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Magnetic Moment of the Electron

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The magnetic moment of the electron is the resistance of the electron to movement of its polar axis.  The Magnetic moment of the electron is in units of joules/Tesla, which his energy per unit of magnetic field.  The Magnetic Moment has been given the historical name of the Bohr Magneton.  

  1. The concept of the electron Magnetic Moment is somewhat similar to linear inertia.  

· The electron’s magnetic pole alignment will be maintained by the reactionary pressure of the surrounding Dipole Sea.  Once the electron has established a particular alignment in space, the magnetic alignment impressed on the Dipole Sea by the magnetic pole itself, will exert a restoring force on any attempt to move it by a B field transiting the space.

· In response to the torque from a B field applied to disalign the magnetic pole, the aligned particles from the Dipole Sea will send a “photon” pulse back at an electron to stabilize it against the movement.

· The stabilizing torque will always be too small to prevent any movement, but it will be a response which will dampen the rotation of the magnetic pole to a predictable amount for a given B Field application.