The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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  1. God is a combination of word and spirit, capable of existence and action.  
  2. He has within Himself the perfect pattern of relationship which he models, and uses as the standard against which to judge His creation.
  3. God has projected the entire universe of particles from His mind.  He has the ability to visualize and create points of consciousness within His mind, and give those particles independent mind-capability.  
  4. God has written the Law of relationship on the mind of the particles.  The positron and electron are the two types of fundamental particles, and each has its own set of rules which they obey.  The response of the electrons and positrons to each other’s presence produces physical universe phenomena such as force, light, and EM radiation.
  5. The entire physical universe, and all its phenomena, rest upon the rule-set governing the responses between these two opposite-polarity conscious-particles.


Thus, the Theory of Absolutes rests upon the axiomatic assumption of God’s creation of particles from His mind and by His command.  It is upon this basic foundational thesis that we proceed to the examination of phenomena in the material world.  The study of particulate interactions and reactions gives us experimental data from which we can deduce the rule-set written on the heart of each particle.  As scientists we observe the creation, and do experiments to illuminate the processes that occur as a result of the rule-set embedded in the mind of the conscious particles.

The study of physics categorizes physical phenomena into groups of similar type.  The major fields comprising the study of Modern Physics include: Particle Physics, Field Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Relativity.  In actuality, all particulate phenomena involve all of these types of interactions to some extent, but experiments are constructed to accentuate one particular class of interaction.  We shall examine each of the fields of Modern Physics in an attempt to illuminate and deduce the rule-set governing the interactions of the conscious particles.