The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Permeability & Permittivity of Space

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The speed of light in a space, and all other relativistic phenomenon, may be related to the stress on the DPs, which in may be related to the ì and å of the effective separation of the DPs, which could be related to the effective side of a square, which is the square root of a square where the two sides of the rectangle are ì and å, which in turn create the side of the square.)  Whether the DPs make this calculation or not is unknown, but the effective outcome from the position of the macro-observation is equivalent to this.  Such a method is workable, since at every moment the strength of the field will have diminished by a single quantum of energy.  In other words, the quantities that have to be worked with will be integers that can be summed.  There will be no percentages or indeterminate decimals that must be computed and carried.  The value of the Field will diminish by 1 quantum at each moment.  The ì will be related to the total B field in a space, and the å will be related to the total E Field in the space.  To compute the speed of light, the effective side of the square will be computed by taking the product of the ì and å, taking the square root of that product.  This is essentially an inverse of the distance, which is an effective radius.  This parameter in turn produces the effect of the diminishment of the speed of light with the increase in the field strength.  This thesis will accommodate and explain how the electron can manifest both particulate and wave-phenomenon.

Aside: (This paragraph introduces many terms and concepts of the TOA with minimal explanation, but will familiarize the reader with words and concepts that will be used extensively throughout the thesis.)  The electron is a point of consciousness, which emits an electromagnetic field (EM Field) as it moves through space.  The electron has an inherent spin and charge, which means that it will emit an Electric Field (E Field) and a Magnetic Field (B Field) at every Moment (the Universal Clock Tick, which is probably around 10-36 sec).  (Note: Time is not continuous; rather, reality is composed of many individual moments, or frames, strung together to produce the real-live movie of life.  Each frame is composed of particles interacting lawfully in a sequence of interaction.)  Charge generates an E Field, spin generates a B Field, and they both propagate away each moment from the charged particle at the local speed of light.  If the particle is moving with respect to the Absolute Frame of reference, then the particle has an Absolute Velocity, which in turn produces an Absolute B Field proportional in magnitude to its velocity.  (Note: The Absolute Frame may be a Matrix of Grid Points established by God as a method of measuring distance and velocity, or the Absolute frame may simply be the Dipole Sea.)  When two particles interact, they do not touch; rather, particles move in response to each other’s E and B Fields.  Thus, two particles interacting would attract or repel based on their E Field, and would transmit the energy associated with their dynamic B Fields.  The dynamic B Field (due to relative velocity), is the basis of momentum, mass, kinetic energy, inertia type phenomenon.