The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Theory Overview

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The theory begins with the proposition that God is the central consciousness from which sprang the entire universe.  But before examining the sequence and players involved in creating the universe, let us first look at the pre-creation universe.  The Bible does not give us much information about the pre-creation story, so this theory could be relegated to the realm of, or dismissed as merely, science-fiction.  But the  proposition is serious, there may have been a precursor to the story of creation which can give a depth of meaning to the sequence of genesis and the drama of man and his redemption by the shed blood at the Cross.

In the pre-creation realm there was an epic battle between good and evil, between God and the all that is “Not God”.  In this realm, whether the battle was played out as spiritual forces, individuals with bodies in a landscape, or particulate points of consciousness, there may have been in some way an eternal struggle between life and death, freedom and slavery, hate and love.  This environment was simply the field of battle, the spirit-scape, where the play of polarities between good and evil struggled for supremacy.

There is no evidence that I could give to prove that such a pre-creation state was factual, so I to appeal to our sense of continuity to validate the plausibility of such a proposal.  We see our current universe is a realm of warring polarities, and the conjecture of a similar state prior to this current world seems at least plausible.  Of course, taking the battle back one layer farther does not resolve the ultimate questions of origin of the good and evil.  Rather, it merely gives context to the story of creation.  We cannot prove or disprove any theory about the pre-creation realm, and we must simply recognize the limitation of our data and vision, and make assumptions about the pre-creation state based on our axiomatic foundations.

Thus, with these limitations acknowledged regarding our understanding of the pre-creation universe, we hypothesize that the God of our universe was one of those spirits (or possibly the only spirit) in the pre-creation space.  Was He the only spirit on the side of goodness and love, or were there many, all pushing against the evil?

Regardless, whether alone, or one of many, the Father learned to be perfect, right,  and completely separate from the forces, spirits, and ways of decay, dispersion, death, lies, and hatred.  For men, we must walk the same path to sanctification.  For us, the method was the same as it was for God.  Our path is best summarized by the scripture, “Submit yourself to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.”  In short: think, speak, and act on the good, and resist the temptation to act on the bad.  God purified Himself of the evil, but we do not have eternity, and we have a death sentence on us if we have even erred once.

God the Father became perfect in the pre-creation world.  He overcame every form of spiritual evil, and became truly Holy and separate from the evil.  His goodness may have overcome all evil, and His light may have dispersed evil just as light causes darkness to disappear.

His nature is love, and He desires to satisfy that love relationship.  For this reason He created the universe to satisfy His love nature.  Being One is the ultimate loneliness.  Therefore, God created a universe which was inhabited by men, beings of exactly His nature, type, and essence.  He needed a companion, a love match, that He could love and could love him as a peer.  

Just as the animals were not a fit companion for man, they were not an adequate partner for God to satisfy His need for love and relationship.  The material creation, plants, and animals all had a spiritual nature, and all were alive on a spiritual level, but none met the father’s desire to be loved, and to love another one like himself on His level.  This sequence was either God couldn't see evil or couldn't look at evil for the consequences it would create.  Separated himself from evil by creating the son, who then created the creation and people.  John one in the beginning was the Word the Word was with God and the Word was God all things were created were created by him nothing that was created was not created for him him.  So that the Son made everything.  The question then was how did he make the Son?  

I got a clue to how he did this by when Moses was in the desert and he said to God who do I say sent me?  And God said, “Say that I am that I am sent you.”  And that is a verse that completely puzzled me.  I thought if that isn't the most puzzling description of who God is.  What kind of name is that?  Typically it was interpreted as meaning that he was always.  I took it literally. What does this declaration mean, "I am that I am."   I took "I am" as a state of existence.  Okay, God existed.  I am, and other point of existence.  I am, that, I am.  This I am is that I am.  The question is then how did that happen?

The question then is how did the father create the sun who is identical to himself.  This next concept is a new concept, in the past I described God's creation of the sun has simply by declaration..  It was creation simply because of using the creative principle of the word.  Just as in a viable it refers to God creating by speaking, that is how I had visualized God creating the sun.  I have changed that concept a bit to make it more tangible from the human experience of creation.  Whenever we dream, when we wake up we remember a guy who was over there riding a bus, and I was over here riding a bicycle, and the guy went by me.  When we examine the dream characters we know that there really wasn't another person, there wasn't a bus, and there wasn't a bicycle.  There was only me dreaming.  The bus, the other person, a bicycle, and the scenery were all inside of my mind.  I was the one who created all of the characters objects and drama.  The ability to create other characters and objects is something that is characteristic of the ability of the mind.  God is of the nature of the mind, so God was able to create other characters in his universe by doing a dream type of separation of self and other parts of self.

If we look at the mind of God as a sphere, and if we squashed the sphere at its diameter and stretch the two pieces apart, we have a dumbbell, to spheres connected by a thin strand.  Nothing really has changed we started with the mind of God, and we separated the mind of God into another part that appeared separate, but was actually still connected.  The typology of the sphere has changed that the continuity of the surface and the enclosed consciousness has not changed.  In other words God was able to create other points of consciousness besides himself by appearing to separate himself from the object of creation which he created in his mind.

The two spheres and the connecting strand are the archetypal relationships between people.  In the Godhead this relationship is father son and Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit being the connecting strand between the two.  We knew that the father and son existed simply because they were created as characters in the dream.  But, the concept of a connecting consciousness lank between the two is a new concept to me.

After we have understood how the father created the sun and stays connected to him by the Holy Spirit, the next step in the development of the understanding of the creation is developing an understanding of how the sun created the creation.  The father was isolated from whatever the sun did, because one of the things that you know about dreams, you don't feel what that person feels in the dream.  They go through what they go through and they tell you about what they feel, you do not perceive it directly.  The sun isolated the father from the evil of the not cut universe that surrounds them and penetrated into the creation that the sun created.

The sun created the creation the same way that the father created the sun, but the sun did not have to create a full duplicate himself.  The father had already created the foundation of the universe by creating the sun.  The universe that the sun created would be a subset of the full character, intelligence, power, perception of God.  Man would be created as a spirit of the same character and capability has the sun and father, but man would be handicapped in wisdom power perception and intelligence.

The first step in creating the creation was to fill the universe with points of consciousness.  He did this using the same method that the father had used to create a sun.  He created points of consciousness as dream characters and separated them from himself and dispersed them deeply into the universe.  The conscious particles will be a foundational elements that form the under structure of what we recognize as mass, as well as being the conductive media for energy such as photons and kinetic energy.

The conscious particles have awareness, they can perceive, they can compute, and they are able to process the commands and movements of the surrounding particles.  They are embedded with a law that governs how they process commands, and respond by movement.  The sun creates these particles by a boiling off the stream particles.  The sun fills up all of space with these particles, but space is all created by God's mind.  There is no end or edge to space.  Because God can always imagine and dream more particles and create a greater distance inside the universe if more distance is needed.  In this case, inside the sons' mind, he dreams the innumerable particles needed to fill up the universe at the level of density and distance needed to support the play of life that God wished to dramatize.  The fidelity and granularity of the universe is probably on the order of 10 to the -44 meters, which is planks distance.  The universe is an extremely high-resolution projection.  It is upon these conscious particles that mass and energy are superimposed.

This collection of particles to which I refer could be thought of as the void upon which the spirit moved in the beginning of the creation story.  This void so is not empty it simply is still and when the waters removed it carries the waves of that stirring.  The mystics have named this the pregnant void.  There is nothing there but something could be.  So the foundation is now laid upon which to superimpose the universe.

The conscious particles need to relate to each other via a lawful relationship.  There are several different types of particles that are needed to mechanically manifests the creation.1:32:45 one particle I called the dipole particles, there is a positive dipole particle and a negative dipole particle.  Both of these particles are conscious particles.  The positive dipole particle would identify itself as positive and it simply responds by moving toward a negative dipole particle and moving away from a positive dipole particle.  There is no force that is pushing it, rather is moving out of choice and obedience to the law that has imprinted it.  They are simply defined as positive and negative dipole particles depending on the particular particle that they repel or attract.  The universe would be constructed to contain exactly an equal number of the positive and negative dipole particles.  In the pre-creation universe is particles would be interspersed plus minus plus minus.  This configuration is similar to the way that salt crystals form with the positive and negative sodium and chloride ion.  The depth with them the height of the universe is indeterminate because as much space as is needed could be created.  The universe could be expanding forever right in front of the photons heading for its edge.  I call this background substrate the dipole sea.

There needs to be one more particle to help define the concept of distance and the concept of time.  There must be a standard metric against which distance can be measured.  The positive and negative dipole particles are the under structure for mass, and there is a second particle which is a placeholder for distance.  These particles are called the matrix grid points.  The matrix grid points don't move, whereas the dipole particles do move.  A good point service the markers for the universe to give a sense of distance.  The pluses and minuses of the possibility of force, and a grid points give the possibility of distance.  The next metric that must be defined is time.(Aside: this is the realm of pre-physics, there is no mass there are no waves.)

Time is created by assembling a series of moments.  There are a series of processes which occur during each moment.  Perception processing, movement, and transmission.  This cycle will probably happens at about the rate of the plank time, which is about 10 to the -36 seconds.  Stated another way this is a listening processing and speaking in each moment.  Speaking includes movement.  Once the universe has been initialized with movement and non-homogeneous concentration of dipole particles, then the play of mass and energy has begun.  That point of the initialization was the moment when God said, let there be light.  Initially there was no movement, because every repulsive force was countered with an attractive force on every face of the dipole particle static dipole sea.  The six negative dipole particles are surrounded by six positive dipole particles.  There is no movement because there is no net differential.  Force.  In the beginning there is a substrate which could do something but isn't doing anything.

When the sun said move he gave an instruction to a specific set of dipole particles, a very large number of the same polarity.  It was probably the positive particles that were sequestered to the center of the universe.  The positive particles would have gathered a huge amount of kinetic energy around them that would have organized the dipole sea around the moving charge.  This may account for the large positive particles, the protons, which formed in great abundance as opposed to antiprotons which would have been negative in charge.  The collisions of the positive dipole particles as they repelled against each other would have been slowed because of the sheer numbers of positive particles which were pushing against each other.  This may have been the origin of a period of time that was close to the initiation of the Big Bang.  The choice of positive or negative dipole particles is going to be leaving any trace which will have an effect on how the entire universe is created.  This is the parity error that I was referring to.  The fact that there is more matter of an antimatter is simply a way of saying that the large particles like the protons and neutrons that form mass have at their base a positive charge which was preferentially formed to large antiproton and anti-neutrons because of the initial aggregation and concentration of positive dipole particles at the center the universe.

This aggregation of positive dipole particles at the center of the creation was commanded by the sun.  As the dipole particles push out through the sea of dipole particles positive and negative the collisions will disturb the perfect home alerting balance of the of the dipole sea and in turn cause on electrons and positrons to form around those nuclei and in the case of the being given larger momentum that the momentum could tell him arrogate on inform on the larger particles composed of quarks.

The way the matter is formed is that the positive particles such as a positron when a positive dipole particle is displaced from the neutral dipole sea.  The negative dipole particles in the neutral dipole sea will be attracted to the naked positive charge and the positive tribal particles in the surrounding sea will be repelled.  It will form a gradient of negative to positive the farther out on the radius from the central dipole particle.  The result is a positron when there is a positive dipole particle at the center, and an electron when there is a negative dipole particle at the center.

When there is a collision between smaller particles the kinetic energy of the particles can be converted into organization surrounding dipole sea and form the heavier particles such as they pion and others.  The quarks are dynamic concentrations of high-energy in a very small space.  The energy configuration that forms the quarks is unstable when it does not have another quirk in its presence.  The energy that is held by the quark dissipates into a number of smaller and less energetic particles when the quark loses its integrity and decays.  The configuration of the energy inside the quark is a mathematics problem that could be solved I believe.  The various forces such as the charge attraction and the electromagnetic forces on the surrounding particles cause the quark to maintain a stable configuration, but only if in the presence of one or two quarks of the opposite or similar charge.  The size of the quark is correlated to the energy by the uncertainty principle.

The proton and neutron are both particles that are composed of quarks, when they combined together they form the nucleus which has a net positive charge in a matter world as opposed to an antimatter world.  This is naked positive nucleus attracts electrons which go into orbit around the nucleus.  No electrons have specified orbitals around which they must travel.  Any energy above the energy of the allowed orbital energy is dissipated as kinetic energy.

The combination of neutron proton proton neutron into a nucleus via the formation of a group particle that is essentially bonded together in part of the unit is a process that negates the need for a strong force.  This eliminates one of the fundamental forces of nature.  This leaves electromagnetism week force and gravity.  The electroweak force has already been proven to be part of the electromagnetic forces.  We will show later that the electroweak force is actually just an artifact associated with the decay of particles, and not a force at all. 1:46:19

A strong force is supposedly a force that acts between nucleon's.  It is supposed to be incredibly strong and that's able to keep protons combined with neutrons from repelling other protons inside the nucleus.  In this model there is no strong force.  The nucleon's(protons and neutrons) do not repelled because there is a combination of the various particles that make up the proton and neutron all combining together into a set of dynamic r resonant particles like quarks.

Next there is the problem of nuclear decay.  For example if you take a neutron and how it separated from the nucleus and isolated to him being a single particle unbound by proton it will decay with a half-life about 15 minutes.  The neutron will decay into a proton, electron, and a neutrino.  The proton is simply a combination of conscious particles that organized into use the particles such as three up and down quarks.  The positron we already talked about being a pause to use dipole particle in the center of a collection of positive and negative dipole particles with an outer shell of a net total of positive one charge integrated over the surface.  The neutrino is a quantum of energy with a half integer spin, which normally corresponds to a particle with a rest mass.  The neutrino apparently travels very close to the speed of light.  That was determined by the observation of the time of arrival of the light from the 1987 supernova in the Magellanic cloud compared to the arrival of the neutrinos.

The next question is what is a photon?  A photon can be formed under many conditions, but a common feature of photon formation is a sudden transformation of energy state.  A classic example is the formation of an infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, or Gamma Ray photon from a shell drop between orbital states in an excited atom.  An x-ray photon is formed when a high-speed electron hits a metal plate and decelerates suddenly. A GammaRay photon is formed as a result of the collision between matter and antimatter, such as between an electron in a positron. These three examples of photon formation: high-energy to low-energy orbital, high velocity to low velocity particle, and matter antimatter annihilation conversion of mass energy, share one thing in common; energy is converted into a photon.  Photons can carry a quantum of energy of any magnitude, but each transaction is limited in the available quanta that can be generated.  In every transaction the energy lost by one energetic system is gained by the creation of the new system.  The energy carry into the point of transformation is carried away at least partly by the photon.

A better understanding of what a photon is can be had if we understand what energy is.  And energy is best understood first by identifying examples of stored energy of various sorts. All energy is stored in the dipole sea in various configurations.  Examples of how the positive and negative dipole particles can be organized include: mass and charge charge configurations, mass, kinetic energy fields, quantum packets of electromagnetic field, steady-state and variable electromagnetic fields, and as mass and gravity configurations, and as charge separation phenomena.  The zero energy state is the organization of the dipole particles in a neutral 3D configuration of space, where the positive and negative dipole particles are completely stable in the alternating plus-minus configuration..  Any organized pattern of positive and negative dipole particles other than neutral is a form of energy.

The E=mc2 equation is merely a statement that quantifies how much energy is associated with the organization of the dipole sea into mass.  One type of mass we have discussed his the organization around a positive or negative dipole sea charge defect.  The formation of an electron our positron around a naked positive or negative dipole particle organizes the space around it into a positron or an electron. The amount of energy associated with these two particles is .511 million electron volts of mass energy. Mass and energy are so interchangeable that mass is expressed in energy units, the electron volt.  When an electron and a positron collide the release their mass energy and form a photon equivalent to the amount of mass energy present plus the kinetic energy stored between the two.  That's the lowest amount of energy that could be released is 1.022 million electron volts.  Likewise a gamma ray greater than 1.022 and mev and going by a heavy nucleus could be split into an electron in a positron.  The energy transformation is completely conservative, and can go either way.

Another type of energy is kinetic energy, which is associated with a moving mass.  The easiest way to consider kinetic energy is to examine a moving charge.  So for illustration we shall consider an electron moving through space.  As it moves the electron organizes the space in front of it behind it and on the sides of it with its charge plus a magnetic effect associated with its movement.  The moving charge produces a particular configuration of dipole particle organization.  The dipole sea in front of the moving charge is polarized and the dipole sea behind the moving charge is the polarized.  (We shall ignore for the moment the concepts of relativity which declare that there is no static frame and thus how are we to say whether the charge is going forward or backwards in any given space compared to that static frame.)   The energy dissipating behind the particle pushes it forward as we see in Lenz law.  And space resists the acceleration and movement of a charged particle into a space.  Thus we have the conservation of kinetic energy, where a body in motion continues in motion unless acted on by another force.  Into

Again, the moving charge produces an organization of space along its direction of travel by the electromagnetic polarization of the dipole sea along the track of the particle's movement.  The presence of any field or mass organizes the dipole sea, which is the definition of energy.  Thus, kinetic energy is a storage of electromagnetically polarized dipole sea space, along the track of the moving particle.  Neutral particles such as the neutron are composed of charges, and when they move they produce the same electromagnetic fields local to their moving track that produces the polarization/organization of the dipole sea.

Having described types of energy and noting that photons form when rapid changes of energy occur in a system, such as high to low energy orbital drop, we are now equipped to understand what a photon might be.  In the case of the high to low orbital energy drop the momentum of the orbiting electron drops, energy is conserved, and the kinetic energy lost by the orbiting electron is no longer associated with driving the electron forward.  Thus, disconnected from a mass, the organized dipole sea begins to propagate in the direction it was following prior to the disconnection.  Thus, the energy of the organized dipole sea becomes the quanta of energy that continues on as a photon.

The next area of consideration is the quantum orbitals and the shroedinger wave distribution of the electrons in each orbital.  There is a quantum of kinetic energy associated with each level of electron orbital.  In the hydrogen atom the energy associated with each orbital is equivalent to the Bohr atom orbital with its fixed radius and Saturn like rings, but the electrons do not restrict their positions to the Bohr orbital radii.  Instead they are distributed as a probability across a volume of a particular shape predicted by the shroedinger wave equation.  The probabilistic location of the electron, combined with the fact that it is carrying its energy as a polarized space, and gives us a conceptual understanding of what it means that the electron is distributed in its location according to the shroedinger wave equation.

Consider the s orbital of the hydrogen atom.  The s orbital is a spherical shape with no angular momentum.  In other words, the electron in the s orbital is hopping around from place to place in such a random manner that its position is distributed evenly across the volume of the sphere.  When the electron was initially captured, it had a kinetic energy and it moved toward the nucleus.  The question is why does it stop at the S1 level cannot penetrate all the way into the nucleus.  You will you in in been in a