The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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As humans, how we approach life is extremely important, our concept about life modifies our actions, attitudes, and decisions.  And, when we make a fundamental error in modeling the nature of the universe there are most likely significant implications to those errors.  Some people believe it doesn’t matter what you think and say, just what you do.  Other people think that just saying something or thinking it has creative power.  

This idea was one of the concepts brought up by the New Age movie, “What the Bleep do we know?”  One of the major themes of the movie was the idea that we can produce an effect on reality by having a positive attitude and speech, as well as visualizing and meditating on the desired outcome.  The movie presented examples of this phenomenon being effective and attributed this effect to quantum mechanical effects.

In the Theory of Absolutes, this phenomenon can be understood and accepted as one of the possibilities of the universe because of the fact that particles are conscious, and can communicate.  Likewise, since God is in charge of the universe, and communicates to every particle, and can move every particle at His will opens up the reasonable the possibility that prayer can in some way influence God’s sovereign direction of the universe.