The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Neutral Space
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

a) The DPs occupying space are continually exerting electrical and magnetic force on each other to move and orient each other in the most magnetically energy-neutral position, which is random magnetic orientation, and equidistant alternating charges.  

b) Space only orients with a net magnetic alignment when there is net charge movement in that space.  

i) An example of a net, stable, magnetic field is the case of iron crystal domains held in a particular orientation as seen in a permanent magnet.

c) The DPs are in a state of electrical neutrality when they are alternating in charge, and equidistant.  When a DP when a DP moves closer or farther from another DP, the DPs in its local environment will now experience a net imbalance of electrical forces.  Those DPs move, retransmit the FPs that caused them to move, and in turn cause a ripple effect throughout all space, to infinity.  And of course, the movement of the electrical charges will have an inherent magnetic effect because of the velocity vector added to the FPs.

d) The movement of DPs is the equivalent to the transmission of information.  The movement of a DP changes the forces felt by all the local DPs, which in turn relay those forces.  

i) The coordinated movement of charges directed by intelligence, with intentional information embedded (such as a microphone diaphragm moving in response to a voice), causes the transmission of meaning, message, and information via the coordinated/organized disturbances in the media of space.  

ii) When particles move, a ripple of higher density Force Particles proceeds from the point of origin.  And, since all sources have a periodic nature, a region of low density will follow that region of high density FPs.  The net result is that information transfer involves the propagation of a signal through a media.  The organization of the media is an alternate representation of the organizational information that generated it.  

iii) Again, every change in electrical field, either higher or lower, causes the movement of DPs, which causes a magnetic force in response to this changing E field.  Thus, every informational organization is inherently encoded in electro-magnetic organization of the DPs that transmit that organizational packet from source to receiver.