The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Length Contraction

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The length contraction phenomenon is also explained in terms of the increased ì and å paradigm which occurs at higher speeds.  The speed of light is c=1/√εμ and the μ and ε have increased in the space of a high velocity mass.  This increased m and epsilon translates into the appearance of a shorter length because length is a phenomenon intimately related to the speed of light.  

o This is not a phenomenon that can be tested experimentally.  Thus, we are speaking about this phenomenon as a theoretical extension of the common conceptions and implications of the Theory of Relativity.  

o Distance arises as a due to communication between particles, and the standard of length is the speed of light.  We can see the sense of this if we were to consider a universe where communication were to take place instantly between particles, then the concept of distance would be meaningless.  Thus, distance is an artifact, an appearance, a phenomenon associated with the fact that it takes time for particles to communicate force to each other, and time for mass to move from place to place.  When the speed of light around a mass decreases due to its high velocity in the ether, the length of the mass appears shorter.  The appearance of length contraction occurs because in the same number of moments that it took light to transit a 1 meter rod at high velocity would be easily explained in terms of the rod being shorter.  Thus, because the speed of light is much slower in the high velocity space, and it takes the rod appears to have shrunk.