The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Photon Structure
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The E field of the photon produces a polarization of the positive and negative DPs in the volume of the photon.  The intensity of polarization is most likely greatest in the center of the photon.  As the E field intensity wanes in a space, the DPs return to their lower energy state of the normal distance between the + and – particles; that is, the distance between them is closer to their original vacuum-like undisturbed distribution.  

o The DP spacing will separate and return after the photon passes. The theories of quantum mechanics, such as the deBroglie wavelength, and the Uncertainty principle, describe the quantitative limits required to produce a condition which will allow the precipitation of pair production.  

o But qualitatively, the asymmetry in the speed of light between the inner and outer limb of the photon must be sufficient to separate out the two limbs to a distance greater than ½ wavelength, which precipitates the dissociation of the photon.  When the distance is greater than ½  wavelength, the photon cannot reassociate itself into a photon.