The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Pair Annihilation & Photon Formation
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The photon is a volume of space where the DPs organize with a perpendicular orientation of electric and magnetic field.  The photon propagates perpendicular to that organization.  The energy at each cross section of the photon is divided between electrical and magnetic, and continually transforms back and forth between these two organization states.  The formation of a photon may arise from a pair annihilation; a collision between a matter and antimatter particle.  This collision releases their mass-type DP organization, and form regions of DP magnetic and electrical organization.  These EM organized regions then form into photons, which, no longer encumbered by the charge defect associated with mass, propagate away from the point of collision at the local speed of light.  A photon is generated each time there is a loss of a quantum of kinetic energy from a mass, such as in the drop in orbital energy from an electron orbital system.  In the matter-antimatter annihilation, there is necessarily movement between the particles prior to collision.  Thus, there is a kinetic energy storage as a magnetic field; this energy is the seed that organizes the direction of organization and propagation of the energy out as photons from the two particulate regions.  The organization of the DP Sea does not dissipate by this collision; rather, it reorganizes in the form of mutually perpendicular EM fields.  The central charge defect in the matter and antimatter particles neutralize, but the movement of DPs associated with the original attraction of the charge defects produces a kinetic magnetic field that organizes the direction of the continued propagation of the fields associated with the organization of the two masses.  The two photons formed by the pair annihilation are an electrical and magnetic structure that propagates at the speed of light.  The result is a mutually recreating E and M field alternating their energy back and forth as they travel in the direction of the initial movement of the two masses.