The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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E Field Polarization & B Field Alignment
of the Dipole Sea by Free Charges

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Prior to the Big Bang, the Dipole Sea/Lattice was perfectly crystalline, static, and without defect.  The introduction of free charged-magnetic particles disturbed the Lattice with imperfections.  The perfect crystalline Lattice was composed of opposite charges alternating polarity in all directions, and magnetic poles aligned alternately up and down in virtually infinitely long columns/strings.

The Big Bang disturbed the quiet electrostatic and magnetostatic order of the Dipole Sea/Lattice electrons and positrons with the introduction of the free charged-magnetic particles.  Simply the existence of these “charge defects” in the perfect ordered spacing of the quiescent Lattice, with its balance between electrical and magnetic forces, is enough to cause a ripple of disturbance from that point to the ends of the universe.  But, because the Free Particles were given momentum, energy, velocity by the repulsive forces of the Big Bang, the disturbance of the Lattice will generate anew in its full intensity from each point in its transit, at each moment.  

The Lattice is disturbed because a charged-magnetic particle adds electro-magnetic forces to the previous delicate balance of attraction and repulsion between the polarized and aligned lattice of electrons and positrons.  A free electron introduced into the Lattice would attract local positrons and repel electrons in the Lattice.  And, subsequent to the initial disturbance, that polarization and alignment of the Lattice due to that E & B field sphere would extend spherically outward to eternity at the speed of light.  In a static system, where the charge was stationary with respect to the Lattice, the initial polarization and alignment front would be the only disturbing event at each locale.  The polarization and alignment front would pass by every point in the Lattice, adding new forces to their assembly and changing the geometry of the lattice to reflect the new equilibrium of forces.

If the particle is in motion, instead of having just been introduced instantaneously into a static location in the Lattice, then this disturbance of local polarization and alignment, and the propagation of that disturbance front will continue to initiate at each moment.  And, since the particle (or its energetic surrogate) will never come to rest, the moving focal point of polarization and alignment will continue to produce a sequence of generation of alignment and polarization on its leading edge, and a collapse of alignment and polarization on its trailing edge.