The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Velocity is a complex of the concepts of time and distance.  

i) The fundamental units of time and distance are invisible to the macro-human observer.  But, the complex of space-time can be measured and perceived and is used to quantify the passage of Moments and the intervals of distance.  

ii) Examples of useful space-time phenomenon include the oscillation rate of cesium atoms as seen in atomic clocks, or the oscillations of a quartz crystal in the wristwatch.  

iii) Placing these oscillatory systems in a rapidly moving rocket ship, or in a strong gravitational field, appears to alter space-time.  But in fact, no process occurring between particles alters the fundamental unit of time or space.  Rather, the rate at which signals transit through space is altered by the change of the electromagnetic conducting properties of the Dipole Particles.