By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

When the Supreme Court overturned the right of Texas to outlaw sodomy, they did so against the intent and context of the US Constitution. In doing so, the Supreme Court has created a New Constitution. We are now under a New Regime. We are now living in the days after a bloodless legal coup d’etat. Our culture, our morals, our laws have been rewritten to comply with a Godless ideology of tolerance and sexual license. The Supreme Court has in effect ruled that the “violation of privacy” is a greater violation than the violation of God’s law against homosexuality — a violation for which the Mosaic Law prescribed death.
As Christians, we do not advocate capital punishment for adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality, but as Christians, we do recognize them as serious culture-threatening vices. The governmental sanction of vice will destroy a Godly nation’s foundation and redirect its destiny. The licentious acts of the few are a leaven, a cancer that must be removed quickly lest the whole of the society be lost. Yes, we are our brother’s keeper. And yes, it does matter what we do in the privacy of our own homes, and what we do to our bodies. The eyes of God are not veiled by closed doors, and the laws of cause and effect are not suspended to allow for secret vice. Everyone has an effect on the culture, some more than others, some acts more than others, but every act in private affects us all in public.
As Christian neighbors, friends, relatives, and acquaintances, we should make every effort to love and restore our homosexual, adulterous, and fornicating brothers and sisters. We are not to hate them, but we are to hate the sin that has overtaken them. We are to love the spark of divinity that God loves, we are to hate the sin just as God hates the sin. As a nation, we should not pass laws that would authorize, sanction or minimize the seriousness of sexual transgressions. Morals should be taught at home, reinforced in the churches and Synagogues, tested in the open field of social interaction, and codified in the legislation of the land.
The Supreme Court, by ruling that the State of Texas could not forbid the practice of homosexual sex, in effect has removed our legal system from under God’s system of jurisprudence. After the Court ruled that the law of our land protects, authorizes, and legalizes homosexual sex, we fell under the hand and rule of a different god. Our judicial system is no longer subject to the God of Abraham; we are now bending the knee to the gods of secular humanism and neo-paganism.
Our Founders knew that embracing sexual sin as a society would lead to its fall. The human soul is eternal, and punishment for error can extend beyond this life. But, a nation’s soul lives only in this life, thus punishment for national sin is delivered here. Our Founders were Bible students and knew well the punishment God meted out to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Supreme Court has justified the practice of homosexual sex by effectively saying that a person’s “right to privacy” supersedes a state’s right to legislate against Biblically forbidden acts. The Constitution does not explicitly list a “right to privacy,” but we all value privacy during intimate times. But, to place “good manners” as a more significant legal consideration than the right of a State to pass laws prohibiting a behavior God considers punishable by death is the equivalent to legislating against God.
The ruling of the Supreme Court Justices is a treasonous offense. These High Court traitors deserve impeachment. They dishonor God and the hard-won heritage of the Constitution left by our Forefathers. We are now a nation at war with God. We will lose.
Now that our judges have turned away from the God of Heaven and His righteous standards, we have breached His hedge of protection. Not all people and not all laws have yet been brought into full alignment with this new national standard of tolerance for sexual sin. But in time we will find ourselves subjected to government enforcement of “intolerance” laws which will punish Christians for “hate crimes” when speaking the Truth of God’s sexual standards.
But we still have a slim window of opportunity before we succumb under the hypnotic power of the media and state. The hour is late, and we can see the mind-numbing effect of endless politically correct speech on the group-mind. Many have learned to avoid criticism from those angry defenders of homosexuality who cry “intolerance” and “hate speech”.
If we let these unrighteous and unGodly rulings stand, we the people will reap the whirlwind. Destruction and death follow when the government turns from allegiance to our protector-God. As a nation, we still offer superficial and token recognition of God in our government, but we have lost the resolve as a nation to stand for Godly righteousness. But we can still change. He gives us a promise in His Word: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
Our salvation will come when we turn from our wicked ways. We must elect candidates willing to lead in the direction of Godly righteousness. Our elected officials are the front-line officers in this battle against the Spirit of Evil. We the People are the foot soldiers in the Army of God. We must all fight the good fight of faith to resist the spiritual forces of degradation that are already well entrenched in the turrets and bulwarks of industry, government, education, and media.
We are now under a tyranny of Judicial Oligarchs governing on the principles of tolerance and license. Our legislatures, courts, and schools can no longer openly legislate, judge, and teach that are we a people “Under God”. If we remove that phrase from our “Pledge”, we will formally declare to the world in our National Oath that we have cast Him from the throne of government.
The time has come for a counter-revolution to take this nation back. We must take it back for our own peace and prosperity. We must take it back to avoid the darkness that will befall a Godless nation. We must take it back as a service to God.