The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Mass Concepts:


Matter: The equivalent term to Mass.  Matter is any substance composed of Atoms and/or elementary particles.    

Mass: The concept of Mass is a collection of several different characteristics.  At the heart of Mass is the conscious particle, either the electron or positron.  The Electron and positron both exhibit the characteristics of Charge and Spin.   Charge creates an Electrical Field (E Field), and Spin creates a Magnetic Field (B Field).  Charges assemble to create nucleons (protons and neutrons) which assemble to create nuclei with a net Positive charge.  In turn, the nuclei attracts orbital electrons which occupy specific energy levels allowed by the Matrix (i.e. angular momentum at integer multiples of ħ).  The Atom is the common macroscopic fundamental unit of Mass, but the electron and positron are the actual fundamental/smallest elements of Mass.  Mass has the property of inertia, which causes Mass to maintain its velocity once established, and resist acceleration/deceleration.  Inertial effects are produced by the Inertial Magnetic Field, which is stored magnetic energy residing in the inter-subatomic volume.  The Inertial Magnetic Field collapses to maintain velocity during a collision, and the Matrix transfers the energy of the Inertial Magnetic Field to another object or Field.

Inertial Magnetic Field: Kinetic Energy is stored in the Matrix, as a magnetic field between the subatomic particles (i.e. the orbital electrons, and the electrons and positrons composing the neutrons and protons).  Ordinary Mass is magnetically neutral on a macroscopic level, but on the level of the subatomic particles, the volume around each charged particle inside the nucleons accumulates a magnetic field associated with its velocity.  The Matrix generates this magnetic field as a programmed response to the velocity through the Matrix of a charged particle.  This magnetic field generated by the Matrix is called the Inertial Magnetic Field.

Rest Mass: All particles, excepts Neutrinos and Photons, have a rest mass.  Charged Particles have a rest mass because they inherently produce a magnetic field, which corresponds to an angular momentum “Spin” of ½ħ (Joule-seconds).  The Spin Magnetic Field is intimately connected with the elementary charged Particle itself.  The Matrix does not create the Spin; Spin is inherent to the existence and manifestation of a Charged Particle.  Charged Particles can lose their Spin by annihilating; an electron and positron may collide, and the angular momentum stored inside each one is released as two gamma rays of .511 MeV.  The annihilated electron-positron pair is now a Dipole Particle.  The universe was probably created with a huge number of DPs, densely populating even the smallest Matrix Cube volumes.  The DPs can become photons, which carry Orbital Angular Momentum away from Orbital Shell Drops.  The DP has no Rest Mass.  

Spin Magnetic Field: The Electron and Positron are defined as spiritual entities, or points of consciousness.  As such, they can manifest several qualities; the first is charge, and the second is spin.  The quality of charge is ever present, never diminishing or leaving even after the Electron or Positron has been annihilated and turned into a Dipole Particle (DP).  But, the Spin of the Electron or Positron can be extracted from them by annihilation.  A Program embedded within the electron and positron creates the Spin of an Elementary Charged Particle.  When present, the Electron has a Spin of ½ ħ units of angular momentum, which in turn creates a magnetic field associated with the circular orbit of the Electron.  This circular motion is not the result of a balance of centrifugal and centripetal forces, which has thereby created an orbit.  Rather, the circular orbit of the electron is a God-embedded and programmed motion.  The electron and Positron do not automatically have “Spin”, but once they have been given the energy to manifest a Spin Magnetic field, they are now “real” particles.   The electron and Positron do not have a Spin Magnetic Field when they are annihilated, or nor did they have a Spin before the Big Bang.  The spin of the Electron and Positron can be augmented or decremented as appropriate for a given state (i.e. the Particle can absorb or release Spin as needed to balance the angular momentum and Magnetic Field requirements in various subatomic Particle interactions).   The Muon is an electron with a greater amount of Spin angular momentum.  It decays down to an electron, with an ordinary amount of Spin again, by releasing 3 neutrinos.  Spin is added to the Proton’s central Positron as it acquires an additional ½ ħ of Spin.  This Spin transaction was required because of the sudden loss of the Magnetic Field of the proton after the Proton acquired an additional electron due to Electron Capture and became a Neutron.  The Spin Magnetic Field has the appearance of a field created by a toroidal circuit.  The size of the Spin Magnetic Field appears to be ever decreasing, given that the size of the electron has simply been determined to be “less than” 10-27 meters.  The electron’s size has been challenged by ever more powerful accelerators, and such efforts show the electron’s size to appear to be ever decreasing.  The Spin Magnetic Field of the electron or positron can be transferred to a photon or a neutrino in various particle interactions.  But, the only transfer of Spin that leaves the Particle without a Spin is the annihilation collision between a positron and electron.   

Zero Rest Mass Particles: The Photon and Neutrino are zero rest mass particles.  The Electron and Positron can combine to annihilate and become a Dipole Particle.  The Matrix is densely populated with DPs, even to the point of being present in the smallest volumes, e.g. the Matrix Cube.  During an Electron Orbital Shell Drop, a DP absorbs a full ħ unit of angular momentum, and hence carries the Orbital Magnetic Field as the Dipole Magnetic Field of a Photon.  The net Magnetic Field of the Photon is zero because it is composed of an electron and Positron both traveling in the same direction around a circle; their magnetic fields essentially cancel each other’s magnetic Fields out at significant distances away from the Photon compared to their orbital radius.  But, the fact is that the DP constituents (the annihilated Electron and Positron) both have a charge and a velocity.  As a result, the Electron and Positron both create a Magnetic Field in the Matrix close their Charge Center.  But, since the annihilated Electron and Positron do not have a Spin Magnetic Field, they do not have a Rest Mass.  As a result, all the energy of their Magnetic Field energy associated with their Photonic Spin is transmitted through the Matrix at the speed of light.  EM radiation is transmitted at the local speed of light, and is governed by the  and  of the Matrix.   and  are parameters which have a minimum value in space which has no EM stress, and continues to increase as space is stressed to larger values.  As a result, EM waves, photons, and neutrinos all transit through space at a slower rate in electromagnetically stressed space.  In other words, there is no magnetic field attached to the Annihilated Electrons and Positrons themselves; the Matrix carries the magnetic field associated with the Annihilated Particles in the Photon.  The result is that the Photon’s Orbital Magnetic Field is conducted by the Matrix at the Local Speed of Light, just as it would conduct any other EM signal being radiated from a moving Particle.  Likewise, the Photon’s Annihilated Electron and Positron will be carried along with the Magnetic Field at the Local Speed of Light; the Particles in the Annihilated State have only the property of Charge, which can move from point to point without violating any laws of momentum or energy.  Rest Mass on the other hand has a Spin Magnetic Field intimately attached to the Particle, making it impossible to increase or decrease its velocity in the Matrix without removing or adding energy to the system.  Thus, Zero Rest Mass Particles have no Spin Magnetic Field, and Rest Mass Particles have a Spin Magnetic Field corresponding to an angular momentum of ½ ħ.  

Mass Equivalent Energy: The energy associated with converting the Rest Mass of a particle fully into Kinetic Energy.  The Mass Equivalent Energy will include the following:

  1. The energy associated with the Spin Magnetic Field of all the particles constituting each of the nucleons and the electron orbitals.  
  2. The energy associated with the bonding of all the constituent Particles in each of the nucleons.
  3. The energy associated with the bonding of the nucleons with each other.
  4. The energy associated with the bonding of all the electron orbitals to the nucleus.

Together all these energies contributes to the Mass Equivalent Energy of a Particle.    The Mass Equation gives more insight into the possible mechanisms by which the particles create the concentration of energy into inertial mass.

Mass Equation: Mass = ħ

 E = mc2  1) E = ħ = ħ

 E/c2 = m  2) c = 1/

 E = m  3) E = mc2

 ħ = m

This form of the mass equation was derived from the famous E = mc2 equation, and substituting intuitive definitions of c and E.  The validity of the E = mc2 equation has been proved with sufficient experimentation and technological/engineering implementation so as to leave no question as to its validity.  Each of the substituted factors is plausibly related to inertial mass because each of these factors has entered into some aspect of the analysis and understanding of the definition of Inertial Mass as discussed above.

: Rest Mass is distinguished from Zero Rest Mass by the fact that the Zero Rest Mass has no Spin Magnetic Field, whereas the Rest Mass Particles have a Spin Magnetic Field.  Since the electron and positron both have a Rest Mass, and the  is the defining characteristic of Rest Mass, the  in the Mass Equation almost certainly refers to the rotation rate of the electron or positron.

ħ: The inclusion of ħ in the Mass Equation is predictable since ħ appears to be the elemental increment in which the universe expresses Angular Momentum.  The Mass Equation includes the consideration of rotational phenomenon as seen in the  of the elemental particles.  Since E = h, the substitution into the E = mc2 equation is an obvious possible and most probably relevant equation.  

:  is an electrical and magnetic parameter which governs and reflects the rate at which the speed of light is conducted as seen in the electromagnetic speed of light equation, c = 1/  .   The speed of light governs the rate at which time passes in a space, and the corresponding meaning of distance.  Hence, magnetic field energy will be affected by the  of a volume.  

When electrons and positrons are bonded together to form a proton or neutron, the Fields will be concentrated, the  will be higher, and the energy of bonding which is associated with that particulate combination will be reflected in a greater Energy Mass Equivalence than the constituent particles.  The Energy Mass Equivalence of the Proton is 938 MeV.  But, only 9 electrons and positrons constitute the proton; each positron and electron only has a mass equivalence of .511 MeV.   The bonding of the electrons and positrons into a proton and neutron changes the  and  environment of the individual particles.  As a result, the Mass of the individual Particles can be summed to compute the total Rest Mass of a subatomic particle, nucleus, or atom.

In the case of atomic fusion, neutrons and protons aggregate to produce heavier nuclei, with the release of energy, until they reach an atomic number of 26, elemental Iron.  Therefore, Energy is required to be added to the nucleus to form elements heavier than Iron.  Theory predicts that this energy was supplied during the massive explosion of the supernova.  According to this theory, all elements on earth, heavier than Iron, were formed from the dust that gathered after a supernova.

Fusion of two Hydrogen atoms produces Helium, with the concomitant release of Energy.  In the context of the concept of the Mass equation, this phenomenon can be understood as follows:

Two Heavy Hydrogen (Deuterium) atoms contain a certain amount of mass energy equivalence.  When the two Deuterium nuclei fuse together to form a Helium nucleus, they combine to form a Mass Equivalent Energy that is less than the mass equivalent energy of the two Deuterium atoms.  This means that the  inside the volume of the Helium nucleus is a less electromagnetically dense environment than is present inside the volume of the Hydrogen nucleus.  This makes sense given the structure of the Deuterium nucleus is simply a proton-neutron, which is an extremely simple and provides for a maximum amount of bonding between the nucleons.  This configuration of nucleons will create the maximum field because the nucleons will be bound the tightest.  In turn this will create the maximum  intensity, the slowest speed of light in that volume, and the greatest mass equivalent energy per nucleon.

Having examined this phenomenon in detail, it is now possible to understand why the Rest Mass of a combination of particles is more massive than the sum of the masses of their parts.   The “Real” electron and positron (i.e. containing a Spin Magnetic Field) has a Spin that cannot be separated from its Charge/Conscious center.  Therefore any bonding energy that attaches to the conscious center of the Electron must be moved along with the Electron.  Kinetic Energy was converted into bonding energy and rotational energy when the nucleons were formed, and as a result, all the constituent positrons and electrons of the proton or neutron were bound together and functioned as a unit.  As a result of the bonding and rotational energy associated with the Proton and Neutron, they both have a significantly greater mass than their constituent electrons and positrons.   And, as a result of all this extra bonding and rotational energy being concentrated in a very small space, and the electrons being at the heart off it, the Bonding and Rotational energy becomes incorporated into the rest mass of the constituent electrons and positrons.      

Anti-Matter: Example: electron is matter; a positron is its antimatter equivalent.  The Particle characteristics are the same, but the charge is opposite.  The combination of an electron and positron is two gamma rays which equal the mass energy of the two particles.  The neutralized electron and positron still exist as a spirit, ready to reform as “Real” particles when the energy is available for it to transport.  This will happen when a gamma ray transits close to a heavy nucleus.  The Dipole Particle creates a photon when it is

Energy: The ability of a Field to do work.  Work is movement against resistance.  Resistance is the amount of energy that must be supplied into a system to produce movement.  Resistance can come in many forms:

  1. Movement by overcoming a force field interaction (e.g. magnetic attraction, gravity, and electrostatic bonding (nuclear bonds and chemical bonds),
  2. Thermal motion
  3. The acceleration of mass (i.e. overcoming inertia, which is storing energy as a magnetic field).  All resistance has at its heart the property of being a situation into which Electromagnetic Fields must be applied to it to produce movement.  The movement will in turn place the system in a new configuration which will have a potential for producing other kinds of movement due to the field forces that are now stored in the system.

Simple Program: The programs which are embedded within the Matrix Points and the Independent Particles and cause them to execute the rather massive computation programs required of them to produce the phenomenon of the natural world.  For example: The Charged Particle emits a shell a Field.  That Field is constant at every distance between the originating Particle and the distance that Field emanates in a single Moment.  Thus, that Field has a certain thickness, and that shell of Field travels away from its point of origin at the local speed of light.  At each moment each of the Points it has contacted will inform a Point at the local speed of light Radius of the presence of the Field.  The strength of the field will be decremented by an amount corresponding to the distance traveled so as to produce an inverse square diminishment of intensity with distance.  The Points impacted will integrate all of the Fields from all the points in the universe and produce a Summation Field.  That Summation Field will then be presented to every particle in the local Matrix Cubes.  The Particle will in turn respond to this Field, and accelerate at a rate appropriate to its mass and charge.  The result is that the Particle moves as a result of Fields emanated by particles throughout the entire universe.  This point of this example was to illustrate the number of simple steps involved in an overall complex operation.  Each of these simple operations are conducted many times per second, but doing so is not difficult since each process is pre-programmed, and functions in an automatic intake, process, output format.  The input from one step (simple program) is the output from a previous program.