The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Wave Particle Duality
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Quantum Mechanical Connection to Wave Particle Duality:

Quantum mechanics predicts the aggregate probability of subatomic particles by using the Schrödinger Wave Equation (SWE).  The probability of finding a particle at any particular spot resembles a wave-shaped distribution, which in turn can be interpreted as demonstrating wave-like behavior.  The distribution is taken to mean that the electron is actually a distributed entity spread out over a wave shaped volume.  

The Physics Establishment has fully embraced this totally non-intuitive theory because the theoretical predictions of Quantum Mechanics have corresponded so tightly with experimental evidence.  The list of successes of Quantum Mechanical theory prediction is long, but notable achievements include: 1) predicting the orbital electron position probability distribution for various orbital types, 2) The prediction of the allowable orbital electron energies, and 3) The prediction of the magnitudes of various energy gaps in semiconductor phenomenon.  

The result of the extreme predictive success of Quantum Mechanical theory has given the theory the appearance of representing actual reality.  In other words, the electron is now considered to have no actual position or existence.  This in turn forces a mental construct that corresponds to the mathematical model that describes the statistical position the electron may occupy.  

But as seen above, we can understand the electron behavior using the intuitively satisfying theory on an electron which has an actual point of existence at every moment.  The phenomenon of electron annihilation-reformation in its interaction with the Positive DP gives us a mechanism to explain the probabilistic behavior of the electron’s position.  The SWE merely gives a quantitative description to the probability of finding an electron at any given position.

Continuing to Resolve the Wave-Particle Duality Problem of the Dual Slit Experiment: Thus, the paradox of the wave & particle nature of the electron resolves as we examine the underlying experimental conditions of the dual slit interferometer experiment.  Both the target and particle are surrounded by volumes of polarized DPs, which interact and change the way the electron jumps.  All of the considerations about the electron manifesting a distributed and particulate nature are resolved with this model.  We can therefore confidently declare that the electron is a particle, with a single point of existence at any moment.