for legislating to deal with the specifics of this case, cried that such an effort to adjudicate and legislate under the guidance of a higher moral system were doing so at the risk of destroying the foundations of law. But, these critics were ignoring the fact that human legislation is inherently general and requires the reference to an underlying moral base to modify judgment in the consideration of each unique circumstance. The Left’s interpretation of law has an implicit Secular Humanist bias. The legislature cannot claim to legislate according to a neutral, religion-free perspective; nor is the judicial establishment able judge without prejudice to their underlying moral code. As a nation we should recognize and embrace the Judeo-Christian ethic as the moral foundation that should guide and govern the legislative, judicial, and executive system in its specific application of law. Without overtly recognizing and acknowledging our allegiance to the True God, the spiritual vacuum will be filled by the judicial influence of other gods. The letter of the law will rule and kill if we do not place the law under subjection to the mercy of God’s Holy Spirit. The nation will suffer if we bow to any but the one true God and His Law.Chapter 3: Right to Privacy – Society has recently elevated the right to privacy to being one of the cardinal social/moral virtues. Select behavior once considered taboo, typically around sexual behaviors or drug use, are now off limits for prosecution or societal censure because of this overarching right.  Respect of privacy now trumps the Judeo-Christian moral condemnation of homosexual sodomy and abortion. This “right” has now found a new application as a justification for refusing to show identification to the airlines before traveling.  This story illustrates how society has lost its grounding in righteous discrimination.  When we dethrone God, remove the Bible from its foundation as the moral principle for law and societal ethics, and replace timeless Godly instruction with human concepts of proper morality, we will reap unexpected (bad) consequences.  The general principle involves the elevation of minor rights and virtues above Godliness.  The degradation of society has become so great that the content and existence of Godliness has come into question.  Man has made himself the measure of all things, and man’s wisdom has been exalted above the wisdom and ways of God.

Chapter 4: The Supreme Court & Christianity

The Supreme Court & Christianity – As a society we must decide if we want to be a Christian or a Secular nation. The Secular Humanists claim they are not a religion, but their precepts have all the markings of religion. The Secular Humanists wish to enforce the removal of all Christian symbols, words, and acts from the sphere of public funded influence. Thus, in effect, they wish to use the power of government to enforce the imposition of a Secular Humanist state. The Secular Humanists contend that the Founders intended that we be a Secular nation, having no identifiable religion in the daily conduct of public life. They note the historical evidence of abuses perpetrated by a government directed by the church. Their trump card is always the First Amendment and the supposed implication of a “Separation of Church and State.” But, “Separation” is not a Constitutional concept. And, neither the Secular Humanists nor the Christians will back down in submitting to the domination of the culture by the other’s religion.

Chapter 5: The Group Moral Ethic

The Group Moral Ethic – The Left wing media and political pundits have characterized the Christians and Republicans as corrupt and morally depraved, and used this condemnation as a political strategy. The Left elevate themselves to the apparent moral high ground by accusing the Bush Administration of lies, callous disregard for life, and policies driven by money and power. The Right appealed to the “values” voters by standing against abortion of the unborn, homosexual marriage, euthanasia, and Clinton’s infidelity; this position appealed to the moral sensibilities of God fearing Americans, resulting in their victory in both houses of Congress and the Presidency. The Left has attempted to employ this same strategy and give the appearance of moral superiority by smearing the Right with accusations of torture, blood for oil, cronyism with Arabs, and vilifying the Patriot Act as a power grab for Big Brother. The list is endless.  Each day they generate new accusations of corruption from the daily news events. Every act of defense and policy is twisted to appear as though driven by base motives. Likewise, the Democrat/Left liberally uses the ad hominem attack to tarnish the motives and character of the Right. The Christian Right’s current alliance with the Republican Party is framed as a deceptive political ploy by the Republican Big Business shadow-masters who use the naive Christian voters to give democratic weight to their initiatives for power and money while giving only lip service those moral issues important to the Christian voting block. The criticism of Bush and the Republicans for the “Medical Consequences of using Depleted Uranium in Iraq” is only one example of this type of connection of the Republican-Christian Right for policies that can be only vaguely connected with the Bush Administration. As a society, we should be raising our moral standards by encouraging an individual and group worship of the Christian God because embedded within its doctrine and principles are the truly humane and other-honoring behavior that we all desire. Only when our allegiance is actually aligned with Truth will we receive the supernatural blessings of peace, pleasure, and prosperity. The acts and faith of the nation’s people and its leaders produce benefit inherently due to the right and workable nature of the actions pursued by such a people. The supernatural blessing of God is manifested by the unseen hand moving in the minds of people, and in the subtle physical world modifications when men know truth and act upon it. The hand of God works unseen to coordinate beneficial outcomes for a people of who love Him in spirit and Truth.

Chapter 6: The Consent of the Governed

The Consent of the Governed – The Libertarian position argues against any government having authority over the individual.  An almost facetious argument against the “social contract” declares that no one has seen the contract, its terms are vague, and is thus unenforceable.  But, the more serious objection to governmental authority questions the morality of a child being subject to the laws of a government without their having been given the opportunity to give conscious adult consent to that contract.  Regarding the terms of the social contract, the Constitution frames its broadest terms.  The body of legislation, case law, and social custom give texture to the social contract.  But, the real question, is the morality of imposing any social contract upon a child, indoctrinating him in its precepts, and holding him accountable to its terms prior to his ability to consent.  Of course, such indoctrination would be patently immoral if that contract reflected anything other than God’s Law.  To raise a child without a visceral understanding and love of God’s Law truly is immoral.  The only question is whether the parents and society have embraced The True Law of God.  And of course, as humans we can be sure that all parents and every society has made errors in the interpretation and execution of God’s Law.  As parents and community, we cannot raise a child without direction, expecting that he will reach adulthood and then make the Right choices in life.  In general, the child undisciplined in Righteousness from the cradle, will choose to make himself a law, and place all others as his subject.  As parents, we must begin the teaching of Godly character at birth and continue that shaping process throughout the formative years.  Every child should be taught critical thinking: logic and Law, and when he is of age, he can choose to support or oppose the culture and concepts of God and Law.  The Law of God should inform our boundary standards and be the foundation of our individual and group relationships.  The Libertarian desires to live in a society without government established/enforced boundaries, and instead let the market determine the limits of behavior.  But, such method of selecting the rules for public goodness will produce good results only if the society at large is Godly, which is the same weakness/deficiency as democracy.  Regardless of the mechanism, society will have rules, and an individual, group, majority, or super-majority will establish them.  (There is no possibility of avoiding the judgment of other men.  Even the market will ultimately judge guilt based upon the moral consensus of a group of men.)  Laws are necessary to optimize freedom, since the state of no-government (anarchy) and totalitarian government (tyranny) are both oppressive.  The ground condition/environment/social state required to create a Free nation is a citizenry that governs itself as individuals according to Godly rules.  With such a foundation, the city, state, and national laws need be only general and customized to the geography, weather, resources, and regional tastes and customs.  God desires that men have liberty, but true liberty will only come when men freely choose to honor His limits and resist the temptations to violate Godly Law.  Evil is crafty, seductive, elusive, and disguised, and each man must use his full perceptive and judgmental capacity to discern evil from good, and then choose to act only upon goodness.  A society of such men will experience the greatest prosperity and happiness.