The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Particulate vs. Wave Theory of Photons

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Visible light, while particulate (i.e. a spinning electron-positron), has properties that allow it to demonstrate wave-like effects.  Photons can be subjected to experiments that are best explained by modeling photons as particles; other experiments are best explained by assuming photons have a wave nature.  This debate over the fundamental nature of the photon has raged for years.  

Refraction (bending of light as it goes through a different medium) is the keystone phenomenon that defines the photon as a wave.  The bending of light appears similar to the way that waves of different wavelengths bend.  Reflection can be understood on by the thesis of the polarized DP space around the photon interacting with the target medium, along with concepts of conservation of momentum and the underlying laws of particles which produce momentum conservation.

The photoelectric effect was another experiment to validate the quantum mechanical theories.  The fact that only energy above a certain level would interact with a semiconductor causes us to hypothesize that the photon is actually a particle carrying a packet of energy.  When photons interact with a semiconductor surface, if have sufficient energy to transfer to the orbital electrons of the semiconductor, they can escape into a lower energy space and be harnessed to produce a voltage.  Albert Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his theoretical explanation of the photoelectric effect and the derivation of the famous energy frequency equivalency equation: E = hν

The above analysis of physical phenomenon, as well as those in the body of the book, are presented in order to show that the current Secular Humanist, Evolutionist, Scientific Religions are following theories that validate a Godless universe.  The Theory of Absolutes on the other hand uncovers the veil that God has placed over the creation.  Those who wish to see Him in the creation can simply look at the current physical theories and see that there is a way of looking at the universe of physical phenomenon and see how God’s hand is working to manifest His creation.  It is the glory of God to hide and thing, and the glory of man to uncover it, Proverbs.  We are to search out and know His mysteries, and in so doing we are to love and serve Him.