The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Relativistic Effects
Time Dilation, Length Contraction, and Mass Accretion
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

o Charge: The inherent electrical polarity associated with every Negative DP and Positive DP.  This charge aggregates with the formation of the various particles of mass.

o Magnetism: The inherent magnetic field associated with the Negative DP and Positive DP.  The magnetic field is commonly on the level of

o Gravity: a field innate to all particles but concentrated enough to be significant compared to the EM force with the accumulation of mass.

o Mass: Electromagnetic fields associated with concentrated DPs.  For instance, the electron mass is formed from an allowable quantum of Negative DPs, and a positron mass from the same quanta of Positive DPs.  Neutral mass is thus composed of Negative DPs and Positive DPs in an equal ratio.  Subatomic particles such as protons, neutrons, mesons, etc. all correspond to collections of various allowable quanta of Negative DPs and Positive DPs.

o Waves: Fields generated by the Matrix in response to movement of charge.

o Refraction occurs when a photon passes between two media of different light-conducting characteristics.  A transparent liquid like water will allow photons to pass, but the presence of the water molecules in the space will change the m and e of that space.  If a photon comes from air, it will travel at a slower rate than it travels in the more field-dense media of the water.  The index of refraction is a ratio of the speed of light in the two media.  The light will bend as it passes between the media if the photon wave strikes the interface between the two media at an angle less than 90°.  If the angle is too acute, the photon will reflect off the interface.

o As a mass accretes into heavier elements, the space around the nucleus and electron cloud of the mass becomes ever more polarized.  Note: crystalline substances will often have two indices of refraction: 1) an Index of Refraction associated with the density of the material, and 2) an IR associated with the reflection of photons off of the electron shells.

o from the energy associated with the force that produced the acceleration.  Neutral mass, e.g. atoms, and neutrons, may appear to have no net charge which may be All mass is made of charged particles, and the charged particles store energy due to the momentum field (the magnetic field associated with the velocity of the particle in relationship to the ether frame).

o The typical equations of relativity relate the difference in one frame vs. the other to the velocity as seen above in the Figure: MMX frame variation.   This equation relates the relative velocities of the two frames, but it also relates the relative m and e of the two frames.  And while time dilation does not happen because of velocity, it does happen because of the change of the m and e in the space surrounding the mass, which in turn modulates how rapidly particles move and interact, as well as how fast light communicates in that space within that system.  The primary change is that light does not move as quickly, and as a result, it takes longer for message to transit, move, and interactions to take place.