The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Particles & Fields

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Electron and Positron Fields: Every electron and positron emits a Field, and every complex of electrons and positrons from a Free Particle contributes to the summation of Fields emitted by that particle.  The field emitted by a particle travels at the speed of light and acts upon each particle it encounters in its spherical outward progression.  That Field diminishes in magnitude as the inverse square of its distance from it source.  That Field acts on a distant charged particle.  This Field appears to be a net force vector acting on the particle which causes it to move.  But in fact, that field simply commands a particular displacement and direction at each moment.  Thus, when a field acts on a mass, it will produce acceleration of the mass (i.e. change in its velocity, which is speed and direction).

Field Generation from Particles: Again, each particle generates and radiates a new spherical EMG Field at every moment.  This Field forms its own conscious shell-like structure that maintains its own integrity by an intra-field communication as it propagates outward through space.  The Field is not a particle; it is the son of a particle, a conscious entity with an identity, consciousness, and rules it follows, just as the particle that generated it.  The Field Shell interacts with every segment of space and every particle it encounters.  The Field Shell commands movement by all the particles it overlaps within its thin spherical volume of influence.  The Field travels outward at the local speed of light.

Electrons and Positrons as Conscious Particles: The electron and positron are conscious particles, manifested inside of God’s space by His creative decree.  God spoke and the electron and positron came into existence.  The conscious particles follow laws imprinted upon their being.  It is upon this set of instructions that the foundational behavior of the physical universe rests.  Thus, the material creation arose by God’s creative command to manifest points of consciousness.