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Neutrino Properties
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The neutrino is one of the most mysterious particles in the universe.  The neutrino has no charge.  It may have little or no rest mass.  It may travel the speed of light, or very close to it.  It carries a huge amount of energy (on the order of 1 Gev or more).  And it carries an angular momentum with odd integer multiples of ½ħ.  The neutrino interacts very poorly with matter, and has been estimated to be able to travel through light years of lead before interacting with 1 atomic nucleus.  The existence of the neutrino was predicted in 1934 by Henrico Fermi to explain the mass defect detected in the neutron decay into a proton and electron.  But, it was 1954 before an experiment was able to detect the existence of the neutrino.  The Standard Model of particle physics predicts the existence of a neutrino and an anti-neutrino, (one made by neutron decay and the other by fusion).  There is no functional difference between the neutrino and anti-neutrino.