The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Photon Emission & Laser Light Generation

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND


o The passing photons will strike the activated electron orbital.  The photon’s kinetic energy field will supply force to the orbital electron, and accelerate it out of its allowed quantum mechanical velocity and position.  

o The orbital electron will instantly lose the exact amount of energy that corresponds to the drop into an allowed lower energy state.

o The incoming photon’s E field is not dissipated by this interaction since the orbital electron immediately relinquishes its energy into space.  

o In ordinary orbital motion, the kinetic energy field of the orbital electron continually tries to separate from the electron.  The kinetic energy field is inherently linear and it is only the quantum mechanical properties of space that cause the continual reorientation of the kinetic energy field of the orbital electron to prevent it from radiating continuously and combining with the oppositely charged nucleus.  

o The quantum mechanical nature of the space surrounding the nucleus provides a kinetic energy field reorientation that only occurs at each of the allowed quantum mechanical energy levels.  

o Thus, when the incoming photon accelerates the activated orbital electron out of its narrow band of allowed energy, the kinetic energy field associated with its activation can no longer be held.  The electron loses the quantum of energy associated with its activation, and drops to a lower energy level.  

o Thus, the lost increment of kinetic energy field associated with the activation of the electron continues on as a newly formed photon.

o The direction of this new photon is in the direction of the incoming photon, and its phase is coincident with that photon.  Such is the method of creating laser light, monochromatic (one color), and coherent (all waves in phase).