The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Pair Production

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

(incomplete essay)

With an electric field sufficiently strong, a positive DP could fully separate out from its corresponding negative DP in the Dipole Sea and form a mass.  But, to do this would require that the force on the two charges be sufficiently great to impart a net separation velocity when the separating field is removed.  To form an electron and positron, the energy imparted to the space must be greater than 1.02 Mev.  The 1.02 Mev is enough to crystallize out a particle, but there must be a distorting force that allows the two particles to separate and continue on without being re-attracted and dissipate their energy.  

As the distance between the negative and positive DPs increases, they both polarize the DP Sea around them, causing the positive and negative DPs to separate and create the effect of a charge gradient spreading out from the central isolated DPs that have formed in response to the E field that polarized them to begin with.

In this way the two limbs of the DP cloud could both become particles of mass, in this case an electron and positron.  The conversion into mass is dependent upon these two isolated DPs being sufficiently far apart, they will be the central seed of a charge-based entity.  

They will first each surround themselves with an inner layer of DPs of the opposite polarity to the central DP’s charge.  And, then in response to this layer, the newly forming mass will cloak itself with an outer layer of DPs of the same polarity as the central DP.

If the two particles have been given a sufficient increment of energy to produce velocity between them, they will not collapse into each other.  In this way, “field energy” from a photon, such as a gamma ray, can transform into “mass energy”.  As a result, the two original positive and negative DPs that were separated will have become the central DPs around which gathered the positive and negative DPs which form the body and substance comprising both an electron and positron mass.  This sequence is the summary and essence of pair production.