The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Time Concepts:

Time: Time is quantized and discontinuous.  In the human frame, Time is composed of a collection of processing intervals.  Human consciousness is fundamentally a spiritual perception which perceives the movement of the spiritual Particles.  Time is composed of a collection of intervals of processing.  The Moment is the smallest interval of processing, and it is in this tiny interval where movement of the Particles is computed and manifested.  Time is the workshop of change.  Without the processing of the Moment, and the resultant movement, there would be no change in the scenery of life.  Action and movement arises because of the processing cycle of the Moment.  And it is the collective experience of two or more Moments that is experienced as Time.  Thus Time is not continuous in the sense that Particles occupy every single position along a distance line as they transit between one position and the next.  Rather, the Particles move from one position to the next discontinuously after computing and determining the position they should occupy at the beginning of the next Moment.  Thus, movement is discontinuous, and the interval between movements is called a Moment of Time.

Moment: The fundamental increment of time.  During the Moment the Points and Particles engage in perception, computation, and action.  It is the orderly computation according to natural Law which creates a predictable and lawful universe.      

Absolute Time:  The Moment is the unit of Absolute Time.  The processing cycle of the Moment occurs everywhere in the universe at the same time.  “At the Same Time” means that on the level of God’s perception, every particle and Point in the entire universe engages in the process of perception, computation, and action.  As a result, every Particle and Point simply looks at the local space, computes the local speed of light, and Particles move according to the speed of light as dictated by the conditions of the local space.  The local conditions do not influence in any way the rate of processing by the Points and Particles.  Rather, the distance that light travels each moment changes, which in turn causes the appearance of the slowing down of time when compared to a space with less stress (and a corresponding higher speed of light in that space).  

Relative Time:  Because of the slower speed of light in a local space (compared to a space with less stress (i.e. less local Field intensity) which will have a higher speed of light), the comparative distance that particles move at each Moment will be less.  The experience of a piece of matter in space with higher Fields is that the particles making up that piece of matter will not move as fast.  To the outside observer, time will have appeared to have slowed for matter in that space.  For example: Observing an atomic clock in a “dense field space” will show that clock to record that a lesser amount of time has passed that a clock in a space with a less dense field.  This is simply a reflection of the fact that the Cesium atoms do not vibrate as fast when they are in a more Dense Field Space.  As a result, the atomic clock does not register as many vibrations as did the corresponding atomic clock in the Less Dense Field Space.