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Determination of the Local Speed of Light

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

One of the most pervasive effects operating on all particles is the effect of the rate of the conduction of force particles through space.  Thus, an important question is, “What is the criteria for the determination of the variation in the inductance and capacitance of the system?”

a) The mechanism underlying the variation in capacitance and inductance of the system may be a lookup table type of standard by which the percentage of saturation of the space with electrical and magnetic polarization is compared.  Clearly the amount of polarization in a space is a factor.

b) The relativistic calculations comparing two frames has been successful in predicting changes in the local time, length and energy associated with velocity, and gravity.  Thus, the capacitance and inductance of space may vary with the strength of the E, B, and G fields in a given volume.

c) The Lorentz transformation, relates the change in frame between a moving and stationary frame, in it is a factor seen in all time dilation and length contraction equations.  That factor is represented by the symbol .  The speed of light and the local speed are compared in this factor.

i)  =  1[(1- v²/c²)]