The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Miscellaenous Unfinished concepts to confront:

break down under the e assertion is that the Bible is a historically accurate book, that it is logically consistent, and that the source of the Bible's moral directives was God Himself.  The validity of all of the Bible's religious and faith tenants ride upon the assumption that it accurately reflects the mind of God.  Thus, if the Bible is God's mind, and God is the maker of the universe, then it is His law, and he has the right to make it.  In other words, if God is the maker of the creation and the creator of life, then He has the right to be the author of the Law.  

Without this scientific validation and theoretical understructure integrated with Biblical patterns, the argument for accepting Jesus as Lord based on his claim of being the creator of the universe is an argument which bears little weight on those who look to reason, cause & effect, evidence, and theory connected with experiment as the basis for their belief.

 is that it is not a religion at all because the beliefs, tenants, Laws are derived from objective experiment, reason, and scientific consensus.  Thus, it is more likely to be accurate since it is not based upon superstition or the subjective beliefs of any one individual.  The belief is that those principles and beliefs which are held by a group of people are objective, and have filtered out the peculiarities and errors of individual perspective.

the implicit reliance on self and personal effort.  While such drive, desire, and work is necessary to really viscerally experience the purpose and meaning of life, it is not sufficient.  Rather, the ultimate meaning in life must come from a divinely inspired peace and love that accompanies the effort.  

It can feel frustrating as though life is trying to deprive him of pleasure.  It can feel as though there is no payoff for all the effort and pain.  Such is the world-view of the nihilist.

for attaining perfection in one's soul, and that there is a delayed, but eternal reward for pursuing and attaining any level of perfection, and the effort produces a higher level of satisfaction for eternity in the Kingdom.

Good and Evil: Justice and Meaning

The most difficult crimes against the law abiding sheep are the genetic defects, the drive-by shootings of random victims, the diseases which take away mind and function.  

the chance bystanders who are

I have looked for examples, patterns, and metaphors which were used in the Bible.  I then considered whether those could be extended, generalized, or seen as fundamental patterns of life.