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Radio Waves and Photons

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

o A linear acceleration and deceleration of electrons in an antenna generate the radio wave.

o The movement of the electrons back and forth in the antenna resembles the circular movement of the rotation of the orbital electron, but the radio wave does not form quantized units like the photon.  

o The radio wave could be arbitrarily driven to create only one wave, and then it would have the same characteristic on this level as the photon.  But, the radio wave dissipates from its source in a radial manner, as opposed to the photon which maintains its tight unit configuration.

o The distinction between the photon and radio wave may be more one of method of generation than actual substance.  

§ The photon generates automatically based on being a quanta of energy dissociated from a mass.  Thus, this quanta of energy organized itself into the shape that conserved the energy and self-propagated in the proper direction at the speed of light.  

o Accelerating and decelerating a stream of electrons in an antenna forms the Radio Wave.  The electrons were continuously releasing a quanta of energy into the space surrounding the antenna at each moment.  The full power of the cycle of current going through the antenna was dissipated into the space surrounding the antenna by the end of the cycle.  

o The radiation effect of the antenna was identical to the radiation which created a photon.  The photon was formed from a quantum of magnetically organized DP space that had become dissociated from its orbital electron.  The acceleration and deceleration of electrons formed the Radio Wave.

o By properly matching the frequency of the driving current to the antenna length, the majority of the energy (minus resistive losses) of the energy associated with the antenna current will transfer to the surrounding Dipole Sea and radiate away as an EM Field.