The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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God gives us a glimpse of His nature in the way He has constructed the physical universe.  Every field of science gives a different perspective of His multifaceted personality.  The natural laws beg for us to recognize the spiritual center of all particulate and wave phenomenon.  Likewise, we see his shadow in the complex organizational structures of life that include the microscopic cellular machinery, the complex neuro-hormonal control and feedback systems of living organisms, and the presence of a central consciousness governing our organism.  These works of life and nature speak to His power, creativity, and imply a purposeful intervention in shaping the creation.  

The slim chance of random collisions forming a cell (1 in 1040000) in the space of 109 years makes the hypothesis of God’s intervention the obvious choice when judging whether such elegant complexity formed by chance or purpose.  There is a slim possibility that we live in a purposeless universe that has no more meaning than the existential hopelessness portrayed in the writings of Albert Camu, Samuel Becket, and Nietzsche.  Millions have embraced this meaningless life-paradigm over a faith in the hope-filled life that follows from loving God and neighbor as self.  The fact of this widespread seduction speaks to the power God has given to His love-adversary, the Accuser of the Bretheren – Satan.