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Magnetic Permeability
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Magnetic Permeability of space, ì, has units of Henrys/meter.

§ The Henry is the unit of Inductance, and has units of volt-sec/ampere of current flowing through that volume.

§ The magnitude of ì, is related to the number of magnetic domains that can be polarized in a unit of distance for each ampere.

§ In an undisturbed volume of space, the m of that space is the lowest possible value.  The magnetic field orientation of each DP is totally random in relationship to each other.  The orientation corresponds to the lowest amount of stored magnetic energy in that space.  In the undisturbed space, there is no energy, i.e. no Fields, superimposed upon that space which would cause it to be organized according to the fields.

§ The unit of the Henry is a reflection of the amount of current that can be produced by a field of 1 Volt applied for sec.  This energy is stored in the space, and when the field is released, the current is then released.  

§ The Inductance produced per meter is low in undisturbed space.

§ But, in heavily polarized space, e.g. around a nucleus, the magnetic field of the nucleus produces a large magnetic alignment of in the DPs in the space around the nucleus.  

§ Thus, an additional magnetic field impressed on a disturbed space would produce less current in response to the same change in voltage over a second application of an electric field.

§ As a result of having a higher Inductance, the space will take longer to respond to fully respond to an impressed electric field.  

§ The DP magnetic poles will take longer to rotate and align to the position of their full excursion, in response to an impressed voltage.

§ The ultimate effect of a space with a higher e and magnetic permeability is that light travels at a slower rate through that space.