The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Space, Time, Force, Energy, and Matter

By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

i) We shall postulate that space is measured by a three dimensional Matrix of particles called the “Grid Points”.  The Grid Points are densely packed in a manner equidistant to their closest neighbors, reminiscent of the organization of sodium and chloride ion packing in a salt crystal.  The Grid Points are stationary.  Movement in relationship to the Grid Points is the definition of motion.  DPs do not occupy the same position as other DPs, and when they move, they move only from Grid Point to Grid Point.  This is the method by which space and distance are quantized.  The movement between Grid Points is the distance corresponding to the ultimate infinitesimal.

ii) Time is marked in Moments that include the cycle of perception, processing, and action.  The amount of movement in a moment by a speed of light signal is determined by the amount of electrical and magnetic tension in the space.  The number of Grid Points transited corresponds to the distance, and the number of GPs transited between two Moments corresponds to the velocity (distance/time).  

(1) As humans, we cannot perceive the realm of Grid Points and Moments, which are the Absolute measures of time and space.  Instead we must measure time and distance based upon the rate at which messages communicate through the absolute medium.  The speed of light becomes the de facto standard of time and distance.  All particles communicate with each other and transmit messages of force at the local speed of light.  The local speed of light is modified depending upon the total field stress of the local media, which can be modified by the presence of gravity, EM fields, mass, and velocity of the frame in relationship to the Absolute frame.  All distance and time is thus ultimately measured against the metric of the speed of light in a local environment.

(2) Examples of time standards used by humans to give an indication of the passing of moments include: the cesium clock, pendulum, and quartz crystal vibration.  

(3) Examples of distance standards used by humans to give an indication of the number of Grid Points passed during a moment include: the platinum meter bar, yard sticks, and a certain number of wavelengths of rubidium light.  But, each of these standards will change if the standard is placed in a high field stress environment, because the speed of light is affected by the stress on space.  All time and distance standards used by man are at the most fundamental level of the physical structure of the universe dependent upon the rate at which light conducts.  Therefore, the number of absolute moments of time, and absolute increments of distance measured, will vary depending upon the amount of electromagnetic and gravitic stress on space.  As a result, there will be experiments which can be conducted where the amount of time passed in a low EMG stress frame will pass faster than in a high EMG stress frame.  

(a) An example of the disparity in time passage between frames is the twin experiment where one twin stayed on earth while the other was launched into space on a rocket going almost the speed of light.  When the rocket man twin returns 8 years later from Alpha Centauri, he has aged very little, while his brother has aged 8 years.  The cellular, neurological, and conscious processes slowed down and only a few days of experience passed according to the rocket man twin.