The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Theory of Absolutes Outline

1. Overview:

1.1 Forward: Overview of my motives, and the journey writing the book

1.2 Acknowledgements: Those whose contributions and thoughts stimulated me, or whose theories I have incorporated as pieces of my own

1.3 Simple introduction: Basic summary of all concepts in layman's terms

1.4 Complex Overview: Coverage of the entire book and all the concepts, but with only cursory explanatory depth

1.4.1 Conscious Universe

Ÿ Matrix Points, The Matrix of Space

Ÿ Independent Particles

Ÿ Thought Commands, Identity Thoughts

Ÿ Spiritual Theory of Creation

Ÿ In the Beginning was the Word

Ÿ Father and Son, as equal, Jesus creator of the Physical universe

Ÿ Word vs. Spirit

1.4.2 Basic Physics Concepts

Ÿ Time

Ÿ Distance

Ÿ Velocity, Acceleration

Ÿ Mass/Inertia

Ÿ Force

Ÿ Energy

Ÿ Work, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy

Ÿ Momentum

Ÿ Rotation

1.4.3 Modern Physics Overview

Ÿ Particle Physics

Ÿ Field Theory

Ÿ Relativity

Ÿ Quantum Mechanics

1.4.4 Applied Physics: Engineering Concepts

Ÿ Mathematics

Ÿ Calculus, Simple Programs, Chaos Theory, Fractals

Ÿ Chemistry

Ÿ Bonding, Collisions, Orbitals

Ÿ Hydraulics

Ÿ Viscosity, Pressure Head

Ÿ Thermodynamics

Ÿ Entropy, Enthalpy, Phase Change, Heat Engine

Ÿ Electromagnetism

Ÿ Radar, Radio, Power Generation & Transmission

Ÿ Electronics

Ÿ Transistors, Tunneling, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, current flow

Ÿ Materials Science

Ÿ Alloys, defects, malleability,

Ÿ Information Theory

Ÿ Analogue, Digital, Computers

Ÿ Nuclear Power

Ÿ Slow Neutrons, Fission, Fusion, Nuclear Decay

1.4.5 Righteous Social Engineering

Ÿ Economics

Ÿ Business/Work/Production

Ÿ Conservation and transformation of energy of all types

Ÿ Government

Ÿ Politics

Ÿ Legislation

Ÿ Executive

Ÿ Judicial

Ÿ Administrative

Ÿ Enforcement

Ÿ Police

Ÿ Military

Ÿ Media

Ÿ Family

Ÿ Education

Ÿ Sacred

Ÿ Worship

Ÿ Service

1.5 Glossary

1.5.1 Words used in the TOA are defined.  The Glossary should be read from beginning to end at least to survey the terminology and concepts that will be used in the TOA

1.5.2 Non-Alphabetical ordering: Conceptual groupings of words.  

1.5.3 This Glossary contains a defining summary of all the concepts in the TOA in abbreviated format.

1.5.4 Note: The TOA is a new conceptualization of reality, and as such it requires the coining of many new words to represent these new concepts.

1.6 Table of Contents: Outline created by the Mind Map of TOA

2. Field Theory

2.1 E Field (Electric)

2.2 B Field (Magnetic)

2.3 G Field (Gravity)

2.4 Maxwell's Equations

2.5 Spin

3. Relativity

3.1 Speed of light

3.2 Mu & Epsilon (Electrical Permittivity, & Magnetic Permeability

3.3 Storage of energy in Magnetic Field

3.4 Absolute vs. Relative Frame of Reference

4. Particle Theory

4.1 Electron & Positrons

4.2 Protons, Neutrons

4.3 Mesons, Kaons, Pions,

4.4 Photons, neutrinos, Dipole Particles

4.5 Quarks

5. Quantum Mechanics

5.1 Conventional Quantum Mechanics

5.2 Pauli Exclusion Principle

5.3 Rule based adherence to h/2π integer multiples of angular momentum

5.4 Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics

5.5 Errors of interpretation: Schroedinger Wave Equation, DeBroglie Wavelength,

5.6 Wave Particle Duality

6. Astronomy/Cosmology

6.1 The Big Bang, The Inflation Force

6.2 Black Holes, Gamma Ray Bursters

6.3 Red Shift, Expanding Universe, Microwave Background Radiation

6.4 Conservation of Energy, Origin of Energy, Rotation, & Dis-homogeneity

6.5 Planetary/Solar/Galactic Magnetic Fields

6.6 Dark Matter, Galactic rotation, Universe Expansion

7. Christian Apologetic

7.1 God's creation of the Creation, I AM, That, I AM

7.2 Father, Son, Holy Spirit

7.3 How the Son created the universe

7.3.1 Purpose of the universe

7.3.2 Why it was necessary for Jesus to die on the cross

8. Autobiography

8.1 Childhood interest in science and religion

8.2 Social problems, rejection of the metaphysical searching, many religious paths

8.3 Vision of consciousness based universe after crying out for answers

9. Index

9.1 Alphabetical listing of places in the book where a particular word was used

9.2 Index will include Glossary entry in italics

9.3 Bolded entry for place in book where major discussion of a particular concept