The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Electron and Positron Pair-Annihilation

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

  1. The Dipole Particles of the Sea are polarized and aligned around the unpaired positive and negative DPs that form the electron and positron mass.  And, they have a Kinetic Energy field around them that also polarizes the Dipole Sea.  
  2. The electron and positron collision experience Pair Annihilation when they capture each other with sufficient attractive force to overcome the forces of momentum that drive the particles onward through the Dipole Sea.
  3. To change the velocity of a charged particle, it must experience a net acceleration, a net force, from outside of its internal system of self-maintained velocity.  The Kinetic energy field was established by the input of energy from an initial acceleration, and this field is a type of organization of the DPs surrounding the mass.
  4. Energy is transferred from one particle to the next by means of the application of a net accelerating force.  In the case of ordinary inter-atomic collisions the electron shells are both negative, so the particles themselves do not intermix and annihilate; rather, they maintain their identity and structure.  The orbital shells repel, and because one is traveling at a faster velocity than the other, there will be a deceleration by the faster particle in response to the force opposing its velocity.  The Kinetic energy field associated with the faster particle will push the faster particle into the electrostatic repulsion space of the slower particle.  As such, the slower particle will experience a force which will accelerate it, and the faster particle will experience a force that will decelerate it.  The net result will be that there will be a transfer of kinetic energy fields.  
  5. But, when the pair is on a collision course to annihilation, both particles will be experiencing an acceleration force toward the other.  This is the first stage of transferring the energy of the pair of masses into the pair of gamma ray photons.  As the pair accelerates they increase their kinetic energy, and reduce the amount of potential energy associated with their separation.  
  6. Next, the polarized regions associated with the pair begin to mix.  There is no actual movement of the polarized regions around the positron and electron through space as an entity that maintains its identity; rather, these regions are created moment by moment under the influence of the unpaired central DP.
  7. The polarized regions superimpose when electron and positron annihilate.  When the positive and negative central DPs re-pair, the central organizing foci that anchored the polarized volume no longer exists.  At the time of the superimposition of the two particles, the polarization of the two central DPs exactly oppose each other, and hence leaves the space of the annihilation with essentially no fields and no polarization.
  8. This moment of complete destructive superimposition, and the subsequent emergence of two g rays that carry the entire mass and kinetic energy of the two particles prior to annihilation, illustrates the principle that the DP Sea and/or Matrix are carrying the kinetic energy and mass polarization as information.  Thus, a wave can appear to be completely annihilated, destroyed, and cancelled, but in fact, the information once generated survives the temporary superimposition of mass and fields.   It is for this reason that waves, can superimpose without distortion.