The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Storage of
Kinetic and Electromagnetic Energy

in the Dipole Sea

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The kinetic energy of the charged particles is held by the alignment and polarization of the Dipole Sea by the E & B fields of the moving charge particles.  The static and dynamic relationship between the charged particle and the Dipole Sea combine to produce the phenomena we recognize as kinetic energy, momentum, and inertia.

  1. The electrostatic effects of alignment and polarization of the Dipole Sea underlie the phenomenon that result in the storage of energy by mass.  
  2. And, those same effects of polarization and alignment are the basis of the forces that act on the charged particle to cause the perpetuation of force applied by the Dipole Sea to maintain movement.  Those effects are in short as follows:

· When a mass moves forward, the Dipole Sea polarization and alignment behind the particle diminishes.  This drop in alignment and diminishment generates a forward EM force through space.  

§ Note: the generation of an EM wave is associated with the loss of the organizing presence of a particle in pair annihilation.  In the case of particle movement, the charged particle is not destroyed.  But still, the space loses the organizing presence of the charged particle when it moves.

§ Thus, space (i.e. the Dipole Sea) responds with the same type of restoring force in response to particle movement as pair annihilation.  

§ This response by space to movement, collision, or annihilation is the underlying force producing the “exchange forces” of conventional physics.  In the QED theory, the forces which mediate electromagnetic collisions are called “photons”.  But, the QED exchange forces are ad hoc creations without underlying mechanism to explain their method of action.  

§ Whereas the restoring forces as elaborated by the Theory are generated by the E & B fields of the Dipole Sea as a correlate of the rules governing their behavior.

· Likewise, the advancing movement of the charged particle causes the Dipole Sea to increase in its polarization and alignment in front of the particle.  This increased ordering of the Dipole Sea in front of the particle produces a backward EM force through space.  Thus, a forward moving particle will experience a backward EM force at the same time as it experiences a forward EM force.  The net effect is the maintenance of a constant velocity as long as there are no outside forces acting on the particle.