The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Big Bang:

The Father, having separated Himself from the Son (yet being one with Him in nature and spirit), and delegated the Son the task of creating the universe of matter, life, spirits, and men.  The Son, the Word, the Logos, YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yeshua, created all that is seen and unseen.  The Son created the foundation of the material world by declaring into existence the conscious points which he superimposed upon the spiritual chaos of the outer darkness – the void.

This projection of an unimaginably dense and numerous matrix of conscious points formed the substrate of the physical and spiritual universe.  The conscious points were created with the capacity for movement, communication, processing, and memory.  The design specifications of the physical universe, the laws of nature, arise from the embedded rules of movement, processing, and communication.  The embedded commands direct the movement of the conscious points as they collide, aggregate, and form the particles we recognize as mass.  Thus, all mass, such as electrons, positrons, protons, and neutrons is composed of numerous conscious points, each of which have the consciousness of the Son animating them.

The set of relationships and movement protocols imprinted upon the conscious points produce the aggregate behavior of physical particles that we recognize as the laws of nature.  The nascent, undisturbed universe was filled to an unimaginable density with the conscious points, in motionless equilibrium.   

Genesis 1:1  (NKJV) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

When God the Son spoke the Word, the motionless silence of the conscious particles in the pre-creation void broke their perfect balance of positive and negative charge, and north and south pole.  

We do not know the exact sequence by which the universe began.  But, using the conscious particle paradigm we can construct a number of possible scenarios.  

1) The “void” of the universe

The balance between attraction and repulsion was broken.  By command, the conscious points coalesced and organized into positive and negative particles of mass (electrons and positrons).

Those particles then combined.  The flash of light that formed began the expansion of the universe.  In so doing, mass and space were created.  Mass was of the same substance as space, but the space between mass .  The dense background matrix of conscious points remained, with only a portion of the conscious points enrolled as mass.  The balance of conscious particles not involved in creating mass, formed the underlying conductive substrate of space.  

Initially, electrons and positrons may have been distributed uniformly throughout the universe, but this simplicity will soon turn to chaos as electrons and positrons combine to form photons and more complex particles.  This organization of the matrix of conscious points into mass was the first input of energy into the universe.

Scenario 1: If the Big Bang Theory is accurate, it may have proceeded as follows:

1) God (the Son) commanded a portion of the conscious points to organize as mass in a uniformly distributed concentration throughout the entire universe.  The number of particles formed would be related to the total amount of mass and photonic energy needed to form the total energy complement of the universe (i.e. Total mass and photonic energy).  The formation of mass is an input of energy, since energy is concentrated in space either as waves, mass, or deformation of the background matrix of conscious particles.  Energy in its most fundamental form is any organized volume of conscious points (i.e. as mass, waves, or distortion of the matrix).  And, the organization, once formed can turn alternatively from mass to photons, and vice versa, or deformation of the matrix into motion, or motion into deformation.

Note 1: All organization of the conscious particles other than the uniform distribution of the conscious particles is a type of energy (kinetic or potential; mass or wave-photon).

Note 2: Energy must be injected into the creation for mass to form, and movement to begin.  Alternate scenarios of energy injection include simply commanding a contingent of particles to form at the center of the universe, and then letting them expand by repulsion or command.

2) After the particles of mass were created (e.g. with electrons and positrons in equal numbers), He commanded all particles to move toward the universal center with a constant inward force.  (Note: The acceleration of mass is also an input of energy.)  As the particles of mass move toward the center, electrons and positrons will begin to collide, annihilate, and release photons (light).  Other reactions occur, with the particles colliding and creating heavier and more complex particles (protons, neutrons, and the whole subatomic zoo of mesons, leptons, and hadrons).  The divine command, the force accelerating the charged particles, continues until the entirety of the cosmos is compressed into a small volume, and from this compression the universe recoiled in the Big Bang.

In this scenario, the universe received two injections of energy, 1) the formation of particles of mass, positive and negative, throughout the universe, 2) the acceleration of the mass inward toward the universal center.  Both of these energy inputs are mediated by command, thus energy manifested in the physical universe by God’s command.  After this second injection of energy, the universe had sufficient energy to run forever as a machine.  

But, the creation was incomplete, since it was inanimate.  There were no inhabitants in His creation, only the kinetic and quantum movements of mass, waves, and particles.  Thus to create life, God injected the energy required to organize mass as man, and inhabit him with a spirit in the image of God.  In the 6 days of creation, He fashioned the earth, animal and plant life, and finally man.  After which He rested.  And following His rest, He began the lawful play of life, with its perfect conservation of energy.  

In summary: this scenario proposes the initial creation of mass, a divine command giving sufficient centripetal kinetic energy to compress the universe to a point, then a release to the natural forces of repulsion, and the resultant rebound Big Bang.  And, having established the context of the creation,

But, this is not the only scenario which could have produced the same result.

Several additional creation scenarios follow:

Scenario 2) Mass was first created by divine command, and inward momentum imparted.  As particles collide at the center of the universe, sufficient mass accumulates to produce a black hole at the central collision point.  The compression continues until all the mass in the universe had been swept inward into the black hole.  Then, by divine command the gravitational force holding the Black Hole intact is momentarily suspended.  Without gravity holding the particles together, they race away from each other at large velocity due to their mutual repulsion.  Thus, the divinely declared suspension of gravity may have been the source of the hypothesized “Inflationary period” that began the expansion of the universe soon after the Big Bang.  

Scenario 3) Possibly a Black Hole will dissipate and expand when all the energy of the universe within it, and thereby initiate the Big Bang.  This release of force may have been the mechanism behind the hypothesized “Inflationary” period.  Otherwise, a simple command by God could have produced the same inflationary effect.

Scenario 4) There was certainly an organization of particles by command to complete the structural shaping of the macro-features of the universe.  The proper mass and velocity was injected into the system to create either an oscillating, expanding, or steady state universe.  He may have influenced the planets, stars, galaxies, clusters, and super clusters to create the desired skyscape.  As per Genesis, the earth was shaped by divine command, and He commanded the dust of earth to form the plants, creatures, and man.  The subtle features of spirit, soul and mind were then superimposed upon the body to give man the experience of perception, cognition, and emotion.  

At this time, science has not come to experimental and theoretical consensus as to the exact details of the creation event.  Thus, we cannot construct a undisputable model of the creation event using the conscious particles, since consciousness may be directed by choice and fiat.  Nevertheless, when that consensus comes, the conscious particles can be made to replicate that scenario, using a combination of divine command and embedded law.  After the creation phase was completed, the divine fiat phase of the universe ended.  After that era was complete, the embedded rules of interaction, conservation of energy, and symmetry of time act with absolute supremacy.  Thus, the laws of interaction elaborated by the Theory of Absolutes may be used predict the outcome of complex interactions.  Miracles, both divine and satanic, must be paid for by a corresponding sacrifice or service to the kingdom of heaven or hell.