The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Light Concepts:

Wave: In general, any disturbance which has a beginning, middle, and end.  A wave may be a single occurrence phenomenon, or repeating, symmetrical or asymmetrical, a pure sine wave or the equivalent sum of many.  The key feature of a wave is that it is a disturbance from the background of silence.  Any disturbance of any type can be considered to be a wave.  It could be said that everything that is not silence is a wave.  Such a statement is trivial in that it is not terribly useful except to note that everything which appears to be complex is actually composed of the summation of many very tiny waves of various frequencies and amplitudes.  This “everything is a wave” type of view of life/engineering is commonly used in Engineering to model complex waves as a sum of simple waves using a Fourier Transform.


 Having said that all phenomena can be modeled as waves, this implies that life is filled with nothing but waves.   This is not true, since there would be no waves without Particles that emanated or created the waves.  A particle has as its heart a point of consciousness which is capable of emitting/transmitting/projecting or having its thoughts be known by other Particles and the Matrix Points.  These thoughts could be called “waves”, in that they arrive periodically.  The Particles are not waves, they are points of consciousness, but the thoughts that they project could be considered as waves.  

 In summary, a wave is any disturbance in the universe which starts and ends in a finite number of Moments.

Speed of light


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