by: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

 America has forgotten its moral and spiritual roots as a Christian Nation.
 Christian men & women must come forward to serve in the public debate to help craft legislation reflecting Christian values & principles.
 Our Constitution does not advocate honoring a religious pluralism in government. The men who founded our country overtly considered Christian principles in legislative debate, governmental functions, and publicly funded education. Alternate gods, religions, and spiritual traditions were not given equal consideration.
 As a nation, we tolerate the individual’s right to the practice of religion regardless of the god of his/her worship. However, giving equal weight to the voice of every religion in the legislative debate betrays and contradicts the principles of the Founders and their Constitutional intent.
 Current judicial injunction against endorsing God and Christian principles in governmental ceremony and process is a modern legal fabrication. Historical context and Constitutional intent indicate clearly the centrality of Biblical principle and the God of the Bible in governmental debate.
 The Constitution does not require restricting governmental action & proclamation to avoid all Christian expression which may confront and offend those of other religious persuasions. Judicial interpretation banning the expression of God’s name and Christian teaching in schools and government reflects modern society’s struggle to throw off the chains of righteous Godly rule. As people, we are proud at heart and seek to justify our own desires. Pride and lust lie at the heart of our rebellion.
 Legislation should reflect the pattern of a Godly social order as presented in the whole of Christian Scripture.
 Judicial decisions contradicting Biblical scripture are fundamentally erroneous and merit removal from the body of case law.
 The Bible is an adequate reflection of the fullness of the Mind of God when considered in its entirety without the confining dogmatism of denominational interpretation. It is flexible and broad enough to serve as the moral foundation of a diverse modern world.
 No State sanctioned denominational creed shall serve as a litmus test of Christian heresy or orthodoxy. The Founder’s wisdom of disallowing the establishment of a State Denomination is the wall of separation which will prevent the tyranny of a Church-State theocracy from arising.