The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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As a youth I accepted the Christian faith of my parents and embraced it deeply.  But, as adolescence altered my thought and emotional processes, I began my attempt to develop a creation hypothesis and truly understand the nature of the universe from a rational spiritual and evidence-based perspective.  

My search demanded an integration of the world of matter and spirit into a seamless fabric that connected the scientific realm of data and theory with the Christian paradigm.  I was driven to find a rational explanation for the morality demanded by Christianity.  I could not understand why Jesus had to be born into the earth and die for my salvation.  The uniqueness of Christianity as the True religion was challenged by questions about the fate of all those who had sincerely followed other religions but were wrong in their choice.  How could I understand the justice of sending a soul to heaven or hell based on the random or purposeful birth of a person into a particular culture or family?  These scientific-spiritual concerns led me to participate in a wide spectrum of world-religions in my attempt to form a satisfying worldview.  

At the end of my search, I returned to my spiritual roots and was able to understand the metaphor, the truth, the pattern of life-direction that proved to be the map which encompassed the entire domain of spirit and truth.  But, gathering enough data-points to create a sufficiently robust bank to validate the metaphors and underlying lessons of Christianity required a lifetime of listening, questioning, and looking for the slender thread of commonality that tied the manifold themes of life together.  The lifetime of pondering physical phenomena and searching for the Truth allowed me to assemble enough spiritual metaphors and physical theory to see the patterns that allowed me to sincerely embrace a belief that Jesus was the divine incarnation of the spirit who is Lord and Creator of the Universe.

The road between scientist-skeptic to man-of-faith has been a difficult journey requiring intense desire, a substantial investment of time spent in study, and ultimately the gift of divine insight and inspiration.  But, having once traveled the difficult and uncharted terrain I believe even the physics novice will recognize the simplicity of the elemental structure of the universe and see the obvious connection with the world of spirit.  I believe this Theory will provide the serious student of science a tool which can be applied to unify the subsets of modern physics (mechanics, relativity, field theory, quantum mechanics, and particle theory) and see each as a separate manifestation of a single paradigm.  Such unification gives a satisfying sense of completion as the disparate phenomenon are placed in an orderly system that connects all physical phenomena to a common originating seed.  

The seminal component concepts of the Theory are the hypothesis of a Dipole Sea which composes all elemental particles and a set of Grid Points which gives measure and metric to their position and movement.  The Dipole Sea is a set of densely packed, God-created, law abiding conscious particles, half of which possess the property of positive charge, and half are negatively charged.  These particles shall be called Dipole Particles, or DPs.  These particles carry only a positive or negative charge (electric field), and also emit a magnetic field.  Both the electric and magnetic fields radiate spherically each moment at the speed of light.  Each particle responds to the fields emitted by the other particles, and moves according to the strength of the sum of all fields acting upon it at each moment.  As such, the Negative DPs and Positive DPs assemble to become electron masses, and positron masses.  The positive and negative DPs assemble in various ways to make all the subatomic particles that compose the atomic elements, and these in turn assemble to form all the molecules that compose the substance of life and earth. The DPs are thus the basic units of the creation, executing the fundamental processes necessary to act as the subunits in the assembly of the evermore-complex micro and macro worlds.

The conscious particles obey instructions, rules, and laws embedded within their memory and spirit.  These rules of behavior and communication ultimately result in the manifestation of group behavior that is recognized as mass and fields.  Time and space arise as identifiable principles as a result of the regulated movement of particles and fields in relationship to the Grid Points.  Thus, DPs and Grid Points allow for the manifestation of the full spectrum of complex physical phenomenon, and all this arising simply from conscious points distributed through space (the DPs being movable, and the Grid Points being fixed).  These elemental points of consciousness (and their associated awareness of self, other, and ability to communicate, agree, and follow laws) are the building blocks for the entire spectrum of all physical and spiritual phenomena.

To manifest the various phenomena of the universe, the DPs and Grid Points must possess the following capabilities: 1) The DPs must have self-awareness sufficient to localize their positions, and move in relationship to the other DPs and Grid Points.  2) The DPs must have the ability to project thought, perceive the thoughts of other particles, process those thoughts, and respond to them lawfully.  3) The stationary Grid Points must receive, process, and retransmit the signals, as well as generate new signals based on the rate of change of a signal passing through its space.

This book is my attempt to develop an alternative framing of the current physics theory and data.  I wish to create a theory which unifies the disparate worlds of science and metaphysics to create a satisfying scenario as to how God has manifested the natural universe.  I wish to pass along my insights and inspiration in the hope that this work will provide an easy path for the common man to come to an embrace a faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.  I had difficulty accepting the precepts of Christianity as an adult because of my gap in understanding how the Creator had manifested the material universe, and how that related to history and metaphor of the Bible.  This book is an elaboration of the simple insight I had in March of 1987 that allowed me to see that connection in a moment.  I have struggled since that time to bring this simple vision or insight into full scientific validation.  I may not have been successful in correctly translating every detail of conventional physics into the language of this new metaphor, but I believe the conscious particle theory will serve as the seed for a new theory which will ultimately unify spirit and science.

I believe that a man who is actually searching for truth will be able to read this Theory and embrace the Christian faith with intellectual integrity, and fill in the gaps with the faith that will always be necessary given our limited perspective as humans.  I recognize that there are other reasons why people choose to reject the Christian faith.  Some have been trained in a tradition that has captured their heart, and to leave the faith of their youth would be emotionally difficult.  The flesh and its desires has seduced others.  Some are actually rebelling against the responsibilities and consequences that would arise if they were fully convinced of the existence and authority of God.  Others are simply confused and simply do not know what is true and choose to live life in a state of not-knowing.

I have made every effort to be accurate in my theoretical elaboration of this new spiritual physics.  But, to expect perfection from a first attempt is too high a goal (even though it has taken 20 years to write this particular version from the time of my inspiration).