The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Wave Superimposition

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

One of the mysteries of the physical universe that we confront each day is the question of “how does a medium such as water or air communicate multiple waves of different frequency, and different direction?”  We see evidence of this phenomenon in everyday life in such mundane areas as the multiple sources producing various rates of compression and expansion of air molecules to produce sound from the numerous musical instruments in an orchestra.  Likewise, water waves generated by two boats on a lake will pass through each other without distorting or changing the other’s wave.  Such superimposition phenomenon are explained by mathematical models such as the Fourier Transform which shows that waves can be summed together to produce a single complex waveform.  Clearly the physical universe is capable of transmitting waves of multiple frequency and direction even though the medium of transmission of every disturbance is single particles.

In other words, air and water molecules must carry both slow frequency waves at the same time as they carry faster frequency waves.  And, being realistic about the capability of water and air molecules, they can only be doing one thing at a time.  In other words how is it possible for a single atom to literally be carrying two waves, when it is only in one position, with one velocity, and one rate of acceleration at each moment?  

But, the difficulty is only in our model, since life clearly carries these multiple waves at the same time, and uses the medium of the molecular vibration to encode this entire symphony of sound.  We hear polychromatic music and see many waves dancing on the surface of the water.  The physical universe is clearly capable of carrying multiple waves without distortion.  We can declare that multiple waves are superimposed upon each other, and describe the summation of all sounds as a Fourier series, but descriptions of wave superimposition as Fourier transforms does little to fundamentally explain the process by which the particles carry these waves.

Thus, when attempting to explain the universe on a fundamental level we are continually confronted with the problem of how the structure of the universe copes with the extreme multiplicity of electromagnetic waves that superimpose themselves upon each other.  The Theory of Absolutes with its rule-based, conscious particle, model of the universe answers these questions.  Every signal is carried by every particle.  The particles, being conscious, each pass on all the signals that they receive.  And, while the each particle has only one position, velocity, and acceleration at each moment, the summation of the signals the next moment will be different, and the unique summation will produce a different position, velocity, and acceleration.  In this manner, the signals generated at each moment, from each particle, travel outward, and eventually influence every other particle in the universe.  From this simple understructure, the manifestation of particle position and movement arises.