The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The entire universe is spiritual at its foundation.  There is no spirit-matter duality, there is only spirit appearing to manifest as matter.  God is the Creator of the elemental particles of the universe, and from these, the aggregate particles we see as mass have formed.  The elemental points of consciousness, those substrate particles that compose all substance, were declared into existence and are maintained by His Will.   Each particle has a level of consciousness rendering it capable of self-identity, perception and expression.  The universe is therefore alive on every level, living entirely in the mind of God, and being full of His essence in every particle and space.  

Once created, God organized the particles of the universe by His command (His Word) to form the astronomical structures, terrestrial features, and manifold life forms.  The Galactic clusters, local Galaxy, Solar System, and Earth surface, etc. were subject to His guiding hand.  When we look at the astronomical universe and natural laws, the mechanism of this cosmic-scale particulate assembly appears to have been the result of only the natural ballistic forces of kinetics, electrodynamics, and gravity.  But, small interventions, over vast regions of space, on countless particles, may have changed the trajectories of the constituent particles to shape the universe according to His design.  

The ad hoc application of a command to a conscious particle or a grouping of them such as an atom, molecule, planet, etc., may be the mechanism by which God exerts force on the particles of the universe to manifest miracles, shape dust into living organisms, and paint the stars of the sky into the constellations of His choosing.