The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Matrix Concepts:

Matrix: The collection of all Matrix Points.  

Absolute Frame:  The unmovable reference frame of the Matrix.  Any point in the Matrix may be chosen as a reference point.  A reference frame chosen based on any other Matrix Point may be mapped simply by a coordinate addition.  Thus, all other Points will then simply be seen in relation to that point.

Matrix Cube: The 8 Matrix Points at the corners of a cube.  The space in between the 8 Points at the corners of the Matrix Cube is the space influenced by the 8 corner Points.  The points

Matrix Point: The Points of consciousness and spirit God has created to hold the positions of place in the universe.  The Matrix Points are the backbone and skeleton of the universe.  The Matrix Points create, via the speed of light, the concept of distance, and make it possible to actually measure distance.  The Matrix Points create, via the processing cycle of the Moment, the sequence of positions we recognize as “Time”.  As spirits we view the creation in the Moment.  Likewise, we view the

Point: (See Matrix Point)

Local-Space Radius: During a Moment, the Local Speed of Light will travel a distance of one Local-Space Radius.  This distance is defined in terms of the number of Matrix Points (or fractions of a Matrix Point) that a Field or photon will transit in one Moment.  

Summation Force (Summation Force Field): Every Matrix Point has a Field arriving from every Particle in the universe.  That field is summed by vector addition, and the resultant applied to the Particles in the 8 adjacent Matrix Cubes.  The result is that the Particles in the Matrix Cubes adjoining the local move in response to the 8 Points in its immediate surrounding Matrix Cube.  The force applied to every particle in the Matrix Cube is the “Summation Force”.

Real World: The domain of relativity.  The Real World is the place where Particles relate to each other and move according the influence of Fields.