The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Time is the measure of the number of DP processing cycles separating two states of the universe.  Time is not an actual entity, but rather it is the name of the sequential process by which the particles of the universe change their position.

i) Each clock cycle shall be called a “Moment”.  The Moment includes a series of processes which result in the incremental movement of particles.  Every particle in the universe participates in this sequence processes each moment:

(1) Detection of the presence of Force Particles,

(2) Processing the meaning of the forces, and computing the response,

(3) Movement to a new position based upon the sum of the forces acting

(4) Project the appropriate Force Particles from their current position.

ii) The processes within the Moment make up a universal clock cycle, and every particle in the universe uniformly participates in every process at every Moment.  Restated: the Moment includes the sequence of perception, computation, movement, and projection.  Each of these elements is included within every particle’s experience and action at every Moment.  

iii) The length of the Moment may be the equivalent of the Planck Time, which is approximately equal to 5.39x10-44 seconds.  If this is the length of a Moment, then this is the granularity or resolution of time.  

iv) The Planck Time is computed using only fundamental constants of the universe such as: Planck’s constant, the speed of light, and the Gravitational constant.  These may be related because particles emit FPs with electrical, magnetic, and gravitational properties, or this may not be related at all.  Regardless, it can be safely speculated that the number of processing cycles per second is large.