The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Many have attempted to find a unifying principle in the creation.  This search has taken various forms and names, such as, the Unified Field Theory, a Theory of Everything, or the Grand Unified Theory.  This search for an underlying unity resonates inside us all.  In some way we know that it, the creation, everything, is all connected.  We don’t know why or how it is connected, but we all know it is true.

The physical universe confronts us with undeniable evidence of our intimate connection with a reality much larger than ourselves.  Our bodies have clearly borrowed their substance from the earth, and inside our soul we feel a pull to both earth and heaven.  The unmistakable holism of nature is in some way reflected inside our own being, and we thirst for the satisfaction of knowing our true place in this miraculous dance of earth and sky.

This drive to understand gives motivation to the physicist in his lonely search for a Unified Field Theory.  He hopes to be a light bearer to the world, giving mankind an answer, a bit of peace that comes from knowing where we belong and our purpose in this long and difficult road of life we must all walk.  The physicist examines the elemental units of nature and observes the forces acting between these small points of mass.  The code that governs interactions at this level is a primal alphabet; one that if mastered can be used to create any structure the universe could support.  It is the Rosetta stone, the key to deciphering all the codes of creation.  The pull toward solving this puzzle is large, and many devote their lives and fortunes in the attempt to advance toward this lofty goal.

The Unified Field Theory states that the forces of nature: gravity, electrical, magnetic, weak, and strong forces are related to a single more primal force.  The implication of such a discovery is that the physical universe descended or decayed from a simpler, high-energy state, and that all the currently observed forces are degenerate forms of that primal force.  The theory conjectures that this unified force operated strongly in the extremely dense energy congestion close to the time of the Big Bang, but is no longer active in the low-energy state of mass and energy dispersion.  

The human heart craves to understand origins and cause.  I believe this longing is connected to a desire to insure survival, since knowledge of the forces acting in one’s environment is necessary to avoid harm and pain.  This craving for knowing origins is likewise tied to man’s sense of curiosity, and results in his desire to solve mysteries.  I believe God implanted all these desires in man’s heart, and ultimately following them back to their ultimate source results in the discovery that all along we have been desiring a relationship with God.

God is the Creator; man is the discoverer, and the construction of the universe is independent of man’s conception.  Neither logical connection, nor symmetry, nor simplicity makes the theory true.  Ultimately, the universe follows God’s design, plan, pattern, and paradigm, and the forces may or may not unify.  The truth of a theory will be revealed by its consistency with the totality of all data, not with the preconception of how God should have made it.  The actual unity of the all fields lies in the fact that they all spring from the same consciousness; that God Himself authored the law of force.  The symmetry in nature is merely one of the patterns that we see strongly represented in the laws and principles.  God is not required to make any relationship symmetric; the laws of the universe are not foreordained, independent, or required.  They are an expression of the sovereign will of God.  Having said that, we see that many relationships in the physical universe exhibit spectacular symmetry, and as such we look for it as one of the guides as to the truth of our concepts.

The Electro-Magnetic field and the Weak Force have already been shown to be aspects of a unified Electro-Weak force.  Thus, the physics community has great hope that an equation or particle may be found which will show that the other forces are likewise related.  But, the goal of the physics community for discovering a unified field theory will lead to a destination still far removed from the actual desired endpoint.  Even if and when the fields are unified by some mathematical equation and experiment that shows how these forces are connected, man will still wonder where that force came from.  Ultimately all particles and forces came from the Word, the Command of God.  It is according to the Word of His command that particles exist.  His Word is the pattern of rules that He gave to each particle to guide how it should move in relationship with other particles.  Thus, thoughts, position, identity, movement, and rate of movement became the real forces that produced the movements which are perceived by the macro-world as forces.  Force is only the appearance of coercion, it is in fact movement by agreement and compliance in movement based upon pre-conceived directives and programs.

When man understands how the physical universe is organized, he can exert organizing power over the substance of the creation.  Men desire power, but the real desire is for survival, peace, and relationship.  The seduction by power is great, and many pursue power as an end, but leave their efforts empty handed and disappointed.  The entropic forces of decay, and our own need to continually add energy to organize the particles of creation into useful assemblies keep us entirely occupied throughout life.  As a result, the goal is not a final state of organization where we can just rest.  Rather, we must take time to celebrate our organizational accomplishments and rest.  The next day will present new challenges, and our job is to make new organizational goals, exert the effort to accomplish them, observe the effect of our labor, learn from our mistakes and celebrate our accomplishments and rest.  Effort does not equal efficacy or accomplishment, but value can be achieved regardless of the outcome or pain of life.  The play of life has not been constructed to yield unremitting satisfaction, and for this we can also give thanks.  In some way, all outcomes, all experiences can be an occasion for rejoicing.   But, without a concept of a purpose for all the struggle, the lessons, and movement, the entire play of life is meaningless other for the pleasure of the experience.  Without a transcendent vision we can only hope that the collateral result of our next push into understanding will give us pleasure or rest.  Because we were designed for relationship with God, our hearts will keep searching to connect with Him in a way that gives each moment a savory satisfaction of completeness and significance.  That completion of purpose and sense of meaning is always available; it will be found in the experience of living life in the presence of God at all times.  

There is value in looking for mechanism, cause and effect, understanding of the mechanical processes that govern the movement of the particles that constitute the dust of our earth.   It enhances our survival ability, and it enhances our ability to be effective in producing the desires of our heart, and manifesting the dreams and goals God has placed within us.  

Knowing the purpose of the larger play (relationship and love) gives us perspective and allows us to live life as a valuable part of a larger whole.  We were created for a purpose (to live in God’s world, and to experience life, health, joy, and prosperity in relationship with Him).  But, without following His laws and way, we will find that these birthrights may flee from our grasp, and we are left only with lessons on how to do it better next time.  And given that we do not live in a vacuum, and that we each have free will, we may find that we are the victim of another person’s ignorance or malice (misguided pursuit of fulfillment).  

The search for knowledge is good, because it is akin to worship; it is an honoring of our Maker in our paying attention to Him and His handiwork.  Our daily work is to scratch a living from the hard earth, but all our efforts can be an exercise of relationship with the Almighty.  When we recognize on all levels, visceral and cognitive, that we live inside a world where there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do, other than be in relationship with God, His creation, and His creatures, we can relax into the easy satisfaction of our particular job and exercise the skills we have been given as gifts.  

When we have come to such a relaxed and joyful participation in life, we can discover the secrets of the creation.  The secrets are the ways of life are the patterns of speech, thought, and action that life pleasant, satisfying, and connected.  Such discoveries may provide us with leverage to harness the power of nature.

We have already seen the power conferred to man by knowing and using the E=mc² relationship.  Any theory that accurately unifies all knowledge into a single primary paradigm inherently provides a worldview that enables power and effectiveness.  At that point accomplishment is enhanced.  When directed by an accurate understanding of the physical universe, and a unified vision is held by all mankind, any accomplishment allowed by the physical universe becomes achievable with enough concentrated effort.

Centuries ago, the church interpreted scripture as demanding an earth-centered universe; and science believed that light was conducted by a stationary ether.  These conceptions gave a metaphorical sense of an identifiable location of God and man; they give a sense of relationship between Him and us.  An absolute frame gives us the sense that there is law, solidity, order, hierarchy, and responsibility to a ultimate truth and judge.

Relativity and quantum mechanics have been interpreted as evidence that no absolute law exists in moral matters, since the physical realm demands and expresses no absolutes.  

Thus, the current social interpretation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity declares that the circumstance determines the applicable moral standards, and since there are no absolute laws.  Without an absolute standard, without a lawgiver or absolute law, the individual can choose the standard he wishes to apply according to his feelings or current beliefs.

Quantum mechanics been interpreted to imply that nothing is knowable with certainty, and as a result, no one can judge another because of the lack of knowledge of the actual state of another person.  These new age interpretations of physics and morality will eventually be put into a proper context when a more comprehensive view of the actual organization of the physical universe is clearly seen.  But in the interim, humanity suffers at the hands of these inappropriately applied models of life.  

The relativity of space and time, the quantization of energy, the equivalence of mass and energy, and the non-localization of mass are powerful organizing paradigms of the modern era.  The semi-mystical phenomena of relativity, quantum mechanics, and uncertainty have mesmerized the public mind and on some level replaced a belief in the absolute necessity of logical force-action sequences.  In its place has arisen the post-modern worldview where all perspectives are true and relative, where thoughts and beliefs manifest reality.  

It is my goal to provide a logical connection between the world of spirit and the world of science.  I believe the Theory can demystify the apparent magic of quantum mechanics, relativity, and uncertainty, and place them in the more mundane realm of measurement-artifacts and principles with limited application.  The key to illuminating the forces and sequences mediating these phenomena lies in the fact that mass and photons are both types of order superimposed upon a dense background Sea of particles.  

High-energy particle collisions occupy the attention of the majority of today’s researchers as they look to find evidence of the unified field.  Electromagnetism operates over infinite distance, while the Weak Force and the Strong Force are seen only in high-energy particle collisions at distances approximating the diameter of the nucleus and subatomic particles.  

The particle physics community has largely agreed upon the concept of the transfer particle as being the mediator of force.  As a result, the transfer particle plays an important conceptual role in the attempt to describe how all fields (electric, magnetic, weak, strong, and gravity) have a common origin.  The concept that all forces are degenerative manifestations of the same original genesis fireball appeals to our sense of symmetry, simplicity, and beauty.  If a connecting thread can be found that shows how all the forces are connected, that connection lends credibility to the truthfulness and accuracy of that theory, since ordered and logical connections are less likely than random distributions of unconnected concepts.

The transfer particles include the pion, photon, and gluon among others.  The relationship between particles, transfer particles and fields is called The Standard Model, which is the family tree of subatomic particles.  This model has proven successful in predicting the existence of new particles and allowed particle transformations.  Thus, the transfer particle concept has acquired credibility as a truly existent physical phenomenon.  

I have examined the theories of conventional physics, looking for alternative explanations to the phenomena that have clearly been observed in the bubble chambers of High Energy Physics labs.  I have examined the work of many other “dissident physicists”, searching for clues they may have discovered about common threads, correlations, and alternate perspectives.  The “Theory of Absolutes” is my attempt to contribute to the idea pool as to the ultimate nature of mass and fields.  

The life-perspective associated with the hypothesis of the Conscious Particle, and its underlying modes of action presented in the Theory of Absolutes, has provided me with an intuitively satisfying mechanism to model my understanding of the Christian Faith.  Likewise, the Theory has given me a physical and metaphysical understanding of the universe, and provided a foundational metaphor to understand personal and social interactions.  Life is so multivariate, that not all circumstances of life are predictable, and not all the forces operating in the human psyche can be accurately weighed to provide an accurate prognosis of reaction.  Nevertheless, knowing the laws of the physical universe, and studying the True way of God, will produce a higher quality life experience.  

The world of physics is populated with an array of disparate phenomenon, grouped together roughly as families of interaction-type (e.g. mechanics, thermodynamics, fields, particles, quantum phenomena, relativity…).  But such divisions indicate only the presence of an effect where a particular phenomenon is accentuated.  The integrated understructure of the creation insures that no class of phenomena in nature can entirely isolate itself from all other classes.  For example, every particle interaction necessarily includes elements of field and quantum interactions.  But, for purposes of illustration or discovery, we necessarily choose experimental parameters which magnify the particular class of interaction under investigation.  The appearance of division and disunity arises from the separation of phenomena into poles.  Under the apparent polarities and disunity of life, there is a deep and fundamental unity of all phenomena.  We struggle to grasp the significance of the unity and the disunity, but we each know that that both of these polarities are real.  Thus, we search for a conceptual framework to reconcile the connection between the seemingly disparate worlds of God and spirit and the world of particles, fields, and forces.  

The Theory of Absolutes hypothesis of the Conscious Particle provides a unifying thread that gives substance and reason to the intangible concepts of force, fields, space, mass, energy, and time.  Experience, logic, intuition, and inductive reasoning must all be used to fully grasp the Theory of Absolutes as there is no single piece of data, body of knowledge, or tool of analysis which can be used to validate the Theory.  Rather, it is the consistency of the hypothesis with the behavior of the physical universe that validates the existence of the Conscious Particle.

The concept of the conscious particle provides the mechanical and substantive basis for understanding how God has manifested the universe of physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena.  We may project the method and sequence by which God created the universe, by hypothesizing that the Dipole Sea and Grid Points were the substance upon which all of creation was laid.  Each of the conscious points was given existence by God declaring it into existence by His Word, inside the space of His mind.  

God established His Law in the heart of each of the conscious points.  As a result they move in relationship to each other to manifest natural Law.  It was upon this structure that God built the platform for life.  An assembly of conscious particles, bonded together such that their individual activity becomes part of a group action, is the basis for the formation of a group consciousness.  When individual consciousness allies together to create an amalgamated entity, the character of the individual constituent piece is modified to take on the character of the larger whole.  Such is the nature of all the tangible substance, to reflect the spirit of the larger aggregation.

Humanity, and all its smaller and larger groupings have as their constituent basis the most simplistic ruleset governing the most elemental particles.  But, the complexity of the assembly makes it more rational to describe the rules governing the behavior of mankind in its relationships in terms of a macro-Law.  The ways of mankind have a direct lineage from their roots as individual particles, and the laws governing them, but the distance between mankind and the subatomic particles is so great that the human mind is incapable of computing the exact contribution of the individual particulate consciousness to the nature of human desire.  

Thus, God has created a platform upon which all of plant, mineral, animal life, man and woman, has arisen by the divine hands that shaped and formed life earth and life from the dust of the creation.  Human nature drives man to act in a way that preserves himself, competes with his need to function as a group, and does so in the context of knowing that he is finite and subject to the rules and relationship of his Maker.  Embedded within this are the rules, the Laws of God, whose ultimate purpose is to direct man in right thought, speech and action as we attempt to harmoniously balance the needs of self, others, and God.   

As humans, we are created in God’s image, and as such we have free will.  But, our nature and momentum is at its base formed upon the foundation of a causal mechanistic, rule-based chain of particle consciousness.  As individuals, we are pulled by the competing forces of self-interest, charity toward others, group loyalty, and love of God.  We can focus on any one of the pulls of the psyche, and be excessively attached to one of the polarities and roles of life.  But, following the perfect way of God in all things is our purpose and goal.  We can choose rebellion against His Way, but such a life is hard, even though it offers the rewards of immediate gratification of an aspect of our being.  Resisting temptation, self control, right speech, thought, and action are synonyms for following the voice of the Holy Spirit, and such is the goal of our lives.  The flesh rebels against the discipline of proper balance, but we are wise to resist the rebellion, and realize that resistance is ultimately futile.  Such a reality allows us to sincerely search for the true set of moral principles which guide and govern man’s social, political, and personal interactions in each circumstance.

The conscious particle is the interface between the world of spirit and the manifested physical universe.  But fundamentally, there is no distinction between the conscious particle that forms the world of mass and time and the world of pure spirit.  God intended to create a spiritual world with the appearance of physicality for the purpose of disguising and obscuring His existence.  His plan purposefully created the illusion of an unbreachable chasm separating the worlds of God and man.  Through the vehicle of the conscious particles God has created a veil which obscured the true spiritual nature underlying the entirety of His creation.  

Proverbs 25:2 (KJV) It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

The illusion of maya, the material world, matter, forces, time, and sequential action is so convincing that the Godless explanations of the universe seem plausible.  But, without incorporating God as the central organizing force, we are left with the disparate phenomena of life all competing for preeminence.  Hence, our search for that symmetric beauty of a common origin remains lacking, and we are easily seduced into idolatries of every sort.  The Israelites, in the stories of the Old Testament, in the Exodus repeatedly returned to idol worship, as did the various Kings after David and Solomon.  Each time they fell into idolatry, they reaped punishment, they returned to the worship of the True God, and then were seduced again.  The pattern of returning to idol worship is strong in the human psyche, and must be defended against with vigilance and duration.

God has intended that man have the option of living in a world convinced of its pure-materiality.  Such a life-paradigm completely avoids a confrontation with the experience and responsibility associated with the fact of God’s omnipresence and reality.  But, this illusion was purposeful.  And by constructing it, God placed an important block in the foundation of perceived-reality necessary for constructing a world of free will, consequence, complexity, passion, and interest.  Thus, God has masterfully created a lawful universe where the complexity of competing variables and forces enables the construction of a world where man can plausibly declare “there is no God” and choose to worship the forces, creatures, passions, and archetypes of nature.  As such, God has created His own adversary in the competition for the love of men’s hearts.

Prior to meeting Him face to face, faith alone confirms the existence and rule of God.  The Holy Spirit is always pulling men’s hearts to know and fellowship with Him.  But, God has created a world where the spirits of flesh and nature compete for our affections and service, and offer great pleasure in the realms of money, sex, and power.  But, those dedicated to obeying God’s way have hearts committed in a love relationship with God, other, and self, and live peacefully with righteous men, and resist the temptations to rebel against His way.

The spirit given to man animates the flesh with awareness and the possibility for purposeful action in the macro-level interactions with the world of force and mass.  It is natural to be drawn into the motion and noise of life, and it appears that peace, prosperity, health, and survival are the purpose of the drama.  And, these are important aspects of life to manifest, but the meta-purpose of life is to use the drama and fight to manifest the good things of life while loving God and following His way.  It is the turmoil that challenges us to purify our commitment to Him, and to develop ever-greater mastery in following His way during this life.  Possibly the purpose of living life and development of character is for the purpose of developing an innate soul-spirit mastery that will allow us to operate with greater capability and responsibility in another realm of space, time, and spirit.  A central part of having real character is the development of a heart-love for Him and the gift of His creation.  Ultimately, when we look at the universe we see nothing but myriad manifestations of Him who enlivens the entirety of this miraculous play of illusion – but to call this world an illusion is to trivialize the miracle of life.  There is a world of dreams, physical reality, and spiritual reality, and all are real in their own way, but each lies in its own separate realm with only occasional or vague bleed-through contact between realms.

The Theory of Absolutes is an attempt to elaborate the laws of action and reaction embedded within the conscious particles.  The pioneers and thinkers of science have labored through the centuries to identify, quantify, and categorize the objective phenomena of nature.  Through their efforts, mankind has harnessed many of the forces of nature, catalogued and classified them, and tamed a portion of these powerful archetypes and impressed them into man’s service.