The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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16) An element of Uncertainty is embedded into the moment to moment random movement of every DP.  The uncertainty of the underlying DPs composing particles naturally influences and corresponds to the uncertainty in position of all composite particles such as leptons, mesons, quarks, and hadrons, and energetic phenomena such as photons and EM waves.  The amount of momentum held by every particle is an inverse measure of the level of certainty in its position.  Thus, the observed uncertainty in the position of both mass and EM phenomena has as its basis the constrained inherent random movement of the DPs.  Thus, the greater the momentum, the more certain is the location of the particle.  [p = x∙ħ]  It is this principle which concentrates the effect of high energy photons and particles into small spaces, such as the energy of the proton concentrated into the space of the nucleus, the Strong Force and Weak Force acting between nucleons, and visible photons operating within the size of the electron orbitals.  When energy passes through a space, the inherent movement of the DPs is constrained.  The presence of energy in a space (mass or EM energetic) is an organizing influence on the inherently disorganized, hence low energy content, and high entropy state of the mass-free and field-free Dipole Sea.